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Abandoned building – Greek Orphanage

Abandoned building buyukada

The film is about to start, the decor is already in place. On an island, miles away from everywhere surrounded by gates and barbed wire is one of the largest wooden constructions ever built. Built in 1898 as a hotel, it was never allowed to open for lack of proper planning permissions. It remained abandoned for a long time until a wealthy Greek philanthropist turned it into a school and orphanage for children.


The building was abandoned in the sixties and exudes something quite incredible. Wardens live in a tiny house on this land of sheep and chicken and are not allowed to let you in. They will give you a smile and a firm «No» the reason being the near state of collapse of the buildings which are still miracoulously standing. Go round the building and remain well behind the barriers; you will get a good overviw of this building which was once listed as one of the most beautiful places in the world. FYI, the place is now back into the property of the Greek Orthodox Church, following a long legal process, although no rehabilitation project is under consideration at the moment.


How to get there : On foot from the pier, climb up and up until you get to a park where you will find this impressive place.


Location : 

Buyukada Orphanage (Monastery Hill, Buyukada)

Wood building Buyukada
Greek Orphanage Buyukada