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Eyüp houses

Eyüp is a charming district of Istanbul located at the end of the Golden Horn. Slightly off the beaten track it was once a village outside the city walls. One way or another (bus, taxi, boat, or even walk for the more adventurous) you'll get there and will enjoy its authenticity and its magnificent views over the Golden Horn. In the centre of Eyüp, on your way to discover the Café Pierre Loti, the Eyüp markets, Eyüp Sultan Mosque, traditional shops and their beautiful handmade toys, you will be charmed by the beautiful wooden houses of this very authentic neighbourhood frequented by Turkish families.


How to get there :


By public transport: take the green line until Gayrepe, at the exit of the subway station take the no 34 bus and get off at Ayvansaray. From here you can reach Eyüp on foot.


Water taxi: Stop at Karakoy, walk along the banks and you will find taxi stands screaming their desire to take you on a journey on the Golden Horn. Choose the cruise option or get there straight as you wish.


By foot: Take courage. It is quite a long way.

Eyüp Istanbul