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Best sales destinations

Best destinations for sales in Europe

You like traveling in Europe and you want to do shopping at the best prices? We have selected for you the best shopping destinations for your sales in Europe. Here are some good ideas for a shopping citytrip in Europe. Take a look and discover the fashion sales in Milan, London, Paris and the trendy sales in Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels, If you really want the best prices in wonderful cities, go to Lisbon or Istanbul, the best destinations for cheap and smart shopping.

London Sales destination - European Best Destinations

1. London



Carnaby Street & Covent Garden



London is one of the greatest capitals of fashion in Europe, you will find the major brands as well as designer creations. 



Wintersales already begin the day after Christmas! From 26th December until mid January.

Summersales: 3rd week of June until mid July


Milan Sales - European Best Destinations

2. Milan



In Milan and around you will find some great shops and outlets like the Dolce & Gabbana factory outlet (Via Rossini 70, Legnano, Milan).



An incredible shopping experience for all tastes and purses, in a place where design and fashion have made their home. 



Wintersales : from 7th January (for 30 days)

Summersales: from 7th July, (for 30 days)


Lisbon Sales - European Best Destinations

3. Lisbon


Where ?  

Leave the city center and go to the real stores where Portuguese people go. Discover the Outlets around Lisbon to make real bargains.



Clothes made in Portugal are very good and are often much cheaper. You will find all major brands at lower prices.



Wintersales: from 7th January to  28 th February

Summersales: from 7th June to 30th September


Madrid Sales - European Best Destinations

4. Madrid



Shopping in style in Salesas



What makes Salesas special are its multi-brand retailers, as well as the Spanish and international boutiques – Yube, Nice Things, NAC – that line up along its streets. For urban-style clothing, head for Baccana, Elsa or Monoplaza, where design rules and shoppers can find all kinds of items, from sportswear and casual apparel to elegant and sophisticated garments. (©esmadrid).




Wintersales: From 7th January to 7thMarch! 

Summersales: From beginning of July until late September.


Paris Sales - European Best Destinations

5. Paris



Galleries Lafayette & Champs-Elysées



A symbol of French lifestyle, the Galeries Lafayette offer lively, multiple and plural fashion. A flagship of the brand, in Paris, the department store on Boulevard Haussmann succeeds in bringing together the best creations in 70,000 m² spread across 3 buildings, and offers a unique shopping experience to its visitors. Enter the largest department store in the world. (©paris.info).



Wintersales : beginning of January until mid February .

Summersales: end of June until end of July.


Istanbul Sales - Copyrigt  European Best Destinations
Matthieu Cadiou © European Best Destinations

6. Istanbul



Kanyon shopping mall.



There are dozens of shopping malls in Istanbul, Forum Istanbul, Metrocity, Akmerkez, Istinye Park, besides the passages, markets and the busy shopping street Istiklal Caddesi. One of them however is particularly noteworthy because of its unique architecture. This is the Kanyon shopping mall, opened in 2006 and located in the Levent metro stop. Executives from neighbouring offices lunch there and there are several levels of chic boutiques to satisfy the fashionistas’passion.  

The mall’s architecture which has the shape of a canyon – hence its name Kanyon - is remarkably successful. 



There are no fixed sales dates in Turkey. 

Wintersales: December-January

Summersales : June-July


Barcelona Sales - European Best Destinations

7. Barcelona



El Corte Inglès at Plaça Catalunya 



Barcelona is beautiful, romantic, modern and fabulous. It is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts and even in winter there are sunny days.



Wintersales: 7th January until beginning of March

Summersales: 1st July - 31st  August


Berlin Sales - European Best Destinations

8. Berlin



Berlin’s Friedrichstraße



Elegant and cosmopolitan world of shopping featuring international designer fashion, couture, leading avant-garde designers, it-labels and young contemporary fashion, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, books, art, flowers and interior design. 



In Germany there is no specific dates for sales. 

Wintersales: end of January 

Summersales: end of August


Brussels Sales - European Best Destinations

9. Brussels



Rue Neuve - Avenue Louise - rue Dansaert



Shopping in Brussel is all about fashion and design. From the lower part of the city,( reserve of exclusive designers and boutiques,), right up to the heights of the capital where the emphasis is put on luxury from near and far, not forgetting the districts that are home to the big chains, there’s something to suit all tastes and all purses (©Visitbrussels.be).



Wintersales: from the 2nd January until the 31st January.

Summersales: from the 1st July until the 31 July.


Amsterdam Sales - European Best Destinations

10. Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Bijenkorf shopping centre and around the Dam (city centre).



The compact size of Amsterdam's historical city centre is just one of the many reasons why it is a perfect destination for a shopping trip. 



No specific dates for sales in the Netherlands.

Wintersales: in January.

Summersales: in August.



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