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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Destinations

Find out which are the safest Christmas markets in Europe for Covid-19. Since the start of this worldwide "Covid-19" crisis, we have kept you informed of the situation day after day by following the recommendations of the World Health Organization. 


We have now selected for you the safest Christmas markets in Europe on the basis of the following criteria: vaccination rate, number of Covid-19 cases per million inhabitants, number of hospital beds per inhabitant, proximity of airports, establishment of sanitary measures, hygiene charts in hotels, shops, restaurants, public transport and public places, provision of hydroalcoholic gels, masks and last but not least, circulation routes inside the Christmas market. 


Close to these safest christmas markets in Europe, you will find a range of small-sized accommodation (boutique hotels, tourist apartments, small hotels) or large chain hotels applying the highest hygiene standards. On site you will find everything that makes Christmas magical: Christmas lights, crafts, ice rinks and local gastronomy.


In the safest Christmas Markets in Europe, contactless payment methods are the norm, traders have protective masks or visors and a signposted route allows visitors not to cross paths. Check out the safest Christmas Markets in Europe to avoid Covid-19.


If you prefer to stay in your region this winter, be sure to visit the most beautiful Christmas markets near you, such as the most beautiful Christmas markets in the UK, the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, the best Christmas markets in France...


Need more inspiration? Discover the 100 most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe as well as the best sunny Christmas markets in Europe and best Christmas lights in Europe.


For a safe holiday, book your flights and accommodation at the best price as well as your activities (select the free cancellation option for added security) and discover the safest Christmas destinations in Europe.



Note: This classification is evolving and takes the covid concern into account.


Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe -  Madeira copyright  Cicero Castro  - European Best Destinations
©Cicero Castro

Madeira Islands - Portugal

From 1st December 2021  to 9th January 2022.

Madeira is the safest European destination for your holiday this winter. With the highest vaccination rate in Europe (82,5%)  Madeira is a safe place for your Christmas holidays.


In addition to the “Safe and Clean” label implemented by the Portuguese National Tourist Office, the regional authorities of Madeira have set up very rigorous health charters to welcome travellers in the best safety conditions while guaranteeing you dedicated holidays for leisure, discovery and relaxation. 


In Madeira, precaution and relaxation make the perfect combination for your winter holiday. No quarantine is required on arrival thanks to your digital vaccination certificate. Scanning at the airport reinforces these security measures and various devices are put in place (hydroalcoholic gels available, masks in crowded streets). Everything is very simple and very well explained on the madeirasafetodiscover site. A mask is compulsory in some places but not at the beach (discover the most beautiful beaches in Madeira) or for sporting activities in Madeira and walks in nature


This winter, treat yourself to a real breath of fresh air and discover the most beautiful tropical destination in Europe. Its Christmas market, awarded the title of ‘Best Sunny Christmas Markets in Europe’, is exactly what you need after these difficult times: sublime illuminations in Funchal (and in the 4 corners of the island), exotic fruits and flowers, local crafts, Madeira wine and 100% local cakes. Let the magic work and leave in complete safety by treating yourself to a winter holiday in Madeira.  


Market Night is held on December 23rd, when Madeirans do their last-minute Christmas shopping and it is in this hustle and bustle that the spirit of the “Festivity” can best be felt, the nickname given by the Madeirans to identify Christmas. Do not miss the end of year festivities, Madeira has been awarded several times with the title of "Best New Year's Eve Destination in Europe". Fill up on sun, vitamin C and breathtaking scenery this winter by booking your winter holiday to Madeira Islands.


Opening dates (Christmas market): 1st December 2021 (Market Night is held on December 23rd) to the 9th January 2022. Select the "free cancellation" option and pre-book your stay at the best price.


Sanitary measures: Passengers flying to the Madeira archipelago have to present a digital vaccination certificate. Mask not compulsory for beach, sports activities, nature walks. Form to be completed before your trip.


Nearest airport: Book your flights to Funchal as well as your accommodation and activities at the best price.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Vienna copyright  Calin Stan - European Best Destinations
©Calin Stan

Advent Feast at the Basilica - Budapest
From 29th November 2021 to 2nd January 2022.


The Advent Basilica, the most beautiful Christmas fair in Europe, will open on November 20


In love, and safety - with this slogan, the Advent Basilica, Budapest's uniquely beautiful Christmas fair, opens its doors. Last year, in the online voting of the European Best Destinations, the series of events chosen as the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe awaits its visitors from November 29 until the first day of the new year in front of St. Stephen's Basilica in one of the most impressive squares of the Hungarian capital.


True to the tradition of this year's 10-year-old Advent Basilica, it promises an unparalleled festive atmosphere, quality pastimes, a special gastronomic offer and a more colorful program than ever before - all with safety measures that allow for cloudless celebrations during a coronavirus epidemic.


More than 100 artisan and gastronomic vendor offers its portico, the latter in addition to the popular fair food, as well as many delicacies available only here. The spectacularly decorated atmosphere of the fair itself is completed by the highly successful lightshow projected on the Basilica in recent years.


In addition to a number of family and children's programs, a free ice rink with skates can be set up for children from 20 November.


Opening dates (Christmas market): 29th Nov 2021 - 2nd January 2022. 


Sanitary measures: Exemption may be granted if entry is for court, administrative, family, health, education or other legitimate reasons and if health screening is negative. 


Nearest airport: Book your flights to Budapest as well as your accommodationtours and activities


Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Vienna copyright  Calin Stan - European Best Destinations
©Calin Stan

Vienna - Austria

From 17th November to 26th December 2021.


Do you want to combine safety and leisure? Vienna is the perfect destination for a Christmas holiday with the family or with a loved one. Renowned as one of the safest destinations in Europe (low crime rate), Vienna has also quickly been recognized among the safest destinations for Covid-19 in Europe. 


At Christmas it is not one but a multitude of Christmas markets that appear all over Vienna. You will find the one that suits you among an offer of authentic Christmas markets: for family, foodie lovers, whether sustainable, vegan or terribly romantic. From mid-November to Christmas, Vienna’s prettiest squares transform into magical Christmas markets. The aroma of Christmas bakery items and hot punch create a lovely pre-Christmas atmosphere. The organizers are currently working on COVID-19 safety concepts to make it possible for guests to enjoy a pleasant visit to Vienna's Christmas markets with enough space for everyone.


Opening dates (Christmas market): from 17th November to 26th December 2021.


Nearest airport: book your flights to Vienna as well as your accommodationtours and activities


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Tallinn Christmas Market copyright - European Best Destinations

Tallinn - Estonia

From 19th November 2021 to 2nd January 2022.

Awarded the title of Best Christmas Market in Europe in 2019, Tallinn is a favourite destination for travellers for winter holidays. With its family atmosphere, magical illuminations, traditional and artisanal products and delicious local delicacies, 


Opening dates (Christmas market): 19th Nov 2021 to 2nd Jan 2022. 



Nearest airport: Book your flights to Tallinn as well as your accommodation and tours and activities in Estonia.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Gdansk Christmas Markets - Copyright Svetlana-Turchenick - European Best Destinations

Gdansk - Poland

From 23rd November 2021 to 1st January 2022.

As a result of the pandemic, we all want to travel less and make the trips we want unforgettable by discovering exceptional places and a unique atmosphere. Gdansk is the perfect mix of safety and leisure, relaxation and  discovery for this winter holiday.


Situated in the historical centre of Gdańsk, the Christmas Fair is like a fairy tale and captivates both visitors and locals who are most happy to spend their winter time here.


The remarkable ambience of the Gdańsk Christmas Fair is mostly created by the unique and mood-setting scenery. Here you will find streets marked out only for this special time of year: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Angel or Christmas Eve Street.


Opening dates (Christmas market): From 23rd Nov 2021 to 1st Jan 2022. 


Nearest airport: Book your flights to Gdansk as well as your accommodation and your tours and activities (select the "free cancellation" option). 


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Dresden Christmas Market Copyright Pani-Garmyder - European Best Destinations

Dresden - Germany

 From 26th November to 24th December 2021.

Considered one of the most beautiful and authentic Christmas markets in Germany, the Dresden Christmas market will also be one of the safest in Europe this year. Given the coronavirus pandemic, there is naturally a particularly strong focus on the Striezelmarkt, as Germany’s oldest Christmas market. 


The City of Dresden is currently working on concepts to find ways of enabling the market to go ahead with relevant restrictions. Glittering lights, twinkling stars, beaming children’s faces, the scent of gingerbread, and Christmas carols, Dresden’s Striezelmarkt again this year, will boast a unique character, despite being in its 586th year. Regional specialties, such as Ore Mountain wood crafts, Lusatian blue-printed fabrics and Moravian stars, are particularly popular.


Opening dates (Christmas market): From 26th Nov to 24th Dec 2021. 


Nearest airport: Book your flights to Dresden as well as your accommodation and tours & activities.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Zagreb Christmas Market Copyright Stjepan-Tafra  - European Best Destinations

Zagreb - Croatia

From 29th November 2021 to 2nd January 2022.

Beyond the sanitary measures put in place very quickly by the authorities, Croatia has many advantages for travellers looking for safe Christmas holidays, including an incredible offer of tourist apartments, private villas, boutique hotels and small accommodations. This is exactly what travellers are looking for this winter. 


Once upon a time, one of Croatia’s best kept secrets was that her capital city Zagreb had one of the best Advent scenes in Europe. This Croatian secret is out now: against very strong competition, Zagreb was voted “Best Christmas Market in Europe “ by European Best Destinations ’online poll three times in the row. 


Known worldwide as one of the best Christmas markets in Europe with Vienna, Budapest, Strasbourg, Zagreb will welcome travellers this year with sanitary standards adapted to the situation (dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel throughout the market, disinfection of rides, ice skates, masks for vendors and protective plexi for those offering food, etc.). The market is very large throughout the city and you will find the atmosphere that suits you for a safe and relaxed holiday in the Croatian capital.


Opening dates (Christmas market): From 29th Nov 2021 to 2nd Jan 2022. 


Nearest airport: Book your flights to Zagreb as well as your accommodation and activities (choose the option "free cancellation without charge").


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Baden-Baden - Germany

From 25th November 2021 to 6th January 2022.

With a population equivalent to Belgium but 5 times fewer deaths linked to Covid- 19, the Baden-Württemberg region is one of the safest destinations for your winter holidays.


Renowned as one of the best Christmas markets in Germany, the Baden-Baden Christmas market is implementing a series of health measures this year to combine safety and leisure.


In the pre-Christmas season, Baden-Baden invites guests to visit its beautiful Christmas Market (“Christkindelsmarkt”). Situated at the entrance of Baden-Baden’s splendid parks and gardens “Lichtentaler Allee”, the Christmas Market will draw all visitors into a romantic winter fairy tale. From November 25th 2021 to 6th January 2022 visitors will encounter an entertaining live-music program and small streets of festive huts, where thousands of shimmering Christmas lights will create a festive atmosphere.


Opening dates (Christmas market): From 25th Nov 2021 to 6 Jan 2022. 


Nearest airports:  Book your flights to Stuttgart Airport (1h20) or Frankfurt Airport (2h) as well as your accommodation and your tours and activities in Germany.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Bratislava Christmas MArket Copyright Rasto-SK - European Best Destinations
Bratislava Tourism

Bratislava - Slovakia 

From 29th November to 23rd December 2021


Pre-Christmas time in Bratislava is connected with glowing streets, Christmas trees and stands full of goodies and craft products. Welcome to the Bratislava Christmas Market!


Bratislava Christmas market is located at the Main Square and Hviezdoslav Square in the city centre until the 23rd of December. In recent years, the Christmas Market has migrated to other locations of the city centre as well, such as Bratislava castle or the square in front of the Eurovea shopping center. Whatever the location, irresistible aroma and a unique atmosphere will get you for sure.


Opening dates (Christmas market): From 29th November to 23rd December 2021. 


Nearest airport:  book your flights to Bratislava as well as your accommodation, tours and activities


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Covid 19 - Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Dusseldorf Christmas Market - Copyright Peeradontax -  European Best Destinations

Dusseldorf - Germany

 From 18th November to 30th December 2021.

As well as being one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, Düsseldorf's Christmas market will be one of the safest this year. Düsseldorf is the capital of the North Rhine-Westphalia region and the second largest city in this region after Cologne. With 10 times fewer severe cases (deaths) of Covid-19 per million inhabitants than some European regions, it can be seen as one of the safest destinations for your winter holidays. Different Christmas markets await you in Düsseldorf, a destination that will suit families, lovers, foodies.


Opening dates (Christmas market): From 18th November to 30th December 2021. Select the "free cancellation" option and pre-book your stay at the best price.


Nearest airport: Book your flights to Düsseldorf as well as your accommodation at the best price and your activities and tours in Germany.


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Ljubljana Christmas Markets - Copyright Donaturat  - European Best Destinations

Ljubljana - Slovenia

Canceled in 2021


More than ever, we want to breathe clean fresh air and enjoy timeless moments with those we love. Treat yourself to unforgettable memories in Slovenia, the country for you during these difficult times. You can rent a car and discover different places in the country such as Bohinj voted best hidden gem in Europe or Soca Valley, Radolca, awarded by the European Commission. 


You can also treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation and wonder as you walk through the illuminated streets of Ljubljana. This terribly romantic destination is home to a Christmas market considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. Small hotels, boutique hotels, guesthouses or tourist apartments as well as hotels from large chains applying sanitary measures will welcome you this winter.


Opening dates (Christmas market):  Christmas market cancelled in 2021 but decoration and lights on. Select the "free cancellation" option and pre-book your stay at the best price.


Nearest airport:  Book your flights to Ljubljana as well as your accommodation and tours and activities at the best price (choose the cancellation option at no cost).


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Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Prague Christmas Market - Copyright Pavlo-Khomenskyi - European Best Destinations

Warsaw - Poland

From 20th November 2021  to 6th Jan 2022. 

Warsaw is one of the most incredible cities in Europe. Its history is that of a people capable of facing any situation, of recovering and moving forward. Facing Coronavirus, the Polish message has always been very clear: “Warsaw survived two world wars. We will get through this one too. See you very soon!” 


Discover Warsaw's two main Christmas markets in complete safety thanks to measures taken by local authorities such as dispensed hydroalcoholic gel, signposted routes to ensure social distancing in the market and contactless payment on this Christmas market.


Opening dates (Christmas market): From 20th Nov 2021 to 6th Jan 2022.  Select the "free cancellation" option and pre-book your stay at the best price for 2021 (from 28th November to 24th December 2021). 



Nearest airport: Book your flights to Warsaw as well as your accommodation and activities and tours in Warsaw.


Latest information:



©Rothenburg Tourismus Service, W. Pfitzinger

Rothenburg ob der Tauber  - Germany

From 26th November to 23rd December 2021

This year, more than ever, you want to be careful not to travel too much but you want to travel to places that make sense and will leave you with memories for a lifetime. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is probably the most magical destination at Christmas. The city appears to have been built to serve as the backdrop for one of Germany's finest Christmas markets.


With preventive measures but also many well-equipped hospitals, Germany has not experienced a critical situation during the pandemic. While measures are still in place for now, Germany is more open to travellers than many European countries. Social distancing and wearing a mask are mandatory but not the Covid-19 test (except for travellers from countries at risk).   


Opening dates (Christmas market): From 26th Nov to 23rd December 2021. 


Nearest airports: book your flights to Stuttgart Airport (1h30 by car) as well as your accommodation (choose the "free cancellation" option).


Latest information:



Covid 19 Safest Christmas Markets in Europe - Graz Christmas Market - Copyright Harry Schiffer  - European Best Destinations
©Harry Schiffer

Graz - Austria

From 19th November to 24th December 2021.



Austria is also one of the safest countries in Europe with a very low crime rate. A privileged destination for families, Austria welcomes travellers this winter with the highest health and safety standards while doing everything to guarantee you wonderful moments with those you love. Graz, the capital of Styria, is a must-see for a safe and unforgettable Christmas vacation.


Discover Graz and its numerous Christmas markets, conveniently located within walking distance!, The oldest Christmas market takes place around the Franciscan church. You will enjoy Styrian arts and crafts and regional farm products. Close by is the Christmas market in front of the City Hall with the giant Christmas tree and the old-fashioned merry-go-round for children. Watch out for the huge advent calendar on the façade of the City Hall. If you want to combine your Christmas shopping with a good cause and some good entertainment, you’re in the right place at Eiserne Tor. This market is run exclusively by local charity organizations and the proceeds go to selected charity projects.


Opening dates (Christmas market): from 19th Nov to 24th Dec 2021.


Nearest airport: Book your flights to Graz as well as your accommodation and activities in Austria.


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