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Hotels in Segovia

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One hour drive from Madrid (two hours by train), Segovia is one of the most beautiful destinations in Spain. Famous for its Aqueduct but also for its castle, (which inspired Walt Disney - Sleeping Beauty). Segovia is also known for its Cathedral overlooking the old town and its Jewish quarter. The city is a perfect destination for couples or simply lovers of history and medieval cities.


Book your flights to Madrid (2h by car), your accommodation at the best price and your tours and activities in Segovia such as a "From Madrid day trip to Segovia with walking tour" to explore the monuments of the historic city or a "Segovia : Hot Air Balloon Ride with Optional Pickup Service".


How to get there: Book your flights to Madrid (2h by train).


Where to stay: 'Hotel Infanta Isabel' situated in Plaza Mayor.


Best hotels

in Segovia


Hotel Cetina Palacio

Hotel Cetina Palacio  ★★

Segovia’s famous aqueduct is just 2 minutes’ walk

Offers luxurious, country-style rooms



Infanta Isabel

Infanta Isabel ★★★★

The Hotel is set in Plaza Mayor

Most rooms feature views of Plaza Mayor



Áurea Convento Capuchinos

Convento Capuchinos  ★★★★

Situated in the best rated area in Segovia

Wellness center with massage treatments



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