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Madeira Jeep Tour

Madeira Jeep Tours

Jeep safari tour

A large part of Madeira is difficult to reach and the Jeep Safari tour is a surprising, but funny way to discover the island. Fortunately you will not have to shoot with a rifle on local animals (actually there are very few big animals in Madeira due to the medium size of the island) but you'll need to hang on tight to where you can because the road is uneven and you may be shaken all the way through!


The Safari Tour will take you to the heart of the forests of Madeira.


The Safari Tour team is very professional. They know and love their island. They will help you discover the authentic Madeira and will take you to the different parts of the island.




Choose the places you want to see with the help of your guide and, according to your budget and your preferences, book it for 2 hours or for the entire day.


Join us!