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From 11th November to 17th December 2023 (only the weekends)




This year visit Govone Christmas Market, the Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Italy. Lights, colors and Christmas markets become main characters among Langhe, Roero and Monferrato territories Govone, Asti and San Damiano d'Asti are hosting the seventeenth edition of the “Magical Christmas Village”, widespread event in Piedmont area, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

From iconic Santa's House to a full immersion experience back in the nineteenth-century style Christmas, at the Royal Castle of Govone, from the living nativity scene in San Damiano to Asti Christmas market (among the top 10 christmas markets in Europe).


A unique experience that takes you back to the most authentic Christmas spirit. From the 11th November to 17th December 2023, the appointment with the "Magical Christmas Village" is renewed, widespread event in Langhe, Roero and Monferrato area – Piedmont -, included by the European Best Destinations portal within the 10 most attractive Christmas markets in Europe.


Protagonists of the typical Christmas atmosphere - amidts lights, colours, fairies and elves - will be the suggestive village of Govone and its Royal Castle, where Santa Claus has his residence, the city of Asti, with its famous Christmas market and San Damiano d'Asti which will host the Living nativity scene. A corner of Piedmont with a great food and even greater wine culture and tradition, whose landscape has been elected World Heritage Site, where for 6 weekends it will be possible to

experience the most authentic Christmas spirt.


Now at its seventeenth edition, the "Magical Christmas Village" is one of the most eagerly awaited and evocative events nationwide, an expression of a tourism that is increasingly gaining approval from our compatriots: on average 7 out of 10 Italians usually visit Christmas market.




The small but enchanting village of Govone is located right on top of one of the many Roero hills, with its Unesco World Heritage castle, vineyards, fields and the impression of being transported far in time and space, until you reach the “Govonia”, the residence of Santa Claus and the elven court. Here, starting from the 18th of November, the picturesque village opens its doors to Santa's House, set up inside the evocative Royal Castle where musicals and entertainment will recreate a fairytale

atmosphere. It will be possible to meet Santa Claus himself and his cute and irreplaceable elves, busy with Christmas preparations and on learning the secrets to become Santa's real helpers.


Eventually, to offer entertainment that satisfies even those who are less inclined to classic animations, it will also be possible to enter in the House of Savoy rooms for a time journey that leads visitors to meet the nineteenth-century culture inherent the Christmas period and admire, at the same time, the magnificent halls of the manor, which have survived almost intact to the present day.




This year, based on the success achieved with light installations in previous editions, a new and evocative installations will also be placed in Govone which will put visitors into a magical fantastic bubble inside Langhe, Monferrato and Roero. In addition to the 17 meters comet, the reindeer sleigh and the selfie frame from the castle belvedere, the 2023 event will include the installation of further three-dimensional subjects. In this way it will be possible to maintain a high stay even in the early evening, giving the possibility to admire the beauty of the Christmas lights in a unique context such as the park of the Royal Castle of Govone.





There will be four appointments that will take place in the city of San Damiano d'Asti starting from the 3rd of December, until the end of the event, which will see the living Nativity scene as the main attraction, now in its 14th edition. In the evocative historic cellars of the town, among courtyards, cobbled alleys and underground passages, a procession of wayfarers will brign visitors to discover the re-enactment of the nativity with scenes of ancient crafts and traditional characters. The Magi Kings, carpenters and merchants will be the character who will recreate a Nativity scene in living form and will accompany visitors of all ages through the historic streets of the town, where it will be possible to discover the crafts and customs of the past by making a few stops between tavern and pleasant places to eat.


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Agriturismo Monbertola

The Christmas market is 1.5km away

The b & b offers a continental or buffet breakfast



La Granda agrirelax 

The Christmas market is 4.4km away

Mountain/Garden view



Locanda Marchesi Alfieri

The Christmas market is 2.5km away

Set in the historic centre of San Martino Alfieri


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The Christmas Musical

Govone Christmas Market

Every day in the scenographic Savoy royal castle of Govone, on the top of the village, takes place the amazing musical show of Santa Claus, an original performance that changes every year. Hundreds of live actors perform the musical every quarter of hour for the visitors, and at the end of every performance the public can meet the real Santa Claus. 


The Christmas Market

Govone Christmas Market

One hundred of artisans selected all over Italy sell their items in the beautiful Christmas market in Govone. Here you can find objects, toys, gift ideas and – obviously – the best tipical Italian food.


The Old town

Govone Christmas Market

Govone is a wonderful town into the hills of Langhe-Roero, the wine region in Piedmont – Unesco World Heritage Site. Here you can see the magic of the street made of stones, of the ancient houses and, above all, of its wonderful Savoy royal castle, that dominates the village from the top of the hill.


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