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Eyüp Sultan Mosque

Eyüp Sultan Mosque

This beautiful mosque located on one of the main squares of Eyüp was and still is highly revered by the Muslim world. It is here that the pilgrims gathered before leaving for Mecca. Leaving the Mosque, you will find on your right a small park with hundreds of pigeons, an unusual sight with such a concentration of birds in a small area. They are not there by chance and are fed continuously by visitors who purchase seeds from street vendors.


How to get there :


By public transport: take the green line to Gayrepe, at the exit take the no 34 bus and get off at Ayvansaray (you will need a ticket for the bus as tokens are only for the metro and trams. From here you can reach walk to Eyüp.


Water taxi: Stop at Karakoy, walk along the shore and you will find taxi ranks ready to take you on a journey on the Golden Horn. Choose the cruise option or get there straight as you wish.


By foot: Brace yourself, it’s a long way.


Eyüp Sultan Mosque

Camii Kebir Caddesi | Eyüp. Meydani, Istanbul, Turkey

(Golden Horn)


Eyüp Istanbul