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Hotels in Maastricht

From 28th November to 30th December 2024


Experience a magical winter in Maastricht


This winter, you can once again enjoy the breathtaking charm of Magical Maastricht in the Netherlands. With a grand winter event on Vrijthof square, Magical Light Routes, a rich cultural calendar, and the many restaurants and shops, you have plenty of reasons to visit this city for one or several days. Get ready for a magical winter.


Follow the lights


If you visit Maastricht between mid-November to mid-January, you will be welcomed by the cosy, charming lighting in the streets. The enchanting ribbon of light takes you through all of the neighbourhoods that make up Maastricht’s city centre, from trendy Wyck and modern Céramique to the industrial Sphinxkwartier and romantic Jekerkwartier neighbourhoods. The Magical Light Routes will guide you to the many historical, cultural, and culinary treasures that Maastricht has to offer. Of course, you will also pass the finest shops and boutiques along the way to do your Christmas shopping.


Immerse yourself in Magical Maastricht on Vrijthof square


The magic on Vrijthof square is not to be missed. In December, Vrijthof square will be completely enveloped in a magical winter atmosphere. In addition to a Ferris wheel, a nostalgic carousel, and an authentic Austrian Almhütte, there will be a square showcasing local products with more than 250 different products from the region. A new addition this year is the replica of the Sint Servaasbrug (St Servatius Bridge) over the large indoor skating rink. Just like in Paris, you can hang a padlock on the bridge as a romantic reminder of your stay. Basilica of St. Servatius (Sint Servaasbasiliek) located on the square will also be open. Here, visitors can light a candle and enjoy a moment of peace.


Be wowed by the culture


In Maastricht, you can do a different cultural activity every day. Examples include a beautiful concert, a special theatre performance, or an impressive exhibition. With cultural highlights such as the FASHIONCLASH festival (25-27 November) and the exhibition of German top photographer Werner Mantz at the Bonnefanten museum (until 26 February inclusive). As of 16 December, Stichting Cultura Mosae foundation will be showcasing musical performances and street theatre that are sure to amaze at various locations in the city.


Stay a night in a romantic setting


Maastricht is the place to meet and celebrate winter. A perfect opportunity for a midweek or weekend break. Spending the night in Maastricht will certainly be a magical experience. After a romantic stroll past the many lights and a delicious dinner, a comfortable bed awaits so that you can completely unwind. Have a lie-in before heading off to discover the city without a care in the world!


The above is just a selection of what you can expect during Magical Maastricht.



Hotels & Apartments

in Maastricht


Hotel Britannique ★★★★

The Christmas market is 200 m away

The rooms are decorated in a luxurious style



Bouteaque Hotel

The Christmas market is 400 m away

Great Food: Meals here are highly recommended



Fitz Roy Urban Hotel ★★★★

The Christmas market is 300 m away

This hotel has an excellent location score of 9.6


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