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Ebro Delta National Park tourism spain

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It is scenery of a great biological richness that receives a diversity of fauna and flora of an inestimable value. With 320 km2 of surface, The Natural Park of Ebro Delta constitutes the most extensive aquatic habitat of the Catalan lands (Spain) and represents a place of vital importance within wetlands of the Mediterranean.


The uniqueness of the Ebro Delta is expressed by its physical reality, geographic, natural and also, by its particular traditions, the culture, the architectural heritage and the history.


The Natural park of Ebro Delta is a privileged place,  for the attractive of its natural beaches and the coast that invite to the rest and the relaxation, as for the discovery of the sustainable tourism experiences, with a wide range of interesting and original activities that can be performed personally or guided and so, enjoy the landscapes resources, the nature and the culture.

Ebro Delta

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in the Ebro Delta National Park


The 70% of the world population of the rare Corsican seagull is produced in the Ebro Delta. The exotic Greater Flamingo can be counted by thousands. From the Purple Gallinule to the Little bittern neither quantity nor quality are saved.


We can watch the birds during all the year seasons, with flocks of birds, both residents as reproductive, migration in spring and autumn full of surprises and in winter, aquatic areas full of life.

You can go on your own or accompanied by a professional guide from one of the different companies dedicated to this task, in the Ebro Delta you will have the possibility of watching fascinating and multiple kind of birds. 

There are many establishments who have the service of lending binoculars and field guides.  


Birdwatching Elbro Delta


The Ebro Delta is an ideal space for cycling trips in a quiet way and without much physical effort. You will enjoy the scenery accompanied by your partner, your friends or your family. The land disposition, completely flat, makes of this one of the best transport means to travel around the delta, with its lagoons, paddies and lookouts.

Pedalling, families and friends groups also can travel along the old train line of the Zafan Valley, the greenway of the High Land and the Low Ebro.



Cycling Elbro Delta

Culture and traditions

Make known the traditions, the culture, the architectural heritage and the history of the Ebro Delta is the objective of the museums and the interpretation centres, which you can visit in the Ebro Delta. The Museum of the Ebro Lands is one of the centres of reference, treasures samples about archaeology, the history and the natural environmental. But in the Delta also you can enjoy of other exhibition spaces and of divulgation about the construction of barracas, the rice cultivation, thE defense towers  or the  Sea Museum.

The traditional festivals of the Ebro Delta are witness of their folklore and the permanence of the traditions. One of the central elements of the Local Festivals is the popular oxen, and without forgetting the great protagonist: The Jota (typical dance) sung. Also the music bands, heiresses of former military formations and generated by the flows of Valencian workers at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, determine a prolific unique musical culture in Catalonia.


Culture and traditions - Elbro Delta

Culinary traditions

Rices, black puddings, the fish soup, the sea food and the vegetables are the protagonists in the Ebro Delta cuisine, a rich gastronomy due to the variety of products grown, hunted or fished. In a good table “Ebrenca” you also can enjoy of the olive oil, the wine and the traditional desserts.


The cuisine of the Ebro Delta is a reflection of the Mediterranean landscape. This is a diverse and balanced diet, the food of the orchard shares the prominence with the one of the sea. Part of the quality products more representative of the delta gastronomy are recognized with Protected Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication.


Culinary traditions Elbro Delta


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