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Quinta do Furão (restaurant)

Quinta do Furao

Probably one of the best restaurants and one of the best chefs in Madeira.


The hotel Quinta do Furao is undoubtedly one of the finest hotels in Madeira with exceptional views, local products, an art of living… We recommend the place to all authenticity, nature, calm and discovery lovers


Open since 1993, the restaurant offers two areas – one of these areas, the dinning-room with its imposing height, its wood lined ceiling and two enormous fireplaces give a special welcome to guests in the Winter. The picturesque lighting is the same as existed 50 years ago in the streets of Portugal. The other area is a sheltered veranda from where the breathtaking view and the uniqueness of the surrounding landscape can be enjoyed.


The menu offers a balanced blend of typical Madeira gastronomy and international cooking.


Practical tips : Open Daily – 12 :00 pm – 3 :30pm - 7pm-9 :30 pm



Location : Quinta do Furão

Achada do Gramacho, 9230-082 Santana, Madeira


Quinta do Furao
Quinta do Furao
Quinta do Furao
Quinta do Furao

Quinta do Furao
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