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Eden Network

Eden Network is a partner of the EU Commission Eden project. It has been created by Eden Destination Managers to highlight and promote the Eden destinations, share the best practices and strenghten the visibility of our label and that of our awarded destinations. Eden destination members of the Eden Network Non Profit Making Organization can enjoy exclusive benefits such as an International promotion to millions of travellers, Eden Meetings, Webinars dedicated to Eden destinations.


A Word from the EU Commission

Eden Network Benefits

More visibility for your Destination


• As an Eden member your Eden destination is promoted for free to + 6 millions of travellers on the most visited website dedicated to tourism in Europe : with a tailor-made page about your Eden destination.


• Your Eden destination is promoted to travellers with high purchasing power that are looking for sustainable tourism in Europe. They are coming mainly from the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium…


• Your Eden destination is promoted on the most visited / first ranked website dedicated to sustainable tourism in Europe allowing you to reach travellers who are really looking for sustainable tourism in Europe.


• Your Eden destination is promoted in a way that perfectly suits you with your own content (photos, texts, videos) that can be updated at any time without any extra cost. 


• As a member of the Eden Network you enjoy this promotion for free (included in your Eden Membership fee) when it has a cost of 2,980 euros per year for non-member destinations. 


My Eden Destination


The last 18 months have been difficult but you have been able to meet many challenges for your destination, for your partners, hotels, restaurants, museums in order to help them restart their activities. Sometimes we have to look in the rearview mirror to move forward. This short presentation will show you what is being done for your Eden destinations in terms of promotion but also the progress of your destination during this pandemic.



1. International promotion of my destination

International promotion of your destination on


Your membership in the Eden network has allowed your destination to benefit from an international promotion to millions of travellers (+6,4 million) as well as in the media (Forbes, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, The Sun, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan) and to tourism professionals. As an Eden member your destination is promoted on the most visited website dedicated to tourism in Europe, also the first for travellers looking for "Sustainable destinations in Europe".


Targeted promotion: This year we have created more content to attract even more travellers to your dedicated pages such as best sustainable destinations for families, best wellness sustainable destinations, best sustainable destinations for birdwatching, best sustainable destinations for lovers, for outdoor sport, for gastronomy, best sustainable events, best sustainable experiences... dozens of inspiring rankings which are the first results on Google for travellers looking for sustainable destinations in Europe.  The impact of it? In 2 years we have doubled the number of visitors to Eden destinations.


If you want to update your content or to create a page dedicated to your destination, contact us and we will work on it. 



2. You are the key


Lockdown, remote working, this year has been full of challenges. Your role is very important: Hotels, restaurants, shops, tourism professionals need you to restart their activities. You have been there for them, for your destination by communicating better than ever on social networks, by improving your sites, SEO, content and by offering your destination a total growth of popularity of + 399% since the beginning of this partnership.


Eden destinations moved from 185,415 followers 5 years ago to + 924,923 followers this year. Thanks to your work nearly 1 million of travellers are following your Eden destinations.


EDEN destinations have also exploded Instagram moving from 940 followers 5 years ago to 155,627 followers this year.


There is no better person to promote your destination than you. You have been doing an amazing job for years and during this pandemic. Let's look at your progress and let's get ready for the restart of tourism.


My Eden destination on Facebook

Park Gravenrode  (64,463 followers), Rochefort Océan (58,214) and Lake Bohinj (50,339) are the 3 most popular Eden destinations on Facebook. 


Click on their name and follow them to be inspired by their best practices. Their secret weapon? They are user friendly and reactive. 


Be user friendly: Try to have the reflex to see your Facebook page as something interactive If you do not have time to answer quickly, install the automatic reply system. Make sure to have a clear access to your social networks from your official website (Facebook box, active links).


Be reactive: All those destinations replied in less than 3 seconds thanks to the automatic reply system on Messenger. Learn more about it here.




My Facebook Followers   -- Click to ZOOM --

My growth of popularity on Facebook during the pandemic in %

My growth of popularity in figures during the pandemic (new followers)

My Eden destination on Instagram


On the first step of this Eden podium Bohinj with + 18,300 followers on Instagram followed by: 


2. Park Gravenrode  : 13,400

3. Rochefort Océan : 13,300

4. Jurmala : 11,300

5. Monte Isola : 10,400

6. Luberon : 8,567

7. Fiskars : 6,193

8. Nin : 6,159

9. Kuldiga : 6,009

10. Mostviertel : 5,749


Follow them by clicking on their name and be inspired by their best practices.


Eden Destinations on Insta in 3 points: 


43 Eden destination have an active Instagram account (only 2 Eden destinations were on Instagram 5 years ago).


Eden destinations are followed by 155,627 followers on Instagram. They were only 940 (5 years ago).


Eden destinations multiplied by 15 their audience on Instagram in 5 years.



The most Popular Eden destinations on Instagram

Best growth of Popularity on Instagram during the pandemic

My Eden destination on Youtube



The most popular Eden Destinations on Youtube are: 


Neamt County : 2250

Park Faial : 752

Castellana Grotte : 364

Park Gravenrode : 354

Kuldiga Tourism : 291

Guspini : 273

Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure : 255

Fiskars : 242 

Rochefort Océan : 236

Sinj : 185


Click on their name and follow them on Youtube to be inspired by their best practices. 


Eden destinations moved from 427 subscribers to 7001 subscribers in 5 years, a global growth of + 1532%.  Eden destinations have totalized with their videos a record of  + 4,824,269 views. Reaching on Youtube even more travellers that on Facebook.


Most popular Eden destinations  on Youtube/subscribers

Best growths of popularity on Youtube during the pandemic


The most popular Eden destination on Twitter are : 


Latvijas Valst Mezi - Tervete 



Sheep's Head

Burren Food Trail 

Loop Head




Rochefort Océan


Eden destinations were followed on Twitter by 28,693 travellers 5 years ago. They are now followed by 66,370 accounts, a global growth of + 131%. 



My destination on Twitter

My growth of popularity on Twitter during the pandemic       in %

My Global position   (All the social networks together)

My global growth of popularity during the pandemic in %

My global growth of popularity in figures during this                                                        pandemic                                           --  Click toZoom --

3. EDEN Webinar

Get ready for the restart of tourism, build a strong digital strategy for your Eden Destination.

Post Pandemic offer: We promote the best experiences to live in your Eden Destinations

New inspiring rankings have been created to inspire travellers but also to promote your destination among the very first result on Google search engines for travellers looking for "sustainable romantic destinations" "best sustainable destinations for families" "best sustainable destinations for outdoor sports", "Best gastronomical sustainable destinations" "Best sustainable experiences in Europe"...




Any questions?

We are at your disposal 7 days a week to promote your destination. Feel free to send us your request and we will get back to you. 


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