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The town called hot water “Nomen est Omen”, your name is your value, as the Romans thought. The name of the town means hot water, which in itself shows what is going on here. The world’s largest natural thermal lake that is suitable for swimming can be found here. A better reason is not needed to visit Hévíz.


Imagine a quiet, peaceful place amidst lush green forests where everything is about relaxation. A place where you can bathe amongst colorful water lilies in the gentle turquoise thermal water. A place centred to invigorate, revitalise and pamper you. Your imagination is reality in Hévíz!


Hévíz is a small town just 200 km away from Budapest and from Vienna. After Budapest, the most visited town in Hungary is Hévíz.


The roots of the bathing cure known today date back to 1795. Thanks to the knowledge, accumulated since then, hundreds of thousands have regained their health, so the Traditional Hévíz Therapy has become a trademark of the town. Traditional Hévíz Therapy is based on the medicinal water of Hévíz, which, due to its rich mineral content, is particularly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Its effectiveness is proved by recent medical researches as well as thousands of cured guests.


7 THINGS that make you fall in love with Hévíz:


1. Bathing amongst an array of white, pink and purple water lilies in the steaming thermal lake.

2. A refreshing massage with thermal mud in the pavilion floating on the lake. 3. Canoeing in the steamy warm water of the Hévíz stream on a frosty day in January.

4. Having a cool refreshing glass of ‘Cserszegi fűszeres’ wine in Egregy Hill, in close vicinity of the 800-year-old church.

5. Taking a winter swim in the 24°C thermal lake whilst big snowflakes fall around you.

6. Seeing a nest of the little grebe brooding amongst the water lilies of the thermal lake.

7. Participating in the costume parade of the annual ‘Happy Peacetimes’ event and wearing the most stylish costume.

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Bathing amongst water lilies

Water temperature ranges from 36 °C in summer to 24 °C in winter. The warm thermal lake is a special feature of Hévíz, which forms appropriate grounds for every kind of treatment and cures. It has been known for a long time that the water of Lake Hévíz is a remedy for a number of complaints, and many people can owe their recovery to the therapies carried out here. A million visitors a year, regular customer rate of 80 %, thousands of cured people in Hévíz, this is not a coincidence! The name of Hévíz is intertwined with healing and health preservation. 



Traditional Hévíz Therapy

The methods also used today are based on the medical traditions dating back to more than 220 years. The special ingredients of the medicinal water and mud and the effectiveness of the treatments and therapeutic systems built on them are proven by several researches. Lake Hévíz is unparalleled in the healing of patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. However, its special power, thanks to the rich mineral content, also contributes to the treatment of other diseases.



Professional wellness experiences

The lovers of healthy living may also choose from a wide range of traditional and high-tech wellness treatments, such as special sauna infusions, massages with herbals, oils, or even thermal mud, anti-aging and beauty ceremonies, fango, Cleopatra-bath, light and sound therapy baths and wellness pools. Near a hundred wellness and pampering packages available distilled from Hévíz’s 220-year-old spa culture. 



Farmers’ Market & Wine hill of Egregy

Evoking the old times, the Farmers’ Market is getting full of vendors every week. Visitors can meet the products of honey producers, pickles and juice makers, cheese and vegetable vendors. Fresh bread, sausages, home-made cakes can be even tasted. Egregy used to be a medieval village and it is famous for its gastronomic delicacies.The wine cellars built in between the rows of vines are magnets for the guests. This is a great place to enjoy a wine tasting event while listening to live folk music.



Sport & Nature adventures

However, while relaxing, everybody has a desire to participate in one or another active program, for example hot-air ballooning, hiking, biking, Nordic walking, horse riding, bird watching at “Kis-Balaton” National Park, Segway tours, golf and tennis courts, adventure parks. Lake Balaton is just an arm’s length away, where sailing, fishing, water ski, kite-surfing, windsurfing or E-boat tours are available.




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