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Street food

Street food Istanbul

The first time you encounter the vendors you may wonder what to chose but by the end of the day you will be an expert on the variations available. Temptation is everywhere in Istanbul and you do not need to load yourself with food or drink. ....is never far away.


Their carts are actually charming miniatures of the old Istanbul trams. For a small price (1TL) the vendors offer water, small highly nutritious breads, corn, chestnuts, popcorn, nuts, etc..


This is not a tourist trap and the products are aimed primarily at the locals whom you see walking about their business with a bun in the mouth or a corn cob. Given the low price and the work provided by these vendors we strongly recommend that you agree to pay the price without haggling. Do stop often and energise your day with these tasty low calories snacks.


Other vendors sell glasses, hats, perfume, tops, jackets, you name it- the quality may not be top but bear in mind that the prices are low and you are not being ripped off.

The captain's cap is a must which will bring you fond memories later on back home.

Street food Istanbul
Street food Istanbul
Street food Istanbul

Throughout Istanbul.

Street food Istanbul
Street food Istanbul
Street food Istanbul