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Best beaches in Germany

Best Beaches in Germany

Germany does not always come to mind as a must-see destination among travellers looking for the best beaches in Europe. Many forget that the north of Germany offers miles of coastline with incredible fine sandy beaches.


Its wild and natural coasts are bathed either by the North Sea in the North-West or by the Baltic Sea in the North-East. Discover Amrun, Hiddensee, Sylt and their wild beaches. Take your pick and discover the best beaches in Germany.


Travel more for less by booking your flights and accommodation at the best price as well as your tours and activities in Germany.


Best Beaches in Germany - Hiddensee Beach - Copyright Pawel Kazmierczak- European Best Destinations
©Pawel Kazmierczak

Hiddensee Beach

Hiddensee Island

Hiddensee Island will leave you speechless. This magnificent island, located just a few kilometres from Poland, has been car-free for ten years now. All the more reason to explore this little hidden paradise.


How to get there: Book your flights to Rostock and get to Stralsund by car (1h) or by train. There are several ferry crossings per day that connect Stralsund to Hiddensee Island. Please note, the ferry crossing is only possible from April to October (the crossing lasts 1.5 hours).


Where to stay: "Hotel Enddorn Appartment" located a few minutes by bike from the beach.



Best beaches in Germany - Sellinn Ruegen - Copyright ThomBal - European Best Destinations

Sellinn Ruegen Beach

Rügen Island

Sellin is a beautiful seaside resort located in the North East of Germany, not far from the island of Hiddensee. Sellin Beach is ranked among the most beautiful beaches in Europe and its pier among the most beautiful in Europe.


Its 400m wooden jetty was completely rebuilt in 1998; pretty woven wicker beach chairs are typical of this particular beach.

Book your hotel or apartment at the best price on the island of Rügen, your flights, tours and activities in Germany. Did you know that Albert Einstein used to spend his holidays in Sellin?


How to get there: Book your flights to Rostock (1h) or Berlin (3h) and reach Stralsund by train or by car. Just cross the bridge (for a fee) and get to Rügen Island. 


Where to stay: "Hotel Bernstein" offers a large spa and a gourmet restaurant. 


Best beaches in Germany - Amrum beach - Copyright canadastock - European Best Destinations

Amrumer Strand

Amrum Island

 If you like wild beaches and long walks in wide open space, Amrumer strand is definitely the beach for you.

Didn't expect to find such beautiful beaches in Germany? The country has several islands including Rügen, Usedom, Sylt and Amrum.


How to get there: Book your flights to Cologne and reach Dagebüll by train or car, then board the ferry to Amrun. Several ferries run daily from Dagebüll to Amrum.


Where to stay: Hotel "Ual Öömrang Wiartshüs" is located about ten minutes’ walk from the beach.


Best beaches in Germany - Juist beach - Copyright  Stefan Bernsmann - European Best Destinations
© Stefan Bernsmann

Juist Beach

Juist Island

Located on the border with the Netherlands, the island of Juist is the second largest island in Germany. The island is heavenly and car-free. You can get around on foot, by bike or on horseback in this little paradise lost in Northern Germany.


Juist Island is one of Germany's hidden treasures. Book your flights and your accommodation at the best price as well as your tours and activities in Germany.


How to get there: Book your flights to Bremen or Groningen (Netherlands) and reach the city of Norddeich-Mole (1h30 by car, 2h by train). From there, you can easily reach the island of Juist by ferry.


Where to stay: "Strandhotel Juister Hof" located on the sandy beaches of Juist. 


Best beaches in Germany - Sylt Beach - Copyright Anna K Mueller - European Best Destinations
©Anna K Mueller

Sylt Beach

Sylt Island

Sylt is one of the last German islands in the northwest of Germany, a few kilometres from the border with Denmark. Of the ten German islands, Sylt is the largest with almost 100 km2 in area.


This "bohemian chic" seaside resort is popular with Hamburgers who come here to spend weekends with their family.


How to get there: Book your flights to Hamburg and explore Sylt by car or train (4h30 by car, 4h30 by train - Westerland terminus).


Where to stay: Do you want to wake up facing the sea? Book your room at the "Hotel Miramar". The hotel also has a spa and an indoor swimming pool.


Best beaches in Germany - St Peter Ording - Copyrignt Wolfgang Zwanzger - European Best Destinations
©Wolfgang Zwanzger

St Peter Ording Beach

Sankt Peter-Ording

Sankt Peter-Ording is a popular seaside resort for both German and Danish travellers as it is located a few kilometres from the Danish border. Peace, nature, pure sea air, await you for a holiday on one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany.


How to get there: Book your flights to Hamburg and reach Sankt Peter-Ording by car (1h30) or by train via Husum station (2h).


Where to stay: "Hotel Zweite Heimat” located 2 minutes’ walk from the beach.


Best beaches in Germany - Usedom Beach copyright Usedom - European Best Destinations


Usedom Island

Usedom is a beautiful seaside resort located in the north east of Germany. This peninsula has a peculiarity: it belongs to both Germany and Poland.


It is a perfect destination for people looking for tranquillity, beautiful beaches and sun. One more reason to spend your holidays in Usedom? This seaside resort is Germany’s sunniest destination.


How to get there: Book your flights to Rostock (2 hours by car) or Berlin (3 hours). You can even land in Poland, in Szcezin (2 hours’ drive).


Where to stay: If you want to stay on the German side of the island, we advise you to book your hotel in Heringsdorf, if you want to stay on the Polish side of the island, book your hotel in "Swinoujscie".



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