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Coronavirus safest beaches in Europe

Coronavirus: Safest Beaches in Europe for a Summer Holiday in 2021

You have been staying at home for months and you definitely need some space, fresh air, sun but also and above all a safe place for you and  your family.


The safest beaches in Europe (Covid-19) were selected on the basis of various criteria such as a lower number of Covid-19 at the time we are writing this article but also during the whole pandemic as well as charters and health measures taken by the authorities. 


These destinations have also been selected on the basis of the large offer of private villas, tourist apartments, small or medium-sized hotels with specific health charter and commitments to travellers, such as cleaning and room disinfection service after each stay, respect for social distancing.


Because holiday is definetely not the synonym of lockdown, we have selected destinations with no mandatory quarantine upon arrival (if proof of a negative test) as well as destinations that recognize the vaccination passport (no additional test to make for vaccinated travellers). We have also selected supervised beaches to make sure that  you and your family are safe.


For your safety and that of the most vulnerable people, we invite you to schedule your vaccination before you go on holiday. If you do not want to do numerous tests, please  choose destinations that recognize the vaccination certificate such as MaltaGreece and Madeira. Some destinations will be rolling out the red carpet for you this summer, such as Malta, which offers up to 200 euros ($ 244) per stay per person, or Madeira, which offers you a free test if needed.


Book from our range of small hotels, tourist apartments or private villas with swimming pools (choose the "free cancellation" option) as well as your flights and enjoy your holiday on the safest beaches in Europe.

Safest beaches in Europe - Mellieha Bay - European Best Destinations
Copyright Benerys

1.  Ghadira Bay

Mellieha - Malta

Fancy a dream holiday this summer? Malta's largest sandy beach and 12 beautiful coves await you. There is by far enough space to put your beach towel on the fine sand and be sure to keep safe distances  in Mellieħa, on the island of Malta. Mellieħa Bay is the largest beach of thirteen pocket beaches around Mellieħa


As of May 28, 2021, Malta had the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate in Europe having administered 107.46 doses per 100 people in the country, while the United Kingdom had administered 89.81 doses per 100. Tourism professionals have been vaccinated as a priority to welcome you in the best sanitary conditions this summer. 


Sun, nature, culture, gastronomy, do you want a little more? The FIT scheme offers up to 200 euros per person to travellers who book directly on the website of  3-4-5 star hotels in Malta & Gozo Island (not on Booking or Airbnb).


From June, restaurants and snackbars are open until midnight. Swimming pools and  beaches are allowed too (wearing a mask will not be compulsory on the beach -recommended but not compulsory). Malta is definetely your holiday destination combining safety & leisure this year.


 Provided that you have a digital vaccination certificate or your Coronavirus test is negative (carried out 72 hours maximum before departure), you will be free to stay, without quarantine, on the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean.


For unique experiences stay at MellieħaMellieħa is the ideal destination for lovers of nature, gastronomy and culture. This destination has also been awarded the EDEN label by the European Commission for its commitment to sustainable tourism. Children and adults alike will enjoy lazy days on one of Mellieħa's many beaches, nature walks, cultural and religious discoveries, fun also by travelling through Malta on board a vintage bus from the 60s or during a tour of Malta or an unforgettable day in the village of Popeye just a few minutes’ walk from Mellieħa. During the balmy summer evenings you will discover the best of Mediterranean cuisine in the many restaurants of this dream destination.


How to get there: Book your flights to Malta as well as your accommodation in Mellieha and your tours and activities. The FIT (incentive Free Indepentant Travellers) scheme offers up to 200 euros per person to travellers who book directly on the website of  3-4-5 star hotels in Malta & Gozo Island (not on Booking or Airbnb).


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Safest beaches in Europe - Porto Santo Beach - Copyright Cicero Castro - European Best Destinations
Copyright Cicero Castro

2. Porto Santo Beach

Porto Santo - Madeira Islands - Portugal


Madeira is considered to be one of the safest destinations this summer. If some Portuguese regions  such as The Azores, The Alentejo and The Algarve are relatively spared compared to the rest of Europe. Madeira is even the least affected region of Portugal.


If wearing a mask is compulsory  in  busy streets, it is not if you are playing a sport or sunbathing on the beach, which is not the case everywhere in Europe.


After months of confinement it is a perfect destination to relax in nature. Madeira is an archipelago made up of several islands.  Madeira is the main island but there are also other small islands like Porto Santo. (5,500 inhabitants).


The golden sandy beaches of Porto Santo are world famous. In addition to being perfect for farniente, they are famous for the therapeutic virtues of its sand. This is called "Psammotherapy" (hot sands). Porto Santo Spa alternates seawater treatments and warm sand treatments; these are perfect for what you need most now. By the way,  you may come across Cristiano Ronaldo's mother: she loves spending weekends of relaxation and well-being in Porto Santo.


How to get there: Book your flights to Funchal (Madeira) as well as your accommodation in Madeira or Porto Santo and your tours and activities such as a "From Funchal: Porto Santo 1-Day Cruise and Tour". You can reach the island by ferry (1 hour crossing from Funchal). There is also an international airport in Porto Santo with direct flights.


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Safest beaches in Europe - Ramla bay Gozo Island - Malta
Visit Malta

3. Ramla Bay

Gozo Island - Malta

Fancy a safe and economical stay on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean? Stay in Gozo this summer! The FIT scheme offers up to 200 euros per person to travellers who book directly on the website of  3-4-5 star hotels in Malta & Gozo Island (not on Booking or Airbnb). Ramblay Bay is Gozo’s, and arguably Malta’s, best beach. A wide stretch of red sand, it is often referred to locally as “Ramla il-Ħamra” – the Red Sandy Beach! Ramla is a wonderful place to swim, snorkel and chill out in the sun


Visit Malta's sister island: the destination is greener, more rural and smaller with a spectacular coastline and some of the best dive sites in Europe.This pandemic has taught us one thing:  postponing a dream trip is definetely not a good idea. Malta is part of this constellation of dream destinations in Europe and is on the travel wishlist of travellers looking for nature, discovery and unique experiences.


Thanks to your negative PCR test or your vaccination certificate (when digital Covid vaccination certificate comes available) you will be allowed to stay without quarantine in Gozo.


If you book the special FIT scheme offer (incentive for free independent travellers) you will receive financial benefits of up to 200 euros per stay per person.


How to get there: Book your flights to Malta and reach Gozo by Ferry (25 min) from Ċirkewwa in Malta to Mġarr in Gozo.


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Safest beaches in Europe - Praia Nova - Porches - Lagoa - Algarve - Portugal
TLF Images

4. Praia Nova 

Porches - Lagoa - Algarve - Portugal

Almost untouched by covid-19 in recent months, the Algarve is one of the safest destinations in Europe with 8 times fewer severe cases per million inhabitants than hard-hit countries like Belgium. If we take the population of the Algarve and the number of serious cases (deaths), the region is even half as affected by Covid-19 than certain regions of Greece, which are already seen as a safe destination.


With one of the lowest population densities per km2 in Europe, the Algarve, like neighbouring Alentejo, has been less affected by Covid-19 than major European destinations. Fewer people per km2, clean air, beautiful walks along the Coast, unspoilt nature, this is what you will enjoy in this less touristic part of the Algarve.


Lagoa put measures in place very early to protect the local population and reduce the spread of Covid-19. Bringing together some of the most beautiful jewels of the Algarve such as the beaches of Cova Redonda or the beach of Praia Nova and its famous chapel, the beach of Marinha, the villages of Carvoeiro, Ferragudo, Porches,... Lagoa is probably one of the most beautiful Algarve destinations and one of the safest.


Need more inspiration? Discover our travel guide dedicated to Portugal and set off to meet the most beautiful castles in Portugal, the most beautiful beaches and the hidden gems of Portugal.


How to get there: Book your flights to Faro (40 min by car) as well as your transfer, your accommodation, (there are many villas with private pools but also tourist apartments and medium-sized hotels in Lagoa) as well as your tours and activities in Lagoa


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Safest and longuest beaches in Europe - Egremni Beach - Lefkada - Greece
Lucian BOLCA

5. Egremni Beach

Lefkada Island - Greece

With its turquoise waters, fine white sand, cliffs that flow into the sea, Egremni is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Greece very quickly positioned itself in favour of the vaccination passport, and was one of the first to recognize it. With your vaccination certificate, you need not show a negative covid test and you can avoid quarantine. If you have not been vaccinated, a negative covid test carried out 72 hours before your arrival is also accepted.


Located on the island of Lefkada, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Egremni has often been an inaccessible beach, no road leading there. If you can get there now by car note that there are no bars or restaurants on site so you will need to bring your food and drinks.


Fancy a walk in the great outdoors? Park your car at Egremni beach and walk to Porto Katsiki. Porto Katiski means "Goat port" in Greek, only goats could reach this area before. The beach is at the bottom of a concave pale cliff. It is 35 km from Lefkada town, near Athani village. It is now accessible to all humans too!


This beach has been classified among the beaches with the Bluest water in the world ...enough to make you forget the lockdowns, curfews and stressful news of recent months.


How to get there:  Book your flights to Aktio / Preveza Airport located 1h15 by car from Egremni beach as well as your accommodation in Lefkada at the best price and your tours activities in Lefkada.


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Riviera Beach Malta - Coronavirus Safest beaches in Europe
Visit Malta

6. Riviera Beach - Ghajn Tuffieha

Mellieha - Malta

Overlooked by the amazing 17th-century clifftop Ghajn Tuffieha Tower from where you can admire sublime sunsets, this unspoiled beach is known to cliffs walkers and birdwatchers. It will be your safe & nature refuge for a sunny holiday in Malta.


With four times fewer severe cases of Covid-19 than the most affected European countries, Malta has remained one of the safest destinations in Europe throughout this pandemic. With the highest vaccination rate in Europe  and inducements to welcome travellers (the FIT scheme offers up to 200 euros per person to travellers who book directly on the website of  3-4-5 star hotels in Malta & Gozo Island), Malta is positioned as the must-see destination of the year.


Located a few minutes from the very famous "Golden Bay Beach" Riviera Beach is an incredible red sand beach nestled in the heart of a natural and wild bay, a famous spot with instagrammers and nature lovers. Wilder than Golden Bay Beach, Riviera Beach is also perfect for an afternoon or an evening of pure relaxation while enjoying snacks, fresh drinks, umbrellas and sun lounges. Good news: From 24th May restaurants and snackbars are allowed to open until midnight and wearing a mask will not be compulsory on the beach (recommended but not compulsory).


Malta is truly a perfect destination for a sporting, fun or family holiday. Our tip: park upstream and walk up to the tower for an unforgettable sunset. Your vaccination certificate (when digital Covid vaccination certificate comes available) or your negative PCR test will allow you to stay without quarantine on this dream island.


How to get there: Book your flights to Malta as well as your accommodation and your tours and activities in Malta. The FIT scheme offers up to 200 euros per person to travellers who book directly on the website of  3-4-5 star hotels in Malta & Gozo Island


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Safest  beaches in Europe - Las Teresitas- Tenerife - European Best Destinations

7. Las Teresitas

Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Tenerife Island - Spain

Open to vaccinated travellers from all over the world as of June 7, Spain is one of the top destinations on your travel wishlist for this summer.This kilometric beach is truly magical. With the village of San André in the background, nestled in the hollow of the hills, its golden sands (imported from the Sahara), and its palm trees, Las Teresitas is truly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Canaries.


Located on the island of Tenerife, this beach is far from the crowded tourist beaches of the Costa Adeje, where the main resorts are located, and Tenerife is a destination that has found a balance in its tourist development. The vast majority of the island is preserved from mass tourism and offers accommodation in small hotels, airbnbs but also private villas with swimming pools, tourist apartments.


The Canaries have experienced up to 10 times fewer severe cases of Covid-19 than other regions and countries in Europe such as Belgium and Hungary. We have to make a difference between these islands and the more affected Spanish mainland (although Spain, let us remember, has experienced fewer serious cases per million inhabitants than the United Kingdom, Italy, USA, etc.).


Located near the capital, Santa Cruz, the beach is popular with locals. Supervised (lifeguards and even police officers) the beach is very secure. No risk of overflow, wild parties or crowds on this beach popular with families. The high tourist season is often in winter in Tenerife with the arrival of many Germans looking to stock up on sun and vitamin C.


For a holiday away from the crowds, prefer the north coast of the island (Puerto de la Cruz, La Matanza de Acentejo, Tacoronte, ...) for wild beaches far from mass tourism, discover Almaciga, a village of incredible beauty with a black sand beach of volcanic origin, pure wild nature awaits you this summer. Worried about tan lines because of your mask? No problem, the mask is not mandatory on the beach in the Canary Islands except when you  move, such as at  restaurants).


How to get there: Book your flights to Tenerife, your accommodation and your tours and activities in Tenerife.


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Copyright Matthieu Cadiou / European Best Destinations

8. Praia Grande

Ferragudo - Lagoa - Algarve

Your Safe holiday this summer will probably be in Lagoa. Lagoa has one of the best beaches in Portugal. This town brings together paradisiacal places like Carvoiero, Porches, Ferragudo, the Benagil cellars, the trail of the 7 hanging valley (awarded as the most beautiful hiking trail in Europe)


With many hotels and resorts on a human scale, but also many villas with swimming pools and a wide range of tourist apartments, Lagoa is the opposite of huge, anonymous seaside resorts . Rich in cultural, religious and gastronomic heritage Lagoa is also the capital of pottery and a paradise for nature lovers.


Ferragudo, one of the villages in the municipality of Lagoa, is a popular destination for travellers looking for beautiful beaches, restaurants, local shops and even artistic creation stores (jewelry, crafts, painting, ...). This former fishing village is one of the most charming places in the Algarve, a real postcard village.


Praia Grande, as the name suggests, is Ferragudo's largest beach. Accessible for people with reduced mobility and for families with strollers, it has a play area for children, a snack bar, umbrellas and deckchairs that can be rented for half a day or for the whole day ( at much more affordable prices than on any other coasts in Europe).


With nearby parking, toilets and even showers, Praia Grande is a  kilometre beach        (perfect for keeping social distances). The municipality of Lagoa has set up many standards to fight against Covid: it was one of the first cities in Europe to provide free masks to its inhabitants in spring  2020. It also set up tailor-made support for tourism professionals to welcome travellers in high-level sanitary conditions3


Need a final argument? Being sheltered, Praia Grande faces what can be called "a sea of oil", which means with very few waves and currents. It is also really reassuring for families with young children as the water is not deep over a large area . Want to feel safe this summer? Choose a holiday in Lagoa.


How to get there: Book your flights to Faro as well as your tours and activities such as a visit to Benagil cave.


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Safest and longuest beaches in Europe - Ribeira Grande Beach Sao Miguel copyright Vitor-Miranda- European Best Destinations

9. Ribeira Grande Beach

Sao Miguel - Azores - Portugal

Renowned for its "Lagoa do Fogo" elected as one of the seven wonders of Portugal, Ribeira Grande, a town located in the north of the island of Sao Miguel, is easily accessible and can be reached in 20 minutes by car from the capital "Ponta Delgada ".


Perfect spot for surfing, the beach of Ribeira Grande, which bears the name of "Praio do Areal de Santa Barbara" is also suitable for a swim or a lazy day. Particularly preserved by Covid-19 throughout this pandemic, the Azores are seen as a safe destination for a holiday. This Portuguese archipelago has experienced 25 fewer covid-related deaths per million inhabitants than the most affected European countries and 15 times fewer severe cases than mainland Portugal. With its wide open spaces, nature everywhere, outdoors sports such as kayaking, horse riding, sailing, paragliding, trekking, paddle boarding, surfing, Ribeira Grande is the safe destination to recharge your batteries this summer.


Praia do Areal de Santa Barbara is one of the largest beaches on the island of Sao Miguel and in addition to being one of the safest beaches in Europe it is a supervised beach. Lifeguards mark out corridors sheltered from the currents for your safety and your children’s. Want to surf? A bar located near the beach rents surfing boards. Sit on the sand and let the sound of the big ocean waves rock you.


A negative covid test will allow you to enjoy a stay without quarantine on this 100% natural island. More information on the website


How to get there: Book your flights to Ponta Delgada (the main island of Sao Miguel) as well as your domestic flights to the different islands, your accommodation and your tours and activities in the Azores..


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Preveza - Monolithi Beach - Coronavirus Safest beaches in Europe - Copyright Pit-Stock

10. Preveza



That settles it! Greece will be your next destination this summer. It is one of the European countries least affected by Coronavirus (up to 4 times less affected than Belgium). Greece has already taken many safety and health measures to ensure travellers a safe holiday. For example, air conditioner filters are changed after each stay and a distance of 4 metres is compulsory between each beach umbrella. 


Monolithi beach, the main beach of Preveza, is 22Km long (13 miles) and up to 80 metres wide. This beach is the longest one in Europe; with its hundreds of thousands of square metres (+ 1,500,000m²) you won’t have to struggle to get a nice spot, fix your beach umbrella  and spend relaxing days in the sun; Monolithi beach is not the only one in Preveza, of course, there are many others too. 


Known for its excellent value for money, Preveza is the anti St Tropez: hotel, restaurants and cafés charges are affordable and this summer the deckchairs are even free (and cleaned between each traveller). Greece has also cut taxes on flights, trains, buses and many services to make you spend less this summer.


How to get there: Book your flights to Aktion (10 min by car), your accommodation in Preveza and tours and activities in Greece.


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Safest beaches in Europe - GOlden Beach Cyprus - European Best Destinations

11. Golden Beach


With one of the lowest rates of severe cases of Covid-19 in Europe (10 times lower than e.g.Hungary), Cyprus is one of the safest destinations this summer in Europe.


Since May 10, Cyprus has opened to travellers from over 60 countries around the world without quarantine upon arrival. Cyprus recognizes the vaccination certificate. Not vaccinated? Show a negative covid test carried out 72 hours maximum before your arrival.


With its turquoise waters and mythical places like the "Aphrodite Bath", Cape Greko or the "Bridge of lovers" and legendary beaches like Nissi Beach, Cyprus attracts travellers looking for sun and relaxation this summer.


Restaurants and bars are open now, most restrictions have been lifted, the curfew is at midnight and nightclubs will be open from June 10 (upon presentation of a safepass: a document that proves that you have recovered from Covid-19 in the past six months, or are able to present a vaccination certificate or a negative test (72h max prior to your arrival).


Cyprus will have vaccinated more than 60% of its population by the end of June, (one of the best rates in Europe).

Need space around your sunbed? No worries, the regulations impose 2 m between each sunbed.


How to get there: Book your flights to Cyprus, your accommodation and tours and activities in Cyprus


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Coronavirus Safest and longuest beaches in Europe -  Puerto de la Tazacorte - La Palma Island  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Puerto de la Tazacorte

12.  Puerto de Tazacorte Beach 

La Palma - Canary Islands

Less touristy than Gran Canaria or the Costa Adeje on the island of Tenerife, the island of La Palma appeals to lovers of wild nature, surfing, hiking, as well as enthusiasts of astronomy because La Palma offers one of the the purest skies in Europe. This is one of the reasons why one of the most powerful astronomical observatories in the world is settled on this island of the Canary Islands.


Clean air and clear skies await you on this island that is up to 10 times less affected by Covid-19 than other regions of Europe.


Puerto de Tazacorte or Santa Cruz (the capital of La Palma) are charming colourful towns that remind us of Havana. Waves of people from La Palma left for Havana in the past and some came back with a lifestyle, tastes and products of Cuban origin. It is therefore not surprising to count a dozen artisanal cigar factories in pure Cuban style in La Palma.


The black sand volcanic beaches of La Palma have an unsuspected quality: they accumulate heat and warm the crystal clear water that comes and goes during the tides. The water is at perfect temperature in summer and winter. During your stay, be sure to visit the pink salt shakers of La Palma as well as the Pirate Cave Poris de Candelaria.


The volcanic sand beaches of Puerto Naos, Charco Verde, Puerto de Tazacorte, Nogales, ... await you for a safe & relaxing holiday on a unique island in the world. A simple negative covid-19 test or your vaccination certificate will allow you to stay in La Palma. Restaurants and bars are open until midnight and wearing a mask is not compulsory on the beaches and during sporting activities.


How to get there: Either by booking your flights to La Palma via Madrid or a direct flight to Tenerife or Grand Canaria + 1 internal flight between the islands (30 minutes). The ferry crossing is also possible from Tenerife (3 hours).


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Coronavirus Safest and longest beaches in Europe - Copyright Simon Dannhauer   - European Best Destinations
Copyright Simon Dannhauer

13. Halikounas beach

Corfu - Greece

Blessed by gods, Corfu is one of the greenest Greek islands, with exceptional flora and fauna. Halikounas beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on this island popular with nature lovers. Wild and with a total length of 3 kilometres, Halikounas beach is perfect for respecting social distances this summer.


Greece is often mentioned as one of the safest destinations in Europe for Covid-19. Some specific measures have been taken such as room disinfection, air conditioner replacement filters in rooms after each stay,… Greece also quickly positioned itself in the recognition of the vaccine passport, being a leading country in Europe on this subject. Your vaccination certificate will allow you to stay on the island without providing a negative covid test.


The populations of the Greek islands have been vaccinated as a priority as well as tourism professionals to welcome visitors in the best possible sanitary conditions this summer. Most residents of smaller, touristy islands have already been vaccinated and residents of larger tourist islands like Corfu will receive a single-dose (Johnson & Johnson) by the end of June. Hotels and restaurants as well as bars are open and the curfew has been postponed to half past midnight, two and a half hours later than destinations such as Italy.


If you have not been vaccinated, all you need to do is bring a negative covid-19 test (max 72 hours before your arrival), you will not have to quarantine and will be able to enjoy a deconfined holiday on one of the most beautiful Greek islands..


How to get there:  Book your flights to Corfu, your accommodation (villas with pool, tourist apartment, guesthouse, hotels), as well as your tours and activities.  


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