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best open-minded destinations in Europe

Best Open-Minded Destinations in Europe

What are the most open-minded European destinations? Which European cities are making the concept of "living together" a reality and a success?


Discover destinations where people live in perfect cohesion with different cultures, religions, origins, orientations, genders, traditions, tastes and who together form a rich and diverse, tolerant and welcoming society.


Discover destinations where openness and inclusion benefit everyone in society, from babies in pushchairs to elderly people with reduced mobility.


Destinations that act to include people with mental disabilities, people with visual impairments, autistic disorders. Destinations where citizens of different origins and cultures mingle and enrich themselves. Because this is what makes the beauty and  richness of Europe, this diversity must be favoured and celebrated.


Book your flights, your accommodation as well as your tours and activities in Europe, and visit the best open-minded destinations in Europe.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Leuven
©Renata Sedmakova

1. Leuven


Historical city of Belgium, considered as the best destination to visit in Belgium, Leuven is a cosmopolitan, student, open-minded city.


With one of the best quality of life and one of the highest human development index in Europe (health, education, security,...), Leuven is a multicultural city within a country considered as the crossroads of Europe, Belgium.


Leuven is the Belgian miracle, it is the choice of unity in diversity rather than division, it is the celebration of diversity and cultural richness. It is a city where everyone has a place, where everyone can come with their culture, their gastronomy, own projects,  creativity.


Leuven is a destination that places no boundaries, except those of living together, for the development of each and everyone. Here the equality of citizens and accessibility is a priority. This is also reflected in Leuven by a very high quality education, the KUL University of Leuven is recognized as one of the best in the world, it is also one with the most affordable tuition fees in Europe.


Students from all over the world come to Leuven to study, to do an internship or to build a career. Open-air museum, Leuven is one of the European destinations with the richest history. Witness its many incredibly well-preserved monuments such as the amazing Gothic Town Hall or the Art Treasures in Saint Peter’s Church.


Need a final argument? Leuven is on your podium of the Best Destinations for Youth in Europe.


How to get there: Book your flights to Brussels-Zaventem Airport (15 min by public transport or car).


Where to stay: "Pentahotel Leuven" located right in Leuven's historical centre.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Amsterdam
Shutterstock Editorial Unique Vision

2. Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Amsterdam has welcomed millions of travellers from all over the world over the past 30 years. The Dutch are welcoming, open-minded people, defenders of freedom but also lovers of nature, of simple things.


If in recent years the city has succeeded in regulating tourism and making the city centre more pleasant to live in for the inhabitants by reintroducing local food shops instead of shops for tourists, there is still one last battle to be won: the curtains.


Many apartments, houses, have been converted into Airbnb, tourist apartments, and to please the international clientele these are equipped with curtains on the windows. A heresy for the Dutch. Marked by the Protestant Catholic tradition and Calvinism, the Dutch often do not put curtains on their windows, a way of showing that they have a serious life and have nothing to hide.


This very small detail, the curtains at the windows,  often shows that the building is occupied by foreign tourists and no longer by Dutch people. If you visit one of the most open-minded cities in Europe, leave the curtains open during your stay and you will be watched with kindness.


Book your flights to Amsterdam, your accommodation in Amsterdam as well as your tours and activities in Amsterdam such as a "Amsterdam: Luxury Canal City Cruise".


How to get there: Book your flights to Amsterdam.


Where to stay: "Eden Hotel Amsterdam". Situated in the heart of the city centre.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe
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3. London

England - UK

There is no destination in Europe more cosmopolitan than London. French, Indians, Russians, Americans, Belgians, Armenians,… More than a third of Londoners are foreign born and the city has more than 250 different nationalities and nearly 300 different languages are spoken there.


If some neighbourhoods are more marked by a community, China Town, the gay district,… the mix is actually everywhere in London. From Camden Town and its market of curiosities, young people, punks, alternative nightclubs, you will move on to more chic and trendy districts such as Notting Hill, antique quarters, Creole shops, restaurants with exotic flavours.


Stroll, take the tube and stop anywhere, randomly, you will always discover a new atmosphere in London, the new Babel.


Book your flights to London and your accommodation in London as well as your activities and tours such as a “London: The London Eye Ticket with Fast-Track Option”.


How to get there: Book your flights to  London.


Where to stay: "NYX Hotel London Holborn by Leonardo Hotels".


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Oslo
Medvedeva Oxana

4. Oslo


Olso is one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in Europe. The city is  a hub of Norwegian trade, banking, industry and shipping. Oslo is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and the European Commission intercultural cities programme.


Oslo is considered a global city and ranked "Beta World City" in studies performed by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network. It was ranked number one in terms of quality of life among European large cities in the European Cities.


Need more reasons to visit Oslo? Oslo is ranked among your best flea markets destinations in Europe, Best Royal Palaces, Best destinations to see the most famous paintings.


We are sure that you know the most famous Norwegian painting. Think for a second, it's also the title of a horror movie: The Scream. This painting is the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch's famous masterpiece. 


Book your flights to Oslo, your accommodation in Oslo as well as your tours and activities in Oslo such as a "Oslo Fjord 2-Hour Sightseeing Cruise".


How to get there: Book your flights to Oslo.


Where to stay: "Thon Hotel Cecil". Stay in the heart of Oslo.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Munich
Shutterstock Editorial Jaem Prueangwet

5. Munich


We all remember the speech of tolerance of the Mayor of Munich during the Euro Football tainted by homophobic acts in the stadiums. The reaction was clear, Munich raised the rainbow flag at its municipal buildings to publicly show its commitment to equal rights, respect, solidarity and tolerance.


The Germans are welcoming and they know that diversity is an opportunity for their country.


Germany is one of the European countries that welcomes the most foreign populations and its flourishing economic situation as well as its quality of life show that this choice is the best choice to ensure a dynamism that benefits everyone.


Germany builds its identity in diversity. Germans travel all over the world, they are very often curious, open-minded and welcoming.


Munich will be the starting point of your stay in Germany. Do not miss to visit the most beautiful castles in Germany, the Best Hidden Gems in Germany but also the most beautiful beaches in Germany.


Book your flights to Munich, your accommodation in Munich as well as your tours and activities in Bavaria such as a "From Munich: Neuschwanstein & Linderhof Castle Full-Day-Trip".


How to get there: Book your flights to  Munich.


Where to stay: "Hotel MIO by AMANO". Stay in the heart of Munich.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Braga

6. Braga 


Considered by Forbes USA as one of the best destinations to invest and live in Europe, Braga is a cosmopolitan destination and one of the most dynamic European cities.


The greatest cultural, economic and architectural projects are carried out in Braga. The world of tech, innovation and leisure have chosen Braga. At the same time liberal, favouring the development of projects, start-ups, businesses, Braga is also deeply social and takes care of its elders and the most vulnerable people.


Braga is a city committed to zero CO2 emissions. It is also a city awarded by Lonely Planet the title of "Happiest City in Portugal". Braga values its heritage and its rich past, but it also makes the clear choice of youth, innovation and  future.


It seems that in the North of Portugal, more than anywhere else, everything is possible. 


Book your flights to Porto as well as your accommodation in Braga and your tours and activities in Portugal such as a "Braga and Guimarraes Full-Day Tour with Lunch".


How to get there: Book your flights to Porto (40 min by car; 1h by public transport).


Where to stay: "Vila Gale Collection Braga". Stay in the heart of Braga..


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Vienna

7. Vienna


Do you remember Conchita Wurst, the sublime Bearded Diva who represented Austria and won Eurovision? It was an unforgettable moment of television and a clear message of tolerance offered to us by this artist and Austria


Deeply tolerant and multicultural, Austria is also a perfect destination for families looking for the safest destinations in Europe for its low crime rate as well as for people from minorities who will find their place there without being judged.


This open-mindedness also makes Vienna one of the best gay-friendly destinations in Europe. Don't stay locked in your hotel room and mingle with the inhabitants of Vienna.


Discover the multicultural atmosphere of the "Brunnenmarkt" a market located in the 16th district of Vienna. You will find products from all over the world in this market, which is one of the largest outdoor markets in Vienna


Book your flights to Vienna, your accommodation as well as your tours and activities in Vienna such as a "Vienna: 1-Hour Boat Tour on the Danube".


How to get there: Book your flights to Vienna.


Where to stay: "Superbude Wien Prater" perfect for a 3-night stay in Vienna.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Sibiu
Shutterstock Editorial Vlad Ispas

8. Sibiu


Sibiu is one of the most open-minded cities in Europe. Recognized for its quality of life, the development of slow and sustainable tourism centered on the protection of heritage, the development of green spaces, soft mobility, Sibiu is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Romania.


Sibiu is situated in the heart of the famous and beautiful historical province of Transylvania. It is a wonderful combination between history and the vibrant spirit of a modern European city. Today, Sibiu has modern infrastructure, an international airport, it is a railway knot and it is connected by road to the western border, to the capital of Romania and to the seaside.


The city has deep roots in its over 800 years of history, but it is strongly connected to the European present and values and all these result in a unique character for the city. Sibiu is a successful combination between its valuable built and cultural heritage and a European, cosmopolitan, young and dynamic city life.


How to get there: Book your flights to Sibiu.


Where to stay: "Artisan Boutique Hotel". Couples particularly like the location.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Grenoble
Stephane Debove

9. Grenoble


Grenoble is seen as one of the trendiest destinations in France, a pioneer, innovative and inspiring city, a destination where anything is possible. City of art and history, Grenoble is also a city of street art. A city rooted in its past and deeply focused on the future.


This destination seems for some years to have been inventing a new societal model of life, a modern ideal combining respect for environmental resources and living organisms and ambitious but well-controlled development of the territory.


This innovative and inspiring European nature/ Culture eco-destination acts in favour of living together celebrating the richness of diversity. Grenoble is in your ranking of the best open-minded destinations for its quality of life but also for its commitment to total accessibility for all to the city, whatever your origin, your financial means, your culture, your religion, your identity, your ethnicity, your gender, your sexuality.


One of the examples of this inclusive society is the concern for accessibility for people with physical or mental disabilities. This translates into the accessibility of public spaces and municipal buildings, but also supports associations of people with disabilities.


How to get there: Book your flights to Lyon St Exupery Airport (1h by car or public transport).


Where to stay: "Okko Hotels Grenoble" has a perfect location to explore the city on foot.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Malmo
Shutterstock Editorial Dan_Manila

10. Malmö


Malmö is an open-minded, dynamic, creative and young destination since one out of two inhabitants of Malmö is under 30! The southernmost city of Sweden, Malmö is a destination facing the world and connected to neighbouring Denmark by one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe which connects this city to Copenhagen.


Malmö, being the southernmost Swedish destination, enjoys warmer temperatures than Stockholm. If you are reading this ranking, it is because you are open-minded yourself, take advantage of your stay in Malmö to visit Copenhagen, located 20 minutes away by train or car.


Book your flights to Malmo or Copenhagen, your accommodation in Malmo as well as your tours and activities in Sweden as a "Malmö: 2-Hour Romantic Walking Tour".


How to get there: Book your flights to Malmö.


Where to stay: "Elite Hotel Esplanade" is located beside the Lilla Torg Square in the heart of Malmö.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Marseille

11. Marseille 


With one of the largest numbers of different nationalities, shops from all over the world, restaurants with African, Asian, Indian flavours, colourful markets, typically Provencal or multicultural events, Marseille is the Mecca of multiculturalism in France.


Diversity is one of the fundamental ingredients of its identity, Marseille is plural, it is all about diversity, openness to the world. In Marseille you will find the spirit of entrepreneurship, the culture of diversity, sport, success, solidarity.


Marseille is a mix of past and future. In Marseille you will find everything, Marseille is the world, Marseille is a planet, Welcome to Planet Marseille.


Book your flights to Marseille, your accommodation in Marseille as well as your tours and activities in Marseille such  as a "Marseille: Calanques 5-Hour Cruise and Lunch".


How to get there: Book your flights to Marseille.


Where to stay: "Maison du Monde Hotel & Suites - Marseille Old Port". Overlooking the Old Port.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Tbilisi
shutterstock editorial Ukrolenochka

12. Tbilisi


The Capital of Georgia is one of the most open-minded and cosmopolitan destinations in Europe. For centuries Jews, Muslims and Catholics have lived together in this incredible capital of great cultural and architectural richness (don't miss visiting its Opera, castle, synagogue and  sublime mosque or even the intriguing "Leaning Clock  Tower",…).


Tbilisi is also a popular destination for young couples, food and wine lovers and Instagrammers (every place in the city will blow up your Instagram account).


Awarded by Forbes USA as one of the safest destinations in Europe, Tbilisi is an extraordinary destination blending modernity and tradition. People also come here for hydrotherapy (Tbili means "warm/hot" in Georgian), religious tourism (visit the Metekhi church) or to see incredible vintage cars circulating in the city.


The Mayor of Tbilisi, a former International Football player who played in Milan, is one of the stakeholders of this multiculturalism, of this city open to the world, modern, respectful of its past and looking to the future.


There are only good reasons to visit Tbilisi this year.


Book your flights to Tbilisi, your accommodation in Tbilisi as well as your tours and activities in Tbilisi such as a "Tbilisi: Old Town Walking Tour".


How to get there: Book your flights to Tbilisi and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Piano Borracho Boutique Hotel Old Tbilisi" is situated 1.7 km from Freedom Square.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Rijeka
meandering images

13. Rijeka


To be an Open-minded destination is to choose openness to others, the choice of tolerance, diversity and cultural richness. Rijeka is one of the most open-minded destinations in the Mediterranean basin.


European Capital of Culture, it has chosen to carry a message of tolerance and solidarity through unifying events. The Mayor of Rijeka reflects the mentality of the inhabitants of Rijeka. Like him, they are turned towards the world and towards the future.


Proof of its anti-fascist commitment, the city of Rijeka opened its investiture ceremony as "European Capital of Culture" with the anti-fascist song "Bella Ciao".


Because it chooses tolerance, remembrance and the celebration of diversity, Rijeka is one of the best open-minded cities in Europe.


Book your flights to Rijeka, your accommodation in Rijeka as well as your tours and activities in Rijeka as a "From Rijeka: Golden Island of Krk Tour".


How to get there: Book your flights to Rijeka.


Where to stay: "Hotel Jadran". Situated on the coast. 1km from the centre.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe Birmingham
Shutterstock Editorial Shanae Ennis-Melhado

14. Birmingham

England - UK

Birmingham is famous for its Christmas Market, considered one of the best Christmas Market in the UK, but Birmingham is also obviously known for its rich diversity of cultures.


This destination will be perfect for art lovers because this great diversity is observable not only in the streets, markets, shops and restaurants of Birmingham but also in its world-renowned art galleries which exhibit the best of contemporary art from around the world. 


Fancy a good meal in Birmingham? There are restaurants from more than 30 different countries, Indian, Chinese, Ethiopian, French, Italian, Thai,... awaiting you. 


Craving for sweets? Did you know that the famous  "Cadbury" chocolate was born a few kilometres from Birmingham?


For a multicultural stay in one of the UK's most cosmopolitan cities book your flights to Birmingham, your accommodation in Birmingham as well as your tours and activities in Birmingham such as a "Birmingham: Haunted Birmingham City Exploration Game & Tour".


How to get there: Book your flights to Birmingham.


Where to stay: "Block Hotel Birmingham". Offering ultra-modern decor.


Best open-minded destinations in Europe

15. Zurich


Considered one of the safest cities in Europe but also, less known, as one of the quietest cities and one of the cities with the best quality of life, Zurich is also very often top ranked as one of the best places to live and work in Europe.


Multicultural destination with obvious influences from Italy, Germany, France, Zurich attracts people from all over the world who come to work in finance or launch their start-up projects taking advantage of the many advantages offered by Switzerland to companies and start-ups.


A 100% Cosmopolitan but also 100% Swiss city, Zurich is a good choice for a cosmopolitan holiday in the vibrant heart of Switzerland.


Book your flights to Zurich, your accommodation in Zurich as well as your tours and activities in Zurich such as a "Zurich: Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum Entry Ticket".


How to get there: Book your flights to Zürich.


Where to stay: "Motel One Zurich". Stay in the heart of Zürich.



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