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Ugljan Island

A place full of hidden treasures

The island of Ugljan in front of Zadar, is now with the ferry shuttle, just minutes away from Zadar (the price of the crossing is 110 Kn with a car). Take the ferry ideally in the morning on weekdays to avoid the crowd. Schedule scan be seen on the company website "Jadrolinija". There is a breathtaking view on Zadar from the boat.


Luka Beach

The most beautiful beach on Ugljan

The beaches are not always within easy reach in Croatia and if you stay in Zadar or Ugljan we advise you to go to Luka beach to relax, alone, as a couple or with your family and  enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters of Croatia.

Location : 

Luka beach - Ugljan Island - Plaza Juzna Luka

Tvrdava Sv. Mihovil Fortress

Amazing view on Preko, Zadar and the surrounding islands

It is not easily accessible but worth the trip! Here is how to summarize in one sentence what you may think when you reach the top of the Tvrdava SV. Mihovil  fortress.


The place itself is not so beautiful due to the bombings of World War II, only a few walls still resist and the site has become a field of phone antennas. Anyway, from this fortress you will have an amazing view on Preko, Zadar and the surrounding islands.


This is the best place to understand the topography of Croatia, composed of more than a thousand islands. The place is quite difficult to access whether by car, bike or on foot, but it will give you memories for a lifetime.

Location : 

Tvrđava Sv. Mihovil


Plan a full day to discover the beauties of this island, its beautiful hidden beaches, fishing villages or fortress perched at the top with a beautiful view of Preko, Zadar, and dozens of other islands!




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