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Best things to do in Wroclaw

The 13 best things to do in Wroclaw

Best things to do in Wroclaw - Instagram - copyright osiem_i_pol
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Explode your Instagram account

Your friends are taking pictures in front of the Sagrada Familia, the Casa de Papel in Madrid or the London Bridge? Seen it all before! Make your Instagram account explode by sharing photos of Wroclaw's best spots. Wroclaw has the largest concentration of unobtrusive bars and restaurants in the world. There are trendy places at every corner.  Trendy restaurants and cafes seem straight out of Instagram or Pinterest. You will love Wroclaw and your friends will love to follow your trip to this amazing city through your Instagram posts.


Best things to do in Wroclaw - Bubbles - Copyright Miss_wach
Copyright Miss_wach

Recapture your childhood

Have a go yourself at making giant bubbles

No one quite remembers whose idea it was to blow all day long giant soap bubbles on Rynek, the beautiful market square of Wroclaw and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Sit and watch these men and women create beauty and sheer poetry in the Wroclaw sky. Watch the children try and catch a thousand suns reflected in the bubbles floating by. 


Recapture your childhood and have a go yourself at making giant bubbles! Just ask the professionals to show you how. This is pure poetry, a light and unforgettable moment in Wroclaw, one of the best destinations in Europe.


Best things to do in Wroclaw - Plac Solny - Copyright rykoszetka
Copyright rykoszetka

Buy flowers in Plac Solny

There is no longer any excuse not to buy flowers for your loved one 7 days a week! Roses, tulips, lily of the valley, at noon or midnight, there is everything you want in Plac Solny. If you find yourself alone in Wroclaw, surprise a stranger or bring the flowers back to your hotel room. Wroclaw is as romantic a city as you want it to be. 


Best things to do in Wroclaw - Centennial Hall Park - Copyright _kmisiaszek
Copyright _kmisiaszek

Take a walk in Centennial Hall Park

This incredible building straight out of an episode of "Star Wars" is one of the most beautiful and impressive monuments in Poland. Created in 1913 to celebrate the centenary of Napoleon's defeat in Leipzig (Wroclaw was still a German city at the time) this building has been classified by UNESCO for the uniqueness of its architectural style.


A perfect visit for architecture lovers but also for those who want to get out of the city and go green for a few hours. Centenial Hall has beautiful gardens and a lovely park. Come spend the afternoon with friends, family or your lover. The Japanese Garden and the Zoo are within walking distance.


Best things to do in Wroclaw - Renoma - Shopping copyright  darbut.renoma
Copyright darbut.renoma

Shopping in Renoma

Four floors of pure happiness for fashionistas. 120 clothing stores but also restaurants, supermarkets, everything you need in the Renoma shopping centre.  From the biggest brands to the more affordable, there is something for every budget. Do you want to buy a city map or books? Go to the top floor of the mall where there is a large bookstore.


Best things to do in Wroclaw - Eat french fries - Copyright Frytkisos
Copyright Frytkisos

Go for the Vegan Fries

After a bit too much drinking in the evening

Located in the street of all bars, this small chip (fry) shop is perfect to mop up your excess alcohol. If you are vegetarian or vegan, rest assured that the best fries of Wroclaw use only vegetable oils! So, party with a clear conscience in Wroclaw, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe!


Best things to do in Wroclaw penitent bridge copyright adagajdzik
Copyright adagajdzik

See the city from the Penitent Bridge

For only 1,50€

Having climbed the hundreds of steps of an endless staircase which will take you to one of the most beautiful points of view of Wroclaw. Penitent Bridge is a suspension bridge between the two steeples of a church.


Legend has it that the ghost of a young woman, punished for her sins and sentenced to wash this wooden bridge until the end of her life, still haunts the place. We did not see her but the panoramic view of Wroclaw is breathtaking.  This is the best way to orientate yourself and see all the streets and alleys of this beautiful city.


Ostrow Tumski Copyright Magdamundo
Copyright Magdamundo

Travel from island to island 

Ostrow Tumski

Wroclaw, like Stockholm, is a city made of islands. Wroclaw also holds the record for the number of bridges in a European city since it has nearly 120 bridges connecting the different islands of the city. Ostrow Tumski near Wroclaw's market hall, is a peaceful place, perfect for relaxing. This is where many students meet as soon as the sun comes up.


Come and discover its churches, parks and the lovers’Tumski Bridge.


Best things to do in Wroclaw Saunarium Wroc Post copyright Aquapark
Copyright Aquapark

Sweat a thousand different ways at the Saunarium

Did you think that your stay in Wroclaw would be limited to visiting churches, cathedrals, museums and doing some shopping? By all means, treat your soul, but do not forget to take care of your body by giving yourself a day of absolute relaxation in the "Saunarium" of Wroclaw. This unique place is home to an impressive collection of saunas. About twenty saunas, from all over the world (Finnish, Thai, ...) are waiting for you.


Come and discover the Wroclaw Saunarium by booking your hotel and airline ticket today for a perfect stay in one of the best cities in Europe for a weekend of well-being.


Best things to do in Wroclaw - Seal your love on Tumski bridge copyright joanna.sarai
Copyright joanna.sarai

Seal your love on the Tumski Bridge 

For decades lovers all over the world have been coming to seal their love on the Tumski Bridge. As in Paris, they attach a padlock and throw the key into the river, but unlike Paris where padlocks are removed every week by the municipality, here the padlocks remain for years and you will find your padlock still there when you visit Wroclaw next time. This magnificent bridge once linked the two parts of the city, one controlled by the Church and the other by the civil authorities.


Swim in happiness at the Aquapark

Located in the same complex as the Wroclaw Saunarium, Aquapark is one of the most beautiful and largest water parks in Europe. The perfect place for families but also for sportsmen.


There are no contraindications to treating yourself to a day of pure happiness at the Wroclaw Aquapark. Discover the Aquapark Wroclaw and book your stay in this resolutely familly-friendly city.


Market Hall Wroclaw copyright paulina_gfd
copyright paulina_gfd

Buy fruit or sweets at Market Hall

Opposite Ostrow Tumski, everyone gravitates around the covered market built in 1905 : students, inhabitants, sisters-in-law and the priests of Ostrow Tumski to name but a few.  You will taste Polish pastries, see the children buy sweets (candies)  and the elderly looking worriedly at funeral wreaths (there are 4 vendors of funeral flowers in the market). Just like the city restauranteurs, you can buy your fruits and vegetables at Market Hall and go your merry way along the most beautiful streets of Wroclaw.



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