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European Best Destinations is a travel website dedicated to promoting tourism in Europe. Created in 2009, EBD is the first site dedicated to tourism in Europe in terms of visitors.


  • We promote more than 400 destinations in partnership with tourist offices, in particular by creating pages dedicated to European destinations.
  • We create travel guides.
  • We carry out thematic editorial rankings or based on the vote of a panel of travellers.
  • 3 times a year we organize competitions open to the public: Best Destinations of the year, Best Ski Resorts, Best Christmas Markets.
    These bring together millions of travellers who vote for their favourite destinations. The rest of our rankings are made on an editorial basis or on the vote of a panel of travellers (best beaches, best hidden gems, best destinations for winter sun, for families,...).



Frequently asked questions

  • Award-winning destinations pay to be rewarded?

Just like a marathoner pays to participate in a marathon, he does not pay to win. During our 3 major competitions (Best Destinations of the Year, Best Ski Resorts, Best Christmas Markets) participation fees are requested from the destinations. The destinations freely decide to participate or not. If they cannot afford it (lack of budget) they can be invited for free.


  • How are the destinations of the 3 major competitions selected?

The destinations are selected on the basis of 2 main criteria: increase in their growth on social networks over the last 12 months, increase in tourist traffic over the last 12 months. For some smaller countries we only select one destination, for larger countries we select a maximum of 3 destinations. Travellers have 3 weeks to vote (1 vote per week, based on IP address) for the "European Best Destination of the Year", 10 days for the "Best Ski Resorts" and "Best Christmas Markets".


  • Is EBD a public body?

EBD has been a non-profit organization for 6 years (2009-2015) and is now a registered trademark. We continue to work with public bodies and mainly with the Eden network (sustainable tourism destinations awarded by the European Commission). 


  • Can a destination pay to be well ranked?

Of course not, a destination can participate and be ranked last. Its ranking will depend on the number of votes it collected during the voting process.


  • Are the results published?

Yes, after each election the results are published and communicated to the media and to the destinations. They can be downloaded from the results page and from the press section.


  • Can a city participate if it meets the criteria but does not have the budget?

Yes, each year we welcome 5 destinations per competition which do not pay anything. They don't have the means to communicate and we try to help them. We also do it for small sustainable destinations awarded by the European Commission each year.


  • Why isn't everything free?

Because in life everything is not free. We pay travel journalists to create content and travel guides, photographers, graphic designers to do this work.

Let's take an international example, the Olympic Games. To submit their candidacies, cities spend very large budgets (Tokyo: 62 million euros, Istanbul 42 million euros, Madrid, 35 million euros). Let us take another more European example: the European capital of culture, the average budget for preparing the candidature file for candidate cities is 1.2 million euros. 

A final example? European Capital of Sport: the bid budget for a city like Marseille or Lisbon is 250,000 to 300,000 euros. 

The cost of participation for the European Best Destinations is 4,800 euros to 19,800 euros for the destinations, all costs included.


  • How much does it cost?

EBD is a registered trademark which mainly works with public institutions. Our contracts are therefore often public. The price depends on the size of the city and the promotion made. Sustainable tourism cities pay the smallest amount, larger cities pay the highest amount. 


  • Can a city advertise on EBD?

Yes, we have customizable advertising inserts. We do customizable advertisements on the header and footer of the EBD site. The advertisement is framed and defined as an advertisement. It replaces our Google ads for a minimum period of one month. During a voting campaign in which it is involved a destination cannot be promoted and cannot pay to advertise on EBD. The price of the advertisement depends on the duration and the number of pages on which the advertisement appears for the destination. Each advertisement is defined as such.


  • Why a destination pays?

 The winner of our competitions benefits from international promotion and an average tourism growth of + 15%. The positive impact for the cities mentioned is significant and we put all our energy to maximize it every year. Some cities estimate that they have had tourism growth from + 13% (Bordeaux) to + 41% (Zagreb) thanks to this award. By making the competition pay (participation fee), we can put more human resources into the promotion of destinations. This being said, 95% of our other rankings are not linked to competitions (Best Christmas Markets in France, Best Beaches in Europe, Best Sustainable destinations for families, Best hidden gems in Italy, Most beautiful Landscapes in Europe, Most romantic destinations,...) but are made on the basis of a vote of a panel of travellers or editorial choices, destinations do not even pay to participate or to be ranked.


  • Does a winning city have to buy a pack (trophy, logos, ...).

No, there are no additional costs. An awarded destination can use the royalty-free logos and can also give permission to use it to its museums, hotels, restaurants, shops, at no additional cost. The trophy is not sold, it is given to the awarded destination at a ceremony held in the awarded destination. We are not ceremonial organizers and we do not make money on this event organized by the destination itself.



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  • Develop online information related to the main destinations in Europe.
  • Connect tourism offices in Europe together and with the world’s travellers (+6 millions of travellers).
  • Share information about the various destinations via our major social networks (+90,000 followers) and with the media (+ 4240 news articles)
  • Every year, hundreds of thousands of voters take part in our  online competitions (European Best Destinations - European Best Ski Resorts - European Best Christmas Markets..).
  • Produce travel guides online.

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