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Croatia travel guide

Welcome to Croatia

Croatia is a country of immense wealth that offers the guarantee of an exceptional journey. You will probably find there the greatest diversity of landscapes in Europe, with forests, countryside, hills, beaches, islands and mountains of a rare beauty.


You will fall in love with Zagreb, its history, its beauty, its charm. You will dive into the pure waters and discover its 1,000 islands. You can also venture into the hinterland and discover exceptional hills, mountains and forests. You will fall in love with the region of Istria, its medieval villages and seaside. You will discover a rich and varied cuisine in which wine and truffles, two local products, are highlighted in Croatian gastronomy.


Find out the next destinations of your next sunny holidays in this travel guide to visit Croatia. Zadar, Opatija, Rovinj are unforgettable destinations with discoveries like, among others, the wonderful town of Nin or Preko Island and of course the beautiful city of Zagreb.


Croatia is a breathtaking destination that you will discover through a city trip by going straight ahead to Zagreb, but also for relaxing holidays along its coasts and islands. Croatia is also ideal for green holidays with its beautiful parks like Maksimir Park and Plitvice National Park as well as for a gastronomic holiday in the region of Istria.


Discover our selection of the best things to see and do in Croatia, make your « a la carte » trip and book your stay with our price comparators and you will pay your hotel up to 80% cheaper.

Discover Zagreb

Dolac market Zagreb

Zagreb is a rich city with its Austrian, Italian and French influences. It is at the crossroads of Europe. You will discover unique places in the world and fall under the spell of the cemetery of Mirogoj, you will see the smallest funicular in the world, the colourful Dolac market, the wonderful Maksimir Park, and you will walk in the old town and its pedestrian shopping streets.


Zagreb is an ideal destination for solo travellers, for lovers, for young people and also for elderly people, for a city break as well as for a long stay, for shopping and nature lovers, for small and large budgets, Zagreb is the destination. 

Cathedral Marijina Usnesenja
Botanical Garden Zagreb
Ilica street Zagreb
Old town of Zagreb
Lotrscak Tower Zagreb
Peter's Square Preradovića
Mirogoj Cemetery
Zagreb's hinterland
Slejme Zagreb
Dolac market
Maksimir park Zagreb
Green Horseshoe Zagreb
Jarun Lake Zagreb
Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Avenue Mall Zagreb
Agava restaurant Zagreb
Ban Jelačić Square
Zagreb's Funicular
Palace Hotel Zagreb
Museum of Broken Relationships
Kino Europa Café
Kino Europa Shop
Oktogon Gallery
Tkalčićeva Street Zagreb

Discover Zadar County

Zadar's sunset

Welcome to one of the best European destination 2016 ! Zadar is a great city, a city full of tradition and modernity, a city open to the sea. Stroll along the waterfront and hear the amazing sound of the "sea orgue" while watching "the most beautiful sunset in the world" according to Alfred Hitchcock. Eat a delicious pizza  for just a few euros  and  lick an ice cream while strolling through this historic and beautiful city.

Zadar's sunset
Visit Zadar Croatia
St. Anastasia Bell Tower Zadar
Tvrđava Sv. Mihovil
Plitvice Lakes National Park
Petrcane beach Croatia
Visit Nin Croatia
Boutique Hostel Forum Zadar
Preko Ugljan island
Luka beach Ugljan

Join Istria by the costal road

Karlobag, Croatia

You will leave Zadar with a heavy heart, but do not worry, you will discover new wonders ! The road to Opatija is a beautiful road. Once you are out of Zadar, stop near Maslenica bridge to admire the incredible scenery. Throughout this beautiful winding road you can stop in small villages and refresh with a dip in the sea. As the saying goes: the important is not the destination but the journey! An incredible moment of freedom!

Discover Istria

Rovinj Croatia

White, grey and red, Istria is a land whose diversity is almost unique in the Mediterranean. This heart-shaped piece of land deeply immersed into the blue waters of the Adriatic, is a secluded garden of nature and extraordinary beauty. So do not hesitate – enter this hidden garden of nature and meet its wonderful, intact landscape. As your lungs fill with sharp scents of the aromatic plants or sleepy stone pines and sweet Spanish broom, you will become aware of the perfect harmony of the Mediterranean and middle Europe. 

Locanda Blu restaurant Rovinj
Porto Santo Hotel & Spa

Plan your stay in Croatia

Getting there :

Many airlines from European capitals fly to Zagreb, Pula, Dubrovnik. Renting a car is the best way to travel throughout Croatia.


Although the train is  a very nice means of transport, it is less developed than in other European countries. If you stay in Zagreb, there is no need to rent a car, but it would be a shame to go to such a beautiful country without visiting other places. Croatia is a wonderful country for road trips and rental cars are much cheaper than in any other European countries.

Where to stay?

Moving around :

The country is not so big and yet it offers a wide variety of landscapes. It would be a shame to be limited to a city or a destination.


Plan your trip in advance or follow your desires. You can  start your journey in Zagreb and explore the lakes of Plitvice, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Split, Opatija and take your plane back from the airport of Pula or Dubrovnik.


Anyway, travelling by car is the most comfortable way to enjoy your trip.


When to go in Zagreb and Croatia?

The best time to visit Croatia is between April and October. You have 7 beautiful months to discover this wonderful country and enjoy its climate. That being said, Zagreb is a very romantic city in autumn and  in winter with great winter events such as a very large and beautiful Christmas market. Few people know it, but you can also ski in Zagreb in December, January and February! In short, Croatia is a country made for holidays throughout the year.

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