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Fondation Serralves

Modern Art Museum

In this magnificent greenery you will find two buildings : the headquarters of the Foundation Serralves, a typical example of art deco movement of the 30s in Europe and now home to temporary exhibitions and the modern art museum designed by the Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza.


Two beautiful buildings, one built in 1930, the other in 2001 seamlessly integrated into a vast landscaped park halfway between a contemporary French style garden and an English garden. The story says that Mr and Mrs Serralves who lived in the 1930 private property part of building did not mix and each kept to his own. The misfortune of this childless couple meant that the town inherited the whole lot : a beautifully maintained house which you will be pleased to have explored, whether you love the arts or green spaces. And there is a place where you can eat too. If you are not too keen on visiting the museum, you might still enjoy the garden.


Museum + Park € 10,00 - Park € 5,00 - www.serralves.pt




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