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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Destinations

Find out which are the safest Christmas markets in Europe for Covid-19. Since the start of this worldwide "Covid-19" crisis, we have kept you informed of the situation day after day by following the recommendations of the World Health Organization. 


We have now selected for you the safest Christmas markets in Europe on the basis of the following criteria: vaccination rate, number of Covid-19 cases per million inhabitants, number of hospital beds per inhabitant, proximity of airports, establishment of sanitary measures, hygiene charts in hotels, shops, restaurants, public transport and public places, provision of hydroalcoholic gels, masks and last but not least, circulation routes inside the Christmas market. 


Close to these safest christmas markets in Europe, you will find a range of small-sized accommodation (boutique hotels, tourist apartments, small hotels) or large chain hotels applying the highest hygiene standards. On site you will find everything that makes Christmas magical: Christmas lights, crafts, ice rinks and local gastronomy.


In the safest Christmas Markets in Europe, contactless payment methods are the norm, traders have protective masks or visors and a signposted route allows visitors not to cross paths. Check out the safest Christmas Markets in Europe to avoid Covid-19.


If you prefer to stay in your region this winter, be sure to visit the most beautiful Christmas markets near you, such as the most beautiful Christmas markets in the UK, the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, the best Christmas markets in France...


Need more inspiration? Discover the 100 most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe as well as the best sunny Christmas markets in Europe and best Christmas lights in Europe.


For a safe holiday, book your flights and accommodation at the best price as well as your activities (select the free cancellation option for added security) and discover the safest Christmas destinations in Europe.



Note: This classification is evolving and takes the covid concern into account.

Last Update: 23 November 2021


Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe -  Madeira   - European Best Destinations
©©Henrique Seruca

Madeira Islands - Portugal

From 1st December 2021  to 9th January 2022.

Madeira is the safest European destination for your holiday this winter. With the highest vaccination rate in Europe (86,5%)  Madeira is a safe place for your Christmas holidays.


In addition to the “Safe and Clean” label implemented by the Portuguese National Tourist Office, the regional authorities of Madeira have set up very rigorous health charters to welcome travellers in the best safety conditions while guaranteeing you dedicated holidays for leisure, discovery and relaxation. 


In Madeira, precaution and relaxation make the perfect combination for your winter holiday. No quarantine is required on arrival thanks to your digital vaccination certificate. Scanning at the airport reinforces these security measures and various devices are put in place (hydroalcoholic gels available, masks in crowded streets). Everything is very simple and very well explained on the madeirasafetodiscover site. A mask is compulsory in some places but not at the beach (discover the most beautiful beaches in Madeira) or for sporting activities in Madeira and walks in nature


This winter, treat yourself to a real breath of fresh air and discover the most beautiful tropical destination in Europe. Its Christmas market, awarded the title of ‘Best Sunny Christmas Markets in Europe’, is exactly what you need after these difficult times: sublime illuminations in Funchal (and in the 4 corners of the island), exotic fruits and flowers, local crafts, Madeira wine and 100% local cakes. Let the magic work and leave in complete safety by treating yourself to a winter holiday in Madeira.  


Market Night is held on December 23rd, when Madeirans do their last-minute Christmas shopping and it is in this hustle and bustle that the spirit of the “Festivity” can best be felt, the nickname given by the Madeirans to identify Christmas. Do not miss the end of year festivities, Madeira has been awarded several times with the title of "Best New Year's Eve Destination in Europe". Fill up on sun, vitamin C and breathtaking scenery this winter by booking your winter holiday to Madeira Islands.


Opening dates (Christmas market): 1st December 2021 (Market Night is held on December 23rd) to the 9th January 2022. Select the "free cancellation" option and pre-book your stay at the best price.


Sanitary measures: Passengers flying to the Madeira archipelago have to present a digital vaccination certificate. Mask not compulsory for beach, sports activities, nature walks. Form to be completed before your trip.


Nearest airport: Book your flights to Funchal as well as your accommodation and activities at the best price.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Stockholm - European Best Destinations
©Oleksiy Mark

Stockholm - Sweden

From 20th November to 23rd December 2021.


Whether you enjoy a traditional or contemporary Christmas, Stockholm has something to offer you. Experience a Christmas market, have some glögg and ginger bread and go shopping under the beautiful Christmas decorations that light up the city every year.


For a genuine Stockholm Christmas, the Old Town’s Christmas market is a must. This market has been held in Stortorget since 1915, and the little red stalls sell warm “glögg”, gingerbread, cheese, candy and craft.


Opening dates (Christmas market): from 20th November to 23rd December 2021.


Nearest airport: book your flights to Stockholm as well as your accommodationtours and activities


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Malaga - European Best Destinations
©Matthieu Cadiou

Malaga Christmas Market - Spain
From 26th November 2021 to 5th January 2022.


Malaga is one of the trendiest destinations in Europe. This sparkling and surprising city is a mix of everything you love: sun, beach, culture, authenticity, tradition, shopping.


In winter, Malaga is not content with just one small Christmas market in the shade of palm trees but the city has several Christmas markets. Malaga is also known for the quality of its Christmas lights, (among the most beautiful Christmas lights in Europe).


Do not waste time, take your sunglasses, sunscreen and a Santa hat with you and book your flights and accommodation at the best price for a winter holiday in sunny Malaga.


Opening dates: From 26th November 2021 to 5th January 2022.


How to get there: Book your flights to Malaga.


Where to stay:  "Malaga Premium Hotel". Located in a pedestrian street in the heart of Malaga.  


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Bilbao - European Best Destinations

Bilbao Christmas Market
From 5th December 2021 to 5th January 2022


Bilbao is a great place to celebrate Christmas. Bilbao, like the world´s most important cities, boasts a fantastic Christmas atmosphere and decorations. Its amazing Christmas lights and the many activities surprise its citizens and visitors.


One of the shopping highlights are the many Christmas markets that take place around the city Old Quarter and Bailén street. Wonder around them and let yourself be seduced by the Christmas spirit. Formed by close to 40 wooden stalls, Bilbao´s Christmas Markets offer a great variety of products: craftsmanship, Basque products, Christmas decorations and of course, gastronomy. It´s a well-known fact throughout the world that when it comes to gastronomy, Bilbao and the Basque County are highly regarded.


Opening dates: From 5th December 2021 to 5th January 2022.


How to get there: Book your flights to Bilbao, accommodationtours and activities


Where to stay: "Hotel Tayko Bilbao" 400 m from the Christmas Market.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Metz - European Best Destinations
©philippe Gisselbrecht -Benoit Lapray -Inspire Metz

Metz Christmas Market - France
From 19th November to 30th December 2021


Get into the spirit of the festive season and enjoy the warmest of welcomes as you visit the Christmas markets on the city’s main squares*. Find hand-crafted gifts in the Christmas pyramid and taste the finest gingerbread around.  


Skate along the ice road, then warm up cold hands around a mulled wine or hot chocolate.  Let the illuminations chase away the dark winter days, and enjoy traditional treats like the merry-go-round, a walk through the magical "Sentiers des Lanternes" or take the chance to stock up on gastronomic Christmas essentials at the city market hall.  


The boutiques and shops are open on the 4 Sundays before Christmas, so you can enjoy the sights, smells and tastes on city breaks right up to the last minute.  


If you are here on the 4th & 5th of December, don’t miss out on the St Nicolas festivities!  


*The Sanitary Pass is compulsory at the Christmas Markets due to the COVID-19 health crisis. 


Opening dates: From 19th November to 31st December 2021.


How to get there: Book your flights to Metz Airport or Strasbourg Airport (1h30).


Where to stay:  "La Citadelle Metz MGallery" for guests who enjoy luxurious accommodation.


Select the "free cancellation" option and book your accommodation at the best price in Metz.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Govone - European Best Destinations

Govone - Italy
From 13th November to 19th December 2021


"Magico Paese di Natale” takes place in the little village of Govone, into the hills of Langhe-Roero, the wine region in Piedmont – Unesco World Heritage Site. This is one of the most important Christmas event in Italy, a magic experience that gives the opportunity of feeling Christmas atmosphere in a special place. In winter time, the entire village of Govone turns itself into the magic kingdom of Santa Claus, with a lot of cultural and gastronomic attractions.


There is the wonderful Christmas market, with artisans selected all over Italy. There is a Street Food area and a Magic Kingdom Wine shop, where visitor can find all the traditional local delicacy. But the unique experience that identify this incredible Christmas village is the amazing musical show of Santa Claus, hosted every day in the scenographic Savoy royal castle of Govone.


Opening dates: From 13th November to 19th December 2021.


How to get there: Book your flights to Cuneo or Turin (1h by car or public transport).


Where to stay: "Agriturismo Monbertola" 1km from the Christmas Market.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Poznan - European Best Destinations
Vitaly Karyakin

Barcelona - Spain

From 26th November to 23rd December 2021

The real Fira, with 287 stands and all its traditions, will be in the same place as last year, on Avinguda de la Catedral, Barcelona. You will see all usual stands and some new ones, full of new articles for you all.


And remember, December 25 is Christmas, but if you want to start living the Christmas spirit with us, November 26 the fair of Santa Llúcia arrives.


Opening dates:  From 26th November to 23rd December 2021.


How to get there: Book your flights to Barcelona, your accommodation and tours & activities in Barcelona. 


Where to stay: "Hotel Barcelona Catedral" 100m from the Christmas Market. 


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Amiens - European Best Destinations
©Trait de Lumière

Amiens - France

From 26th November to 30th December 2021

Visitors young and old have been coming to the Amiens Christmas Market since 1997. With it's 130 chalets that stretch for over 2 km, it has a great choice of gift ideas. From 23rd November to 31st December, craftsmen from France and all over the world will offer a variety of handmade gifts, Christmas décorations and delicious delicacies. 


For this 21st edition, flowers arranging on display are made by Andrée Joinville.  Every  Christmas mecanics decorations in shops are handmad with naturals, vegetables matters  and flowers. All of them are created in the spirit of Christmas.


Opening dates: From 26th November to 30th December 2021.


How to get there: Book your flights to Beauvais Airport or Paris Charles de Gaulle (1h15).


Where to stay:  "Hotel Le Prieuré et La Résidence". Located at the foot of Amiens Cathedral.


Select the "free cancellation" option and book your accommodation at the best price in Amiens


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Poznan - European Best Destinations

Poznan - Poland

From 29th November to 23rd December 2021

Poznań Bethlehem or Poznan Christmas Market will take you to a true winter land. A land full of ice, snowflakes and Christmas attractions, and all of it thanks to original arrangements that will be located on the Old Market Square and Plac Wolności (Freedom Square) of Poznań during this magical time. Get lost between wooden stalls and try winter delicacies or look for inspirations for Christmas gifts. Jump in and enjoy spectacular view of historical parts of Poznań during a ride on a Ferris wheel on Plac Wolności (Freedom Square).


Do not miss the International Ice Sculpture Festival that will take place on Poznań Old Market Square. Contestants from all over the world will turn massive blocks of ice into works of art before your very eyes.


Opening dates: From 29th November to 23rd December 2021


How to get there: Book your flights to Poznan as well as your accommodation and tours & activities.


Where to stay: "Puro Poznan". Located 250 m from the Old Market Square.


Latest information:


Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Bressanone - European Best Destinations

Bressanone/Brixen - Italy
From 26th November 2021 to 6th January 2022.


During Advent a very special Christmas atmosphere prevails in the Cathedral Square in Bressanone/Brixen. The Christmas market manages to blend the bustle of activity with tranquil surroundings. The market itself offers many original gift ideas from the area's traditional Alpine craftsmanship.


Delicious mulled wine and local specialities make for a reflective Advent season in a cheerful evening atmosphere. A Christmas fairy tale played out in the shadow of the cathedral and beneath the hundreds of tiny lights. 


This year the Christmas market of Brixen celebrates it`s 30th anniversary. As highlight the spectacular light- and musicshow "Soliman's Dream" will be demonstrated in the impressive courtyard of the Bishop's Palace/Hofburg.


Opening dates: From 26th November 2021 to 6th January 2022.


How to get there: Book your flights to Bolzano (40 min by car) or Innsbruck Airport (1h) as well as your accommodation.


Where to stay: "Hotel Goldener Adler" 200m from the Christmas Market.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Montbeliard - European Best Destinations
©Montbeliard Tourisme

Montbeliard - France
From 27th November to 28th December 2021


Located in Franche-Comté (Eastern France), the town of Montbéliard – well known for its hospitality- turns into a pure enchantment few weeks before Christmas.


During the time of Advent, Montbéliard revives the tradition of Württemberg and organizes a Christmas market like no other with 160 lovely stalls full of authentic and high quality items. Taking a stroll down the illuminated streets, the visitors may taste the delicious gastronomic products from Montbéliard and France, marvel at the variety of art and crafts, dance to the music and the sound of choral songs.


Opening dates: From 27th November to 28th December 2021.


How to get there: Book your flights to Montbéliard or Basel/Mulhouse (1h by car, 2h by public transport).


Where to stay:  "Ibis Styles Montbéliard". Perfect for a 2-night stay!


Select the "free cancellation" option and book your accommodation at the best price in Montbeliard.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Vienna copyright  Calin Stan - European Best Destinations
©Calin Stan

Nice - France
From 2nd December 2021 to 2nd January 2022.


Enjoy the magic of Christmas under the palm trees in Nice, one of the most beautiful cities of the French Riviera. The temperatures are mild and not having the tip of your nose and fingers frozen at Christmas time can be nice sometimes.


The colourful city does not do things half when it comes to celebrating an important moment. Every year the city of Nice decorates its streets with sublime luminous installations, refined or gigantic ones. Discover the Nice Christmas market and its beautiful illuminations by booking your flights to Nice, your accommodation at the and your tours and activities in Nice.


Opening dates: From 2nd December 2021 to 2nd January 2022.


How to get there: Book your flights to Nice. 


Where to stay:  "Hotel La Villa Nice Victor Hugo", elegant and perfectly located in the historic centre of Nice.


Latest information:



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