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Coronavirus safest beaches in Europe

Coronavirus: Safest Beaches in Europe for a Summer Holiday in 2021

You have been staying at home for months and what you definitely need is space, fresh air, sun but also and above all a safe place for you and  your family.


The safest beaches in Europe (Covid-19) were selected on the basis of various criteria such as a lower number of severe cases of Covid-19, the size of the beaches and the number of  square metres available for each person on the beach. 


These destinations have also been selected on the basis of the large offer of private villas, tourist apartments, small or medium-sized hotels with specific health charter and commitments to travellers, such as cleaning and room disinfection service after each stay, respect for social distancing.


These destinations are also located near hospitals that have never been overcrowded during the crisis with an average of hospital beds per inhabitant above the European average.


From Portuguese beaches to Greek beach, discover the longest and safest beaches for a summer holiday in Europe. These beaches, some of which are over 100km long, are perfect for safe holidays: even at the peak of the season, keeping your distance will not be a problem.


Book from our range of small hotels, tourist apartments or private villas with swimming pools (choose the "free cancellation" option) as well as your flights and enjoy your holiday on the safest beaches in Europe.


Safest beaches in Europe - Porto Santo Beach - Copyright Cicero Castro - European Best Destinations
Copyright Cicero Castro

1. Porto Santo Beach

Porto Santo - Madeira Islands - Portugal

Madeira is considered to be one of the safest destinations this summer: some regions as The Azores, The Alentejo and The Algarve are relatively spared compared to the rest of Europe. Madeira is even the least affected region of Portugal.


After months of confinement it is a perfect destination to relax in nature. Madeira is an archipelago made up of several islands. There is Madeira, the main island but also other small islands like  Porto Santo. (5,500 inhabitants).


The golden sandy beaches of Porto Santo are world famous. In addition to being perfect for farniente, they are famous for the therapeutic virtues of its sand. This is called "Psammotherapy" (hot sands). Porto Santo Spa alternates seawater treatments and warm sand treatments; these are perfect for what you need most now.


How to get there: Book your flights to Funchal (Madeira) as well as your accommodation in Madeira or Porto Santo and your tours and activities such as a "From Funchal: Porto Santo 1-Day Cruise and Tour". You can reach the island by ferry (1 hour crossing from Funchal). There is also an international airport in Porto Santo with direct flights.


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Safest and longuest beaches in Europe - Praia Nova in the Algarve Copyright Steve Photography- European Best Destinations
Copyright Steve Photography

2. Praia Nova 

Porches - Lagoa - Algarve - Portugal

Almost untouched by covid-19 in recent months, the Algarve is one of the safest destinations in Europe with 8 times fewer severe cases per million inhabitants than hard-hit countries like Belgium. If we take the population of the Algarve and the number of serious cases (deaths), the region is even half as affected by Covid-19 than certain regions of Greece, which are already seen as a safe destination.


With one of the lowest population densities per km2 in Europe, the Algarve, like neighbouring Alentejo, has been less affected by Covid-19 than major European destinations. Fewer people per km2, clean air, beautiful walks along the Coast, unspoilt nature, this is what you will enjoy in this less touristic part of the Algarve.


Lagoa put measures in place very early to protect the local population and reduce the spread of Covid-19. Bringing together some of the most beautiful jewels of the Algarve such as the beaches of Cova Redonda or the beach of Praia Nova and its famous chapel, the beach of Marinha, the villages of Carvoeiro, Ferragudo, Porches,... Lagoa is probably one of the most beautiful Algarve destinations and one of the safest.


Need more inspiration? Discover our travel guide dedicated to Portugal and set off to meet the most beautiful castles in Portugal, the most beautiful beaches and the hidden gems of Portugal.


How to get there: Book your flights to Faro (40 min by car) as well as your transfer, your accommodation, (there are many villas with private pools but also tourist apartments and medium-sized hotels in Lagoa) as well as your tours and activities in Lagoa


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Safest and longuest beaches in Europe - Praia Grande - Lagoa - Ferragudo - Algarve - Portugal

3. Praia Grande

Ferragudo - Lagoa - Algarve

Your Safe holiday this summer will probably be in Lagoa. Lagoa has one of the best beaches in Portugal. This town brings together paradisiacal places like Carvoiero, Porches, Ferragudo, the Benagil cellars, the trail of the 7 hanging valley (awarded as the most beautiful hiking trail in Europe)


With many hotels and resorts on a human scale, but also many villas with swimming pools and a wide range of tourist apartments, Lagoa is the opposite of huge, anonymous seaside resorts . Rich in cultural, religious and gastronomic heritage Lagoa is also the capital of pottery and a paradise for nature lovers.


Ferragudo, one of the villages in the municipality of Lagoa, is a popular destination for travellers looking for beautiful beaches, restaurants, local shops and even artistic creation stores (jewelry, crafts, painting, ...). This former fishing village is one of the most charming places in the Algarve, a real postcard village.


Praia Grande, as the name suggests, is Ferragudo's largest beach. Accessible for people with reduced mobility and for families with strollers, it has a play area for children, a snack bar, umbrellas and deckchairs that can be rented for half a day or for the whole day ( at much more affordable prices than on any other coasts in Europe).


With nearby parking, toilets and even showers, Praia Grande is a  kilometre beach        (perfect for keeping social distances). The municipality of Lagoa has set up many standards to fight against Covid: it was one of the first cities in Europe to provide free masks to its inhabitants in spring  2020. It also set up tailor-made support for tourism professionals to welcome travellers in high-level sanitary conditions3


Need a final argument? Being sheltered, Praia Grande faces what can be called "a sea of oil", which means with very few waves and currents. It is also really reassuring for families with young children as the water is not deep over a large area . Want to feel safe this summer? Choose a holiday in Lagoa.


How to get there: Book your flights to Faro as well as your tours and activities such as a visit to Benagil cave.


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The Diamond beach in Martinique copyright dpVUE .images  Coronavirus Safest beaches in Europe
dpVUE .images

4. Dizac Beach

Le Diamant - Martinique 

These last few months have been hard and what you need most is to get away from it all,  rest in the sun, and admire breathtaking landscapes ? If you answered yes to all of these statements, Martinique is for you. With nearly 15 times fewer severe cases of Covid-19 than countries in Western Europe, Martinique is considered one of the safest destinations in Europe. A true dream destination, Martinique is also one of the best destinations for gourmet or sporting holidays, exceptional hikes on the island of flowers or unusual activities such as canyoning on the massifs of the Mount Pelée volcano or swimming with turtles and multicoloured fish and also to discover the seabed of this unique destination in the world. This 3 km long beach is located in the Municipality of "Le Diamant".


This island in the Lesser Antilles is a gentle blend of steep hills, paradisiacal beaches, exotic gardens, Caribbean shops and cafes. A true gift of nature, Martinique will seduce you with its spectacular natural landscapes. Up to 15 times less affected by Covid-19 than some countries in Europe, Martinique is a safe destination for a dream holiday in 2021.


How to get there: Book your flights to Fort de France (regular connections from major cities) as well as your accommodation and your tours and activities in Martinique.


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Safest and longuest beaches in Europe - Ribeira Grande Beach Sao Miguel copyright Mirelaro - European Best Destinations

5. Ribeira Grande Beach

Sao Miguel - Azores - Portugal

In 2021, Azores is one the safest, most surprising, and comfortable destination. In this new reality we’re in these 9 islands distinguish themselves by the security they offer: all visitors are tested before entering (tests can be made in their own country/region), preventing the spread of Coronavirus. In addition, this destination offers the safe distance that visitors need, many outdoor activities that are everything we want after being confined for so long, and the peace we need in such troubled times.


Nine different islands, which combine tradition and modernity, very special gastronomy and unique natural scenery that you cannot find anywhere else — at least once in our lives, we have to give ourselves the opportunity to pause real life and be dazzled by the work of Mother Nature, and always being well-received, sustainably, never against nature, always connected with it.


Need more inspiration? Discover our ranking of the best sustainable tourism activities to do in the Azores.


How to get there: Book your flights to Ponta Delgada (the main island of Sao Miguel) as well as your domestic flights to the different islands, your accommodation and your tours and activities in the Azores..


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Preveza - Monolithi Beach - Coronavirus Safest beaches in Europe - Copyright Pit-Stock

6. Preveza



That settles it! Greece will be your next destination this summer. It is one of the European countries least affected by  Coronavirus (up to 4 times less affected than Belgium). Greece has already taken many safety and health measures to ensure travellers a safe holiday. For example, air conditioner filters are changed after each stay and a distance of 4 metres is compulsory between each beach umbrella. If you are looking for THE safest destination in Europe, book your holiday in Preveza.


Monolithi beach, the main beach of Preveza, is 22Km long (13 miles) and up to 80 metres wide. This beach is the longest one in Europe; with its hundreds of thousands of square metres (+ 1,500,000m²) you won’t have to struggle to get a nice spot, fix your beach umbrella  and spend relaxing days in the sun; Monolithi beach is not the only one in Preveza, of course, there are many others too. 


Preveza is full of charm, preserved from big resorts. Tourist accommodation is on a human scale (villas, apartments, family hotels). Even in high season and even if all the accommodation was 100% full, you would still have tens of square metres just for you on one of the beautiful Preveza beaches.


Numerous safety and health measures in accommodation, shops and restaurants have already been taken in Preveza by the autorities. Preveza is probably the only sun destination in Europe with extremely long beaches, close to three hospitals and 10 minutes from the airport. Live your holiday in Preveza safe and free.


Known for its excellent value for money, Preveza is the anti St Tropez: hotel, restaurants and cafés charges are affordable and this summer the deckchairs are even free (and cleaned between each traveller). Greece has also cut taxes on flights, trains, buses and many services to make you spend less this summer.


How to get there: Book your flights to Aktion (10 min by car), your accommodation in Preveza and tours and activities in Greece.


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Safest beaches in Europe - Temae beach in Moorea copyright  dawnspring  - European Best Destinations
Copyright dawnspring

7. Temae Beach

Moorea - Tahiti Islands

This dream destination awaits you for a safe and relaxing holiday in 2021. With 3 times fewer severe cases of Covid-19 than Belgium and having been less affected than France (up to 3 times fewer deaths per million inhabitants), Tahiti is a perfect destination for a nature & safe holiday.


Tahiti will appeal to everyone. Hiking enthusiasts, scuba diving enthusiasts or lovers of relaxation and cocktails, with their feet in the water.


For an unforgettable dream trip you will combine your stay in Tahiti with a stay in Moorea. This beach is located in Faaone, on the east coast of Tahiti. It is spread over a length of 300 m. It is the longest and safest beach in French Polynesia.


During your stay you will discover the rich local gastronomy, the Tahitian culture and the lush nature and will not fail to dive into its crystal clear waters and sleep in its traditional lodges with your feet in the water.


For an unforgettable holiday combine a few nights in Papeete with a few unforgettable days to discover Moorea, Bora Bora,... the connections between the islands are regular and easy.


Book your flights to Papete as well as your accommodation at the best price in Tahiti and your tours and activities such as a private whale watching tour in Bora-Bora.


How to get there:  Book your flights to Papete (1 hour by car) as well as your accommodation and your tours and activities such as a private whale watching tour in Bora-Bora.


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Coronavirus Safest and longuest beaches in Europe -  Ghajn Tuffieha in Malta Copyright  imagesef  - European Best Destinations
Copyright imagesef

8.  Ghajn Tuffieha Beach 

Riviera bay beach - Malta

Did you know that Malta has more hospital beds per resident than Finland, Ireland or the United Kingdom? 


Knowing this what about diving into the turquoise water of the Mediterranean and discovering the treasures and riches of one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe? Lay your beach towel on Riviera bay beach or on one of the many other beaches in Malta. If you really want to distance yourself from the crowd this summer you can also book your stay in Gozo: the island is smaller than the main island and ideal for nature lovers,  hikers or scuba divers.


How to get there: Book your flights to Malta, your accommodation, tours and activities at the best price.


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Coronavirus Safest and longest beaches in Europe - Copyright Simon Dannhauer   - European Best Destinations
Copyright Simon Dannhauer

9. Halikounas beach

Corfu - Greece

Blessed by gods, Corfu is one of the greenest Greek islands, with exceptional flora and fauna. 


Greece is often mentioned as one of the safest destinations in Europe for Covid-19. Some specific measures have been taken such as social distancing on beaches, room disinfection, air conditioner replacement filters in rooms after each stay, temperature measurement on arrival at the airport, availability of masks and numerous hospital beds (Greece has more hospital rooms per capita than Ireland or the United Kingdom).


Just 40 minutes by car from Corfu Airport discover one of the most amazing and largest beaches on this dream island. Treat yourself to a paragliding ride and fly over this narrow and  long golden sandy beach.


How to get there:  Book your flights to Corfu, your accommodation (villas with pool, tourist apartment, guesthouse, hotels), as well as your tours and activities.  


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Safest and longuest beaches in Europe -  Olympos beach in Turkey - copyrightfotopanorama360 -  European Best Destinations
Copyright fotopanorama360

10. Olympos Beach

Cirali - Antalya - Turkey

Olympos beach is one of the longest and safest beaches in Turkey. Less frequented than some other beaches, it is popular with travellers looking for calm and serenity. Even during the high season (July and August) this beach is a haven of peace for those looking for relaxation, idleness or simply recharging their batteries in the middle of nature.

Çıralı is a small village located in the middle of a natural park, which explains why there are no big hotels and big buildings. It is a perfect destination for nature lovers, yoga and…. calm….


How to get there: Book your flights to Antalya (1h30) and your transfer online.


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