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Pustara Visnjica

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Pustara Višnjica d.o.o., Croatia, is a destination located in Virovitičko-Podravska County, municipalities Sopje, 100 km away from Osijek and 180 km away from Zagreb and is located in the immediate proximity of two border crossings in Hungary. Close to Višnjica you can explore riches of Nature Park Papuk 40 km away (Forest Park Jankovac, geological rocks of Rupnica, city of Ružica) or you can visit river banks of Drava 10 km away.


Mission of Pustara Višnjica is development of rural tourism closely associated with new crops and technologies that are promoting the identity of small nations.


"Pustara Višnjica" was first  mentioned in the mid 19th century as a vast land used predominantely for the breeding of horses but also for cattle pasture. Today, Pustara Višnjica develops numerous programs: rural tourism, breeding of game, horses and cattle, growing of sweet potato, grains and medical herbs.


Buildings have been renovated in the part of the Pustara which preserves magnificent trees of the former count´s park. They house a hotel with the capacity  for 36 people, out of  which four rooms have been adapted for people with special needs.


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Pustara Visnjica

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in Pustara Visnjica

Bicycling, Bike rental, horse riding, carriage ride

Virovitica - Podravina county offers many opportunities for an active vacation. The ideal way to get to know Visnjica and the surrounding area  certainly is a ride on the bike paths of the Drava River which flows near Višnjica.


Top things to do in Visnjica

Visit Zavičajni muzej Slatina

The Slatina County Museum collects, preserves and exhibits objects from natural, material and spiritual cultural heritage originating from the area of Slatina and the municipalities of Čađavica, Sopje, Voćin, Mikleuš and Nova Bukovica. The museum presents the cultural identity of Slatina and Slatina region and defines the distinctiveness and specialty of Slatina and its culture in the wider Croatian circle. 

Muzej Slatina

Visit Informative and education center The Drava story in Noskovačka Dubrava

Nature conservation is carried out through the preservation of biodiversity, landscape diversity and protection of natural parts in accordance with the Nature Protection Act.

Noskovacka Dubrava

Papuk Nature Park

Nature lovers will not miss the chance to visit Papuk, nature park and UNESCO geopark, whose northern slopes are covered with the Jankovac forest park. This is one of the most beautiful mountain valleys, surrounded by a centuries-old beech forest, and also one of the most popular mountain excursion sites with educational trails, mountain streams and lakes, caves, waterfalls and around 1200 types of flora and fauna. Regardless of whether you choose to go for a walk, hiking or cycling you will be delighted by the Papuk mountain which, along with the western part of Krndija, makes up a unique oasis in the heart of Slavonija.



Papuk Nature Park


of Pustara Visnjica


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