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Miradouro da Portela

Miradouro da Portela

If you take a guide to discover Porto Santo (bookable in advance when you buy your boat fare) it might take you on the heights of Porto Santo where you will have a global view of the island and where you will see the ancient and traditional mills of Porto Santo.




In the Belvedere da Portela you will see large steel structures looking a bit like the letters that form the "Hollywood" sign on the hills of Los Angeles.


In fact that structure is an advertisement for major events on the island (with electric lights).


If you're curious, go and visit the abandoned part of the island (since 1962), you might meet Ingrid, a German lady in love with peace and calm. 

Location : 

ER233, 9400 Vila Baleira, Porto Santo

Miradouro da Portela
Miradouro da Portela

Miradouro da Portela
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