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Most romantic destinations for valentien day in Europe

Most Romantic Destinations for Valentine Day in Europe

Do you want to offer your loved one a romantic trip for Valentine's Day to a special destination for lovers? Of course you can go to classic romantic cities like Venice, Budapest, Prague, but you can also surprise your loved one with a more original and authentic romantic getaway, a tailor-made trip for your other half.


How about spending your Valentine's Day in the sun, on one of the most beautiful islands in the world? You can also fly over heart-shaped islands in Croatia or just declare your love by taking a walk along the heart-shaped road through the vineyards of Slovenia.


Live your love and stay in the best destinations for a Valentine’s Day in Europe and treat yourself to a romantic getaway.


MOst romantic destinations for valentine day copyright Madeira Turismo Andre Carvalho  - European Best Destinations
Andre Carvalho

1. Porto Santo

Madeira Islands - Portugal

Madeira is a destination that makes us all dream: exotic fruits, lush vegetation, sumptuous hotels, outdoor activities in unspoiled nature... Shopping in the old town centre of Funchal, spending lazy afternoons on the most beautiful beaches of Madeira or making mini road trips to discover the archipelago's most beautiful viewpoints is what you can also do in Madeira.


In addition to your romantic stay in the most beautiful island in the world (World Travel Award), offer your loved one an extra, the icing on the cake: a romantic stay of a few extra nights in Porto Santo. Porto Santo is the smallest inhabited island in the Madeira archipelago. You arrive on the island by direct flight or via ferry or plane from the main island of Madeira. Porto Santo is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and its turquoise waters. 


Porto Santo is a perfect choice for a romantic getaway in the sun. Its golden sand beaches and its many high-quality hotels with Spa & Wellness are renowned the world over, in particular for their Porto Santo sand treatments and its rare therapeutic properties. On Christophe Colomb’s island, you will spend your days walking on the beach, swimming, having good meals on  terrace restaurants and enjoy a magnificent sunset. Treat yourself to an unforgettable and incomparable romantic trip to Porto Santo on Valentine's Day. Come and discover an island where tranquility reigns supreme!


How to get there: Book your direct flights to Porto Santo or your flights to Funchal + 1 domestic flight or a ferry crossing (daily departures).


Where to stay: There is a wide variety of exceptional wellness hotels in Porto Santo. Make your choice by applying the criteria that matter most to you such as hotel with sea view, swimming pool and spa.


Most romantic Valentine Day destinations in Europe -  Opatija-copyright--xbrchx-- European Best Destinations

2. Opatija

Kvarner - Croatia

Kvarner really has a crazy charm and Opatija is one of the gems of this region. Since the 19th century this coastal resort has attracted the most demanding travellers. Opatija is truly unique, it is a mix between Geneva (for the classy and elegant side), Monaco (for its beautiful hotels), but also Lake Como for its magnificent "Lungomare" promenade that snakes along the coastline.


Some magnificent villas and hotels are surrounded by exotic gardens, harmony is everywhere in Opatija, an elegant destination with a long tourist tradition. Like the sirens' chant, it is hard to resist to the beauties and riches of Opatija. The contrasts of sea and mountains, green parks and blue ocean make Opatija the perfect destination for a romantic getaway for Valentine in Europe.


Destination Wellness, Gastronomy, Beach, Nature and relaxation, Opatija has seduced the aristocrats of the Astro-Hungarian monarchy as it will seduce you.


This year, for Valentine’s day, treat yourself to an unforgettable stay in Opatija. Need another reason to visit Opatija? Opatija is world famous for its chocolate makers. Crunch a piece of chocolate and celebrate your love in Opatija.


How to get there: Book your flights to Rijeka (30 min by car or taxi) or Pula Airport (1h15) or even Zagreb (2h).


Where to stay: Select your criteria such as rooms with sea view, swimming pool,... and find the room that suits you in Opatija.


Most romantic Valentine Day destinations in Europe - Heart Shapped in Slovenia Copyright  iStock -  Przemysław Iciak   - European Best Destinations
©iStock - Przemysław Iciak

3. Shaped Heart Route 

Spicnik - Stjerska Region - Slovenia

For Valentine's Day, book your stay in a country that combines nature and gastronomy and offers breathtaking landscapes. 


On your arrival at Ljubjana airport you pick up your car, a little red convertible which roars like your beating hearts and go on a road trip on the romantic roads of Slovenia.


Only 1h30 from the capital, Ljubljana and 20 minutes by car from the very pretty town of Maribor, discover one of the most romantic places in Europe. 


The Štajerska region is known for its beautiful vineyards and the quality of its exceptional wines. To explore this heart-shaped road you will stop at the following address: Špičnik 1 Vina Šerbinek, 2201 Zgornja Kungota.


It is on Valentine's Day, when the vineyards are stripped from their leaves that we can best observe the heart shaped romantic road. You will have the opportunity to stop nearby to taste local wines while enjoying this exceptionally romantic panorama.


Book your flights to Ljubjlana or Maribor as well as your accommodation and tours and activities in Slovenia for a romantic Valentine's Day getaway in Europe. 


How to get there: Book your flights to Ljubjana (1h30 by car) or Maribor (30 min). 


Where to stay: "Farm Stay Jarc Vineyard" located on a hill overlooking the vineyards.


Most romantic destinations for Valentine day in Europe - Strasbourg mon amour copyright Vincent Muller - European Best Destinations
©Strasbourg mon amour copyright Vincent Muller

4. Strasbourg

Alsace - France

For many years, the capital of Alsace has been wearing the colours of love in February and has welcomed lovers from all over the world. The "Strasbourg mon amour" Festival consists of concerts, whole evenings dedicated to slows, the dance of lovers. “Strasbourg mon amour” is also a cultural program and events exclusively dedicated to love await you each year on Valentine's Day in Strasbourg, one of the most romantic destinations in Europe.


Book your flights and accommodation in Strasbourg as well as your tours and activities such as a "Full-day Highlights of the Alsace Tour from Strasbourg".


How to get there: Book your flights to Strasbourg or Basel (30 min by car or public transport).


Where to stay: "Boma Easy Living Hotel" is set in the heart of Strasbourg, 300 m from "La petite France".


Most romantic destinations for Valentine Day in Europe - Burano copyright fokke-baarssen - European Best Destinations

5. Burano

Venecia - Italy

Venice is the city of love but you fancy a romantic getaway away from the crowds? Find your love nest on the island of Burano and treat yourself to a romantic and unique Valentine's Day. If Venice seduces lovers from all over the world for its extraordinary architecture, its sumptuous palaces and monuments, Burano is made for those who do not need gilding to love each other.


This former fishing village is incredibly colourful and charming. The fishermen of Burano used to paint their houses with the rest of the paint cans they used for their fishing boats. The colours chosen were often very showy for safety reasons. They had to be visible from afar when thick mist enveloped Venice and its surroundings.


Forget about big hotels and palaces: Burano has a range of simpler accommodation such as airbnbs and unpretentious restaurants but very good and often cheaper than in Venice.


Book your flights to Venice, your accommodation in Burano and your activities and tours in Venice such as a "Venice: Murano, Burano and Torcello Boat tour".


How to get there: Book your flights to Venice Airport and your transfer to the embarkation docks. One vaporreto lines runs from Venice to Burano: the 12 (50 min / 7 €).


Where to stay: "Night Galleria - bed & art", stay in a colourful house in Burano.


Most romantic Valentine day destinations in Europe - Dinard Copyright A. Lamoureux  - European Best Destinations
©A. Lamoureux

6. Dinard

Brittany - France

Brittany is terribly romantic for a Valentine's Day stay. This is even more true for the Breton coasts and the very popular town of Dinard. Renowned for its wellness & spa hotels and its thalassotherapy offer, Dinard is a destination of choice for lovers who want to be pampered for Valentine's Day.


Located on the Emerald Coast, Dinard enjoys a mild climate throughout the year and magnificent beaches, perfect for a romantic stroll. In the evening you can have a nice meal in your hotel restaurant or outside in one of the many restaurants by the sea.


Do not miss to taste a Breton crêpe,( salty or sweet), they are light, perfect before a night of love. 


How to get there: Book your flights to Dinard / St Malo Airport or Rennes Airport (55 min by car) or even Nantes (2h20). 


Where to stay: "Castelbrac Hotel & Spa" features a gastronomic restaurant.


Most romantic valentine day destinations in Europe - Galesnjak - Copyrignt xbrchx - European Best Destinations

7. Galesnjak Island

Pasman Canal - Adratic - Croatia

Croatia is a perfect destination for a romantic holiday on Valentine's Day. If Hvar is renowned as one of the best destinations for a honeymoon in Europe, Galesnjak Island, this heart-shaped island, is ranked among the best places to propose in Europe.


This heart-shaped island is located near Nin, another Croatian destination that you have ranked among the best romantic destinations and Best sustainable romantic destinations in Europe. Everything here is love.


You have 2 options: discover this heart-shaped island by boat or by airplanes with panoramic overflight including an overflight of Zadar, the island of Love and Kornati archipelago.


Book your flights to Zadar and book your room in the most beautiful hotel in Zadar, the "Heritage Hotel Bastion" as well as your activities in Zadar such as "flying over Galesnjak Island".


Don't miss the sunset in Zadar, Alfred Hitchcock said in 1964 that it was the most beautiful sunset in the world, and he was right.


How to get there: Book your flights to  Zadar (30 minutes by car) or Zagreb (4 hours)


Where to stay: "Heritage Hotel Bastion" where celebrities such as Alfred Hitchcock stayed.


Most romantic Valentine Day destinations in Europe Oia - Santorini - Copyright kavalenkava  - European Best Destinations

8. Oia

Santorini Archipelago - Greece

Oia is the authentic village of Santorini Archipelago. Its colourful houses, its steep alleys, make it one of the most romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day in Europe.


Its houses carved into the rock will form a perfect cocoon to welcome your beloved. In the evening you can enjoy a catamaran cruise to watch the sunset, sip  champagne and say « I love you » .


Oia Castle is also a great place to watch romantic and unforgettable sunsets. 


How to get there: Book your flights to Santorini Airport or Paros Airport or even Mykonos Airport (+ ferry or domestic flight). 


Where to stay: "Kaleidoscope Oia Suites" is perfect for couples.


Most romantic destinations for valentine day in Europe - Mijas -  copyright Alexander-Tihonov  - European Best Destinations

9. Mijas

Andalucia - Spain

Do you want a sunny Valentine's Day? Book your flights to Malaga Airport and discover Mijas, one of Spain's most romantic destinations. Whether in a horse-drawn carriage or on foot, you walk hand in hand through the typical alleys of this small town which offers breathtaking views over the entire region.


This typical Andalusian white village (Pueblo Blanco) is very special with the many pots of geraniums and other colourful flowers that are cared for by the people of Mijas. Mijas is a good choice for a romantic getaway on Valentine's Day. In February this small mountain village is very quiet and you can enjoy beautiful sunny days, restaurants and accommodation at affordable prices. Mijas is located just 15 minutes drive from Malaga airport.


How to get there: Book your flights to Malaga Airport (15 min by car) as well as your transfer and your tours and activities in Andalucia such as a "Mijas: half-day tour with food and wine tasting".


Where to stay: "TRH Mijas" is a charming Andalusian style hotel with an outdoor pool and sauna.


Most Romantic destinations for Valentine day in Europe - Polperro - Copyright Tanasut-Chindasuthi - European Best Destinations

10. Polperro

Cornwall - England

This small village in Cornwall is one of the best destinations for a romantic getaway. A 50 minutes' drive from Plymouth Airport, Polperro is a small fishing village which is becoming a popular destination for lovers, art lovers, nature lovers, gastronomy and of course for those who want a Valentine's Day facing the sea.


Many artists have lived in this village in Cornwall and painted its quiet and peaceful life. You will certainly meet a few, painting outdoors  or exhibiting in one of Polperro's many small art galleries. Maybe you will bring a lovely painting home with you to remind you of that romantic stay in one of the best destinations for Valentine’s day.


How to get there: Book your flights to Plymouth (50 min by car), 2 hours by train) and accommodation at the best price in Polperro. 


Where to stay: Claremont Hotel” with an excellent location in Polperro. 


Most romantic destinations in Europe - Varenna Lake Como copyright Reddit - European Best Destinations

11. Varenna

Lake Como - Italy

Lake Como is one of the favourite places for celebrities on holiday. One of them loves this place so much that he got married there. Guess who? Georges Clooney. If he's not a heart left to take, neither are you! Enjoy a romantic stay in one of Italy's most romantic destinations, Lake Como.


With its many 4 and 5 star hotels you can be pampered like a Hollywood star and treat yourself to little extras such as spa treatments or a boat tour on the lake Como or a private cooking class in Como to discover all the secrets of Italian gastronomy.


How to get there: Book your flights to  Milan (1h30 by car, 1h20 by public transport) or Bergamo Airport (1h30). 


Where to stay: "Hotel Olivedo" is a lakefront hotel located 2 minute walk from the pier in Varenna. 


Most romantic destinations for valentine day in Europe - Marinha heart in Lagoa - Copyright Algarve Tips - European Best Destinations
©Algarve Tips

12. Hidden Heart - Praia da Marinha 

Lagoa - Algarve - Portugal 

 What if the good idea for Valentine's Day was to avoid destinations that everyone thinks of like Paris, Florence and Prague and try to be more original. THE good travel plan is often to travel unlike others. For Valentine's Day, forget about the great  inevitable romantic destinations. They are 2 to 3 times more expensive because the demand is very high. Think outside the box. The Algarve is a good choice for a romantic holiday on Valentine's Day.


For a much more affordable price than during the high tourist season (summer), you can stay in a magnificent hotel, villa or tourist apartment in the Algarve. To be honest we passed this place ten times without seeing it and then one day we could see a heart appear, formed by the rocks, the ocean and two arches. It was just magic.


Book your flights to Faro and your cheapest accommodation in Lagoa where Praia da Marinha is located. There are hundreds of unique experiences to be had on Valentine's Day.


How to get there: Book your flights to Faro as well as your transfer and accommodation in the Algarve.


Where to stay: "Monte Santo Resort" this 5 stars has 6 outdoor swimming pool and offers spa facilities.


Most romantic destinations for Valentine Day in Europe - Copyright Tricky_Shark  - European Best Destinations

13. Sveti Stefan 


This small fortified island is today one of the most romantic getaway for a Valentine’s Day in Europe. Treat yourself to a one-to-one stay with your loved one this year.


Located 5km from Budva and not far from Kotor, ranked among the most beautiful destinations in Europe, this islet has become one of the most exceptional and exclusive 5-star hotel resort on the Adriatic Coast. This resort also has a villa on the mainland and private beaches for hotel guests.


Whether you are a celebrity looking for a little privacy or lovers who want a cozy nest and an exceptional setting to celebrate their love, this place is for you. Several wellness programs await you as well as numerous restaurants, swimming pools and private beaches on this fortified Island today dedicated to lovers. Do not forget to treat yourself to a lazy afternoon on one of the three pink-sand beaches of this unique destination in the world.


How to get there: Book your flights to Tivat Airport (30 min).


Where to stay: Book your accommodation on the private island or at one of the many hotels in this romantic destination.


Most romantic destinations for valentine day in Europe - Copyright  RossHelen  - European Best Destinations
© RossHelen

14. Gdansk & Sopot


When we think of “romantic trip to Europe” we use to think of Paris, Budapest, Prague, Venice. Fortunately there is also an offer far from the beaten track and the crowds, an authentic and charming offer and at more affordable prices. For the price of a dreadful hotel room in Paris, you can treat yourself to a night in a sublime 5-star hotel in Gdansk and treat yourself to extras such as spa treatments, restaurants, shopping trips.


Gdansk is the perfect choice for a romantic city break combining culture, gastronomy, shopping, well-being. For a romantic holiday by the sea, book your stay in Sopot, a seaside resort located a 20-minute drive from Gdansk. You can combine the 2 destinations with 3 days in Gdansk and 3 days in Sopot for a romantic city break in Europe.


How to get there: Book your flights to Gdansk and your transfer.


Where to stay: If you are staying at Sopot "Sheraton Sopot Hotel" offers quiet rooms vith views of the sea. If you are staying in Gdansk "Hilton Gdansk" located in Gdansk's Old Town is perfec.


Most romantic destinations for valentine day in Europe - Lagh de Calvaresc Lake copyright  Mynewsdesk  - European Best Destinations

15. Lagh de Calvaresc Lake 

Rossa  - Hiking Path of Sentiero Calanca - Switzerland

On Valentine's Day, surprise your loved one: declare your love during a hike to discover the heart-shaped lake nestled in the Swiss Alps.


This mountain lake is heart-shaped when the water level is quite high (which is the case in February). This romantic lake is located in Rossa, a municipality of the Grisons.


Forget about this romantic plan if you are not used to hikes and are in poor physical condition. Let's say it's a good romantic plan for athletes and lovers of great outdoors. This hike has an estimated duration of 2h30 to 3h (from Rossa through Alpe Calvaresc)


The lake is on the 2nd stage of route no. 712 “Sentiero Alpino Calanca” from Wanderland Schweiz.


How to get there: Book your flights to Lugano (55 min by car) or Milan (1h45 by car).


Where to stay: "Hotel Bellevue" is a family-run hotel with a top location.


Most romantic destinations for Valentine day in Europe - Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Copyright Canadastock  - European Best Destinations

16. Rothenburg-Ob-der-Tauber


Lovers who want to celebrate their love in an exceptionally romantic and authentic place will fall under the spell of "Rothenburg ob der Tauber". This magnificent colourful medieval village and its timbered houses seem to have come out of a postcard.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber is also similar to the sublime city of Colmar in France. These cities were saved from bombardments and therefore, have retained their charming historic centres and their traditional shops, giving them a unique and authentic atmosphere. This beautiful medieval town in Bavaria is a must-see destination for travellers on the Romantic Road, a route that runs through the most beautiful destinations in Germany and which you have ranked among the best road trips in Europe.

Rothenburg-Ob-der-Tauber is one of the best romantic getaway for Valentine’s day in Europe.


Book your flights to Stuttgart or Frankfurt and set off by car or train to explore Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Extend the romance and book your room in a city centre hotel as well as your tours and activities, such as a day trip to Rothenburg from Frankfurt.


How to get there: Book your flights to Frankfurt (1h30 by car) or Stuttgart (1h45).


Where to stay: "Romantik Hotel Markusturm" located in medieval Rothenburg.


Most romantic destinations for Valentine day in Europe - Preveli beach in Crete - Copyright Georgios-Tsichlis  - European Best Destinations

17. Preveli Heart Rock

Preveli Beach - Rethymno - Crete

To make your love last as long as the centuries-old inhabitants of Crete, come and discover the heart-shaped rock on Preveli beach.


Crete is one of the favourite destinations of travellers looking for sun, hotels and affordable gastronomic restaurants or diet menus. The Cretan diet is also known as one of the best diets in the world: it promotes greater longevity and prevents cardiovascular diseases and disorders. Treat your heart by offering yourself a romantic stay in Crete for Valentine’s day.


Preveli beach is really atypical: it is located in a nature reserve, at the end of a canal where a river flows into the sea. You can choose whether to swim in fresh water or in the warmer sea water. Preveli beach, famous for its beautiful made to measure heart-shaped rock, is a place that will forever be engraved in your hearts.


Book your flights to Chania, your accommodation at the best price and your best experiences in Crete such as an "Olive oil experience tour" and taste different types of olive oils.


How to get there: Book your flights to Chania Airport or Heraklion Airport (1h30 hour by car from both airports).


Where to stay: "Gasparakis Bungalows & Villas" for their mountain and sea views.



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