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Plitvice Lakes

The most beautiful National Park in Europe

If you had to visit only one place in Croatia this is certainly the Plitvice Lakes. Welcome to the most beautiful National Park in Europe! The most beautiful natural treasures await you in this park of a rare beauty.


If possible, visit the park during the week, there is much fewer people than during the weekend. According to your capacities you will choose a  « two hours » , « four hours » or « six hours » ride. Do not worry about the way back, there are shuttles that will bring you back to your starting point.


Tips: If you want to see the great waterfalls stop at parking number 1 and stop at  parking number 2 to see the ponds. Warning, the park closes at 4pm!

How to get there: Taxis and rent-a-car services are available in all larger cities, tourist resorts and airports. If you are arriving by car, please submit yourself to the traffic rules in  Park rules in Croatia.


Price: prices are different depending on the time of year and range from 55 Kn (7 euros) to 180 Kn (20 euros) in high season. Added to this is the price of the car park (7Kn / hour).


Opening hours: from 8 am to 4pm.




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