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World of Discoveries

Interactive Museum

After a walk on the banks of Ribeira you may want to discover more about the history of Portugal. Learning about those discoveries will help you understand the past of the country, its history, its roots. World of discoveries is a fascinating museum, interactive, fun and very interesting. Forget the little grunt informative signs, you will learn a lot of things without even realizing it. The history of Portugal, how boats were built and what life is like on a boat, the history of discoveries, of trade with Asia, Africa and the Americas , the discovering of new civilizations, of new animals and plants that  deeply changed the way we live in Europe (the introduction of potatoes will lead to the agricultural revolution that will lead to the industrial revolution )... an exciting day that continues in the museum shop which is itself a success. The products are related to the museum and the merchandisisng is very clever.


The cherry on the cake ? A visit to the restaurant (it is also possible to go straight to it). It offers traditional Portuguese food but also Brazilian, African and Asian buffet.


The entrance is  14 euros (adults) and 10 euros (children).


We recommend this museum to those who want to learn a little bit more about the history of Portugal, a history of discoveries that have changed the world. 


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