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Slovenske Konjice

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To open the door to Slovenske Konjice is to enter a town with a thousand-year history captured between the mysterious Konjiška Gora mountain and the sunny golden hills of the wine-growing Škalce in north-eastern Slovenia, which welcomes visitors in its “embrace of noble stories”. The numerous surrounding villages complete the image of this pleasant medieval town of nearly 6,000 inhabitants by the Dravinja River, which was first mentioned in written records in 1146 under the name of Counowitz.


For many years now, the town has been a model of friendliness and neatness, which is reflected in several national awards. The winner of two medals at the Entente Florale Europe competition, Slovenske Konjice is now regarded as one of the best-kept towns in Europe. The Žiče Charterhouse, a cultural heritage gem treasured by the Slovenske Konjice Municipality, succeeded in becoming one of the EDEN 2011 finalists. In 2015, the Žiče Charterhouse celebrated 850 years of existence and was proclaimed a cultural monument of national importance, thus joining the most distinguished Slovenian cultural monuments. 


Intensive development of tourism began in this municipality at the end of the previous century, along with the accompanying tourism services of the town, ranging from smaller family-owned businesses to larger companies, which drew inspiration for their work in the rich local traditions and natural features of the area. This includes reviving the old cottage industries, wine production on the sunny wine-growing hills and the rich history written in the stones of numerous cultural monuments, most notably the Old Square and the Žiče Charterhouse, which formed the basis of tourism in this region.


The strong cultural pulse of the town, which has always been co-created with the local people, gradually merged with the tourism services. Today, culture and tourism are inextricably connected in Slovenske Konjice, and coexist symbolically under the same roof, as both the Cultural Events Centre (CKP) and the Slovenske Konjice Tourism Information Centre (TIC) operate under the public institute of the Slovenske Konjice Public Library.


Slovenske Konjice is a wonderful destination, where the traditional and the modern go hand in hand and where every step brings you into an “embrace of noble stories”, which can best be experienced in the company of the locals. Here, you can feel and experience the Pohorje heartbeat.



Slovenske Konjice

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in Slovenske Konjice

Slovenske Konjice

Treat yourself to an immersion stroll at your own pace through the renovated old town centre and other monuments of Konjice history. You might encounter the local (castle) nobility or even the famous Konjice dragon, and St. George and Margaret, who will take you back to the times of our grandparents and introduce you to interesting local legends and the town’s history. At the same time, you will be able to see for yourself how well-tended and charming the town is. Cherry on top of its charm is a lively Konjice brook, which gives the town a special magnificence and divides it straight down the middle.


Slovenske Konjice
Copyright Slovenske Konjice

The Žiče Charterhouse

Experience the eloquent silence of this former Carthusian monastery located in the pristine setting of Saint John the Baptist Valley, a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Slovenske Konjice. The Charterhouse has been recounting unusual tales to passers-by ever since the 12th century. Today, it is the home to four permanent exhibitions on the Carthusian past and the history of the Konjice area. A potter and a herbalist are busy at work behind its walls, while the sparkling wines of a Konjice company by the name of Zlati grič mature in peace and quiet in the sparkling wine cellar. The souvenir shop is replete with locally-made products. 


Charterhouse Žiče
©Slovenske Konjice

Wine Cellar Zlati grič

Škalce and the company Zlati grič d.o.o. are located directly above the centre of Slovenske Konjice and are known for their wine trade and wine growing, as well as for being synonymous with friendliness, the sun and tradition. The estate comprises 75 hectares of vineyards in one single block, where the beautiful viticultural vistas help preserve the 800-year old tradition of grape cultivation and contribute to the uniqueness of the landscape adjoining the town of Slovenske Konjice. The company’s production operations are supplemented by tourism services, which comprise guided tours through one of the most modern wine cellars in Europe and wine tastings enhanced by the recounting of local legends. 



Zlati grič
©Slovenske Konjice

Museum Collection of Military objects

 A private and extremely warmly organised museum collection of military and museum objects from the Austro-Hungarian period, and objects connected to the history of Slovenske Konjice can be admired near the Church of St George in one of the Old Square houses, no. 35.




Military museum in Slovenske Konjice
©Slovenske Konjice

Žvikart beekeeping

Čebelarstvo Žvikart (Žvikart Beekeeping) in Slovenske Konjice has been in the honey trade for over 50 years. With 250 hives they produce numerous honey products, and also offer gift wrapping. For groups of visitors (up to 50 people) presentations of work, equipment and the importance of beekeeping, as well as tastings, are available.



Žvikart beekeeping
©Slovenske Konjice


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