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The Galata Bridge and its surroundings

Galata Bridge restaurants

You've eaten on a boat? Yes. On a plane? Yes of course. In a tower? It is likely- if not, see our dedicated page on the Galata Tower. In a car? Yes, on the go. Under a bridge? Not yet ?

If you enjoy eating in unusual places add the following two to your collection: The Galata Tower and eating under the Galata Bridge


Stop at Karaköy (blue/tram line) and cross the bridge connecting the old town to the modern city. On the bridge you'll find dozens of fishermen, you can even try your hand at fishing and hire equipment ; if it was not your day try the fish market at the bottom right of the bridge (near the modern city).


Under the bridge you will find a colourful procession of restaurants offering fish in all possible shapes and forms. The scenery is amazing and the view is incredible.


Less authentic but equally amazing on the other side of the bridge (side Old Town) are those colourful little boats which bob up and down at the rythm of the many passing ships that ply the Bosphorus. Pick up some food and enjoy this unexpected change of scenery.


For those of you who want a little peace and quiet, go towards the modern side of the city; before getting on the bridge visit this small fish market on your right, cross it and arrive at a series of small restaurants offering a magnificent view of the old town. This really is the perfect place for a sunset over Sultanahmet and for a moment of reflection when you hear the call to evening prayers. Unforgettable memories guaranteed.


How to get there : blue line, tram Karaköy stop (3TL one way).


Galata Bridge restaurants
Galata Bridge restaurants
Galata Bridge restaurants
Galata Bridge restaurants
Galata Bridge restaurants