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Best Wedding Destinations in Europe

You are looking for the best wedding destinations in Europe? Look no further, we have selected for you the most romantic, the most original, elegant, offbeat or trendy destinations to host the event of your life.


Of course, you both want to make it unforgettable, so Europe is your best choice, the most romantic continent for lovers for a marriage proposal, wedding and honeymoon.


Choose your favourite wedding destination and experience a chic & wellness wedding or a wedding in nature, on a secret beach or a private island, a bohemian wedding, stylish or colourful,  a fairytale-like  wedding in a castle or up in an air balloon and of course, a sunny and festive wedding. 


Book your flights, accommodation, tours and activities for your guests in one of the best wedding destinations in Europe.


Best Wedding destinations in Europe - Opatija

1. Elegance and Wellbeing Wedding  

Opatija - Croatia

Opatija is ‘the’ best wedding destination in Europe. Favourite of crowned heads, aristocracy and celebrities, it is also travellers’ favourite wellness destination, perfect for a wedding where elegance and well-being go hand in hand. The best way to realize this is to plan a stay prior to your wedding, your engagement trip for example. You will spot the most beautiful hotels such as the world-renowned "Hotel Milenij" and the Hotel Ambasador. Rest assured that their creative teams are full of ideas to make your wedding unique and unforgettable. 


Opatija, one of the oldest and most famous tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast, was created – out of love! A small fishing village located on the beautiful riviera between the sea and the green slopes of Mount Učka transformed love into a fashionable resort for the European elite and aristocracy when, in memory of his beloved wife Angiolina, Rijeka merchant Iginio Scarpa built a magnificent villa on the most beautiful part of the riviera and surrounded it with a splendid park. Croatian and European tourism was born at this villa.


Today, almost 180 years later, Villa Angiolina and its park still retain the romantic atmosphere in which they were created. Kisses stolen on benches under luxuriant treetops, long walks with a view of the blue sea and green lawns, and romantic dinners in nearby restaurants are moments that remain forever in the memories of the many couples who have visited Opatija over the past two centuries.


Among them are some of the most romantic lovers in history, such as the famous dancer Isadora Duncan and the Russian poet Sergei Yesenin, various artists and famous movie stars, as well as some beloved historical figures such as the Austrian Empress Sisi. Everything that made their days in Opatija unforgettable still bonds new couples in their romantic adventures. Opatija also offers lovers something very special for Valentine’s Day, when the whole town is filled with messages of love as a special backdrop for happy moments à deux.


How to get there: Book your flights to Rijeka Airport (30 min by car) and your accommodation at the best price in Opatija. 


Where to stay: For an unforgettable stay, book at the "Hotel Palace Bellevue" or at the "Hotel Sveti Jakov" situated in the city centre. "Hotel Milenij" and the Hotel Ambasador are also among the best hotels in Opatija. 


BEst wedding venues in Europe - Pestana Viking in Porches - Lagoa -  Copyright My Guide Algarve  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Myguide Algarve

2. Sunny Wedding

Lagoa - Algarve - Portugal

Portugal is a privileged destination for a wedding ceremony in Europe and Lagoa an extraordinary destination for the beauty of its landscapes, its beaches and for the excellent value for money of its hotels, especially in low season.


The Pestana Viking is an exceptional hotel, located in the most beautiful municipality in the Algarve: Lagoa. This hotel is managed by the “Pestana” group (the largest chain of luxury hotels in Portugal); it offers in addition to a 4-star hotel, lush gardens, two magnificent outdoor pools, a spa (hammam, sauna, indoor pool and gym as well as massage rooms).


Before the wedding ceremony, treat yourself to an aquagym session with "Jorge", a former professional basketball player, a real giant with a heart of gold.


The Pestana Viking team is professional and care for your wedding. Booking a musical group, a photographer, a buffet or a dinner served at the table is possible. The wedding ceremony takes place among sublime palm trees facing the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the ocean . The hotel has many rooms to accommodate your whole family at very affordable prices, especially in low season (spring and autumn).


Choose your dress and suit and get ready to say "I do" in one of the best wedding destination in Europe. For more information contact the Pestana team.


How to get there: Book your flights to Faro (40 min) as well as your transfer from the airport and your tours and activities in Algarve such as  a 2-hour wild beaches and caves kayak tour. 


Where to stay: Book your rooms at the Pestana Viking


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Kotor

3. All-Inclusive Wedding

Kotor - Montenegro

Some people want a turnkey wedding with a ceremony, reception and party at the same location. In that case, your best bet is to opt for an all-inclusive wedding organized by a 4- or 5-star hotel. The inventive hotel teams will take care of everything and it will cost you less than a wedding planner. Their interest is obvious: that you fill the hotel, restaurant and bar with your guests for this special day.


The Bay of Kotor hotels really specialize in organizing all-inclusive weddings. The best way to make the right choice is to meet them by booking your flights to Kotor (Tivat Airport) as well as your accommodation, tours and activities in Kotor such as a "Kotor: Bay Evening Cruise with Dinner".


How to get there: Book your flights to Kotor (Tivat Airport) and your transfer.


Where to stay: At the "Blue Kotor Bay Premium Spa Resort" you are sure to get the celebrity treatment.


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Switzerland Alps

4. Bohemian Wedding

Grindelwald - Swiss Alps - Switzerland

Mountains, lakes, small villages perched in the Swiss Alps, close to the capital Bern and the very romantic Lucerne's wooden chapel bridge, are a prime location for a bohemian-chic wedding in Europe. For lovers of outdoor sports, hiking, or even… chocolate, but above all , for nature lovers, an outdoor wedding with the Swiss Alps as a backdrop is the promise of unforgettable memories.


Climb aboard the cable car that will take you to the summits of Swiss peaks and enjoy the conviviality of a wedding surrounded by your loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere.


Several establishments offer the organization of weddings in the Swiss Alps. The "Berggasthaus First" located in Grindelwald is a great choice. It offers breathtaking views, a reception hall and a hall for the ceremony. It also has an ‘up in the mountains hotel ‘and ‘down in town lodges and apartments’ for you and your guests. Of course, you can plan your tailor-made wedding here or any other location in the Swiss Alps. This day is yours, make it in your image: unique in the world.


How to get there: Book your flights to Bern (1h by car, 2h by public transport), your accommodation at the best price as well as your tours and activities in Switzerland.


Where to stay: Berggasthaus First hotel” at the top of the mountains.


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Azores

5. Sustainable Wedding

 Azores - Portugal

Getting married in your run-down town hall is definitely not an option for you. You both love to travel, love nature and have an adventurous soul? A wedding in the Azores is what you need. You can either organize the wedding together and find the best activities and tours online for your guests, whale watching for example, or you can seek help from professionals like Maria C. Vieira from This nature lover will find you the most beautiful sites for your stylish and elegant wedding in a totally wild environment. The advantage of a wedding planners is to delegate the organization, definitely the worst part: you avoid the stress of a marriage abroad and the many administrative procedures and they can organize accommodation, activities, transport, etc. for you.


Of course, you can also plan the wedding on your own and book accommodation at the best price as well as flights, activities and tours, such as an "Azores Whale Watching Expedition Boat Tour", an evening of relaxation and well-being at the "Furnas: Night Thermal Pools & Food Experience" or even "Swimming with Dolphins" in Sao Miguel.


The Azores offer a wide variety of accommodation, from the most prestigious 5 stars to cottages, private villas with swimming pool, B & Bs and no less than 9 islands all different from each other.


The best way to make up your mind is to get there first and plan your stay. Book your flights, accommodation, activities and tours in the Azores to prepare for the wedding of your dreams.


How to get there: Book your flights to Ponta Delgada Airport, your accommodation (villa, tourist apartment, guesthouse) as well as your tours and activities in the Azores. 


Where to stay: "Furnas Boutique Hotel - Thermal & Spa" situated in Vale Das Furnas, site of the largest concentration of thermal waters in Europe.


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Cappadocia - Turkey

6. Hot Air Balloon Wedding

Cappadocia - Turkey

Want to explode social media with your wedding photos? Host the most amazing wedding ceremony in Cappadocia, Turkey, and treat yourself and your guests to an unforgettable stay. Also known as Love Valley for the shape of its rocks drawn by wind and erosion, Cappadocia and its cave houses and hotels are the trendy destinations for an extraordinary wedding.


There are many wedding planners to help you organize your wedding in Cappadocia. You can also organize it yourself by going there and visiting a few hotels, finding the best activities, tours and restaurants, in order to get the best prices for your wedding.


Obviously, nothing beats a hot air balloon flight on your wedding day or the next day in the early morning to see the sun rise over your newly sealed love. It's time to have some amazing moments, you deserve it. Do not delay and book your flights, transfer, tours, activities and accommodation.


How to get there: Book your flights to Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport (30 min by car) or your flights to Istanbul or Ankara and a domestic flight to Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport.


Where to stay: "Mia Cappadocia Cave Hotel" featuring a terrace with views of fairy chimneys.


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Burano
Alex Andrei

7. Colourful Wedding 

Burano - Venezia - Italy

One of the best instagrammable wedding destinations in Europe is Burano. Neighbouring island of the very famous and romantic Venice, Burano is perfect for those looking for a romantic place "fresher and younger" than Venice which can be a bit rococo and over the top for some.


 This fishing island is incredibly colourful. The reason for this rainbow of colours? On foggy days it is difficult to make out the fishing boats on the Venetian lagoon. The fishermen therefore painted their boats in bright colours to be visible from afar. Surplus paint is used to repaint their homes. Get married on this island ranked among the best colourful destinations in Europe and stay with your guests in a blue, pink, yellow house on this unique island in Europe.


For a sparkling and colourful wedding, Burano is truly the perfect destination for passionate, quirky original lovers. Wedding planners like will help you organize your dream wedding on this island of rare beauty.


Prepare your wedding in Burano by booking your flights to Venice Airport, your accommodation, your tours and activities in Burano, such as a "Venice: Murano, Torcello & Burano Boat Trip with Guide".


How to get there: Book your flights to  Venice, your transfer (40-45 min by water buses), your accommodation at the best price as well as your tours and activities in Burano. 


Where to stay: "Casa Burano Experience by Venissa".


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Eilean Donan Castle

8. Fairytale Wedding

Eilean Donan Castle - Scotland

For a princely wedding in Scotland's most beautiful castle, treat yourself to a Scottish-style wedding at Eilean Donan Castle. A wedding in the Highlands is perfect for the strong and sweet (just like Scotch whisky).


The sound of bagpipes accompanies your steps towards the altar and you discover, along with your guests, the hospitality and joie de vivre of the Scots in this exceptional place which will make your wedding unique in the world.


The good news for you is that the owners of Eilean Donan Castle organize the weddings themselves, so you won't have the extra costs associated with hiring a wedding planner taking commission. For practical reasons, weddings at Eilean Donan Castle take place from 6.30 PM when the castle is closed to the public, allowing you to enjoy one of Scotland's most beautiful castles exclusively. The castle does not have catering facilities and only the ceremony can take place there but many hotels and restaurants await you around the castle for convivial moments.


Eilean Donan Castle ‘s owners also have 12 apartments just a two minutes’ drive from the Castle.


Plan your wedding by booking your flights to Inverness (2h by car) or Edinburgh (3h30) or as well as your accommodation, activities and tours, such as an "Isle of Skye and Eilean Donan Castle Tour from Inverness".


How to get there: Book your flights to Edinburgh (4h by car) or Inverness (2h by car), your accommodation at the best price as well as your tours and activities in Scotland.


Where to stay: "Conchra House" located 2 km from Eilean Donan Castle.


Best weldding destinations in Europe - Monte Isola

9. Gourmet & Romantic Wedding 

Monte Isola - Italy

Do you want to escape the city, stress, pollution and noise for your wedding? Monte Isola, voted best sustainable tourism destination by the European Commission and most romantic sustainable destination in Europe is the perfect destination for your wedding in Italy.  Discover the very best of Italian gastronomy, sparkling wines that will make you dance until the end of the night, wild asparagus, truffles, wild strawberries, antipasti and Italian desserts (get seconds!). Monte Isola is truly beautiful, authentic and anti bling bling. 


Enjoy your marriage in a place with a soul, authenticity, simplicity but also elegance, refinement and friendliness. Cristo, the famous artist, was thrilled by Monte Isola and made his latest creation there, the floating piers, a few years ago. You too will be seduced by Monte Isola.


The "Oldofredi residence" ranked among the best wedding venues in Europe, and its teams are at your disposal to make this event the most beautiful and memorable of your life. This magnificent residence is yours and that of your guests for an exceptional wedding ceremony. You can get married in the gardens, under the olive trees or with a view of the sublime Lake Iseo. Book the entire residence for yourselves and your guests and treat yourself to the most romantic, gourmet, rustic, bohemian chic wedding in Italy.


How to get there: Book your flights to Milan (2 h by car) and your transfer.  


Where to stay: You can book your stay for yourself and your guests at the "Oldofredi Residence".


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Santorini
Katya Nikitina

10. Mamma Mia Wedding

Santorini - Greece

Destination of choice for a honeymoon in Europe, Santorini is also one of the top wedding destinations in Europe. Plan your wedding outside the high season to take advantage of the best prices (Spring or Autumn). A summer wedding is also possible with a higher budget. Some large 4- and 5-star hotels in Santorini will be able to accommodate your event and guests if you reserve well in advance.


You can also book your reception, ceremony and bridal suite in the most beautiful hotel as well as reserve rooms in nearby hotels for your guests. Make this event unforgettable at the end the big day with a sunset cruise catamaran or a "Santorini Tour with a Professional Photographer".


Book your flights to Santorini as well as your transfer, accommodation, tours and activities at the best price. Note: For a real “Mamma Mia” Wedding, organize your wedding in Skopelos, one of the best movie locations in Europe, where “Mamma Mia” starring Meryl Streep was actually filmed.


How to get there: Book your flights to Santorini as well as your transfer.


Where to stay: "Casa Vitae Suites" get the celebrity treatment with world-class service.


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Florence
Alessandro Colle

11. Arty & Glamour Wedding

Florence - Italy

Whereas Venice is the love capital of the world, Florence is the capital of art lovers. With its many monuments, sculptures and paintings by masters, parks and gardens, Florence is the city of luminous, reasoned yet passionate love. Burano welcomes the budding loves of young people aged 25 to 35 and older lovers seem to favour Florence. Needless to say, that you and your guests will fall in love with the elegant and refined capital of Tuscany.


Wedding planners can help you organize your wedding in Florence but you may chose to plan it yourself; in that case, we advise you to plan a stay in Florence ahead of the big day to soak up the atmosphere, find the best hotels, B&Bs, villas  and lodges; you can also select the activities and tours you want to experience with your guests, such as, for example, a "Florence: Cinque Terre Day trip with hike and lunch" or a "From Florence: Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Chianti Wine Tasting Full-Day Trip with Lunch".


How to get there: Book your flights to Florence as well as your accommodation at the best price as well as your tours and activities in Florence.


Where to stay: "Portrait Firenze" situated 30 min from the Ponte Vecchio.


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Fuerteventura

12. Sunny Island Wedding

Fuerteventura - Canary Islands - Spain

Fuerteventura is an ideal choice for a sunny wedding in Europe. The island is flatter than the neighbouring islands and the clouds are never trapped by the mountain ranges as can be the case on other islands such as La Palma, La Gomera or even Tenerife.


Lanzarote, a neighbouring island, is also a good choice for a sunny and trendy wedding. This rebellious island has stood up against the construction of massive hotels under the leadership of the committed architect César Manrique, whose "Volcano House" you can visit in Lanzarote. Fuerteventura, on the other hand, is famous for its numerous beaches and its bewitching emerald blue waters as well as its sunny weather all year round. 


How to get there: Book your flights to Fuerteventura or your flights to Tenerife + domestic flight to Fuerteventura.


Where to stay: "Alma Calma Hotel Rural" provides adults-only accommodation.


Best wedding destinations - Iceland
Sophie Dover

13. Frozen Wedding


Is your love hot like the lava of Iceland's volcanoes? Does it explode for all to see like a Geyser or make you cry like waterfalls?  Are you looking for originality, 100% natural landscapes and the possibility for your guests to live unique experiences? If so, Iceland is for you. A wedding in Iceland cannot be improvised. Summer, autumn, winter or spring, the date you choose will have a big impact on location and availability.


For a true frosty wedding, plan it in winter. For a midnight sun wedding to enjoy the sun until the small hours of the morning, plan your trip in the summer. Whether you prepare your wedding or hire a wedding planner, we advise you to make a trip beforehand to Iceland by booking your flights, accommodation, tours and activities, such as a "Reykjavik: Hiking Tour to Iceland's Newest Active Volcano" or a "Reykjavik: Whale Watching On Board A Luxury Yacht".  


How to get there: Book your flights to Reykjavik as well as your transfer, your accommodation at the best price and your tours and activities in Iceland. 


Where to stay: "Blue Luxury Apartments" located in the centre of Reykjavik.


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Lake Como

14. Celebrity Wedding

Lake Como - Italy

Lake Como is an exceptional place combining nature, luxury and refinement. It is not surprising that many personalities and stars have chosen this exceptional place which forms the perfect setting for an elegant and refined wedding in Italy.


Georges Clooney fell in love with the breathtaking landscape of steep mountains and bought a house a few meters from the location of his wedding ceremony. Perhaps the same story will happen to you. Let's be honest, this type of wedding is rather expensive but really exceptional. If you can afford it call on a wedding planner who will organize absolutely everything in great detail;  otherwise, you can confidently opt for an all-inclusive wedding organized by one of the 4- or 5-star hotels surrounding Lake Como, such as "Il Sereno Lago di Como", "Hotel du Lac", "Grand Hotel Victoria Concept & Spa" or the "Grand Hotel Tremezzo". 


We suggest that you come to the location to appoint your wedding planner or check by yourselves the best accommodation, menu, reception room as well as the place for the ceremony for an unforgettable tailor-made wedding.


How to get there: Book your flights to Milan Malpensa Airport (1h20 by car/ Uber / Taxi) as well as your accommodation and your tours and activities in Lake Como.


Where to stay: Il Sereno Lago di Camo” boasting a seasonal outdoor swimming pool.


Best weldding destinations in Europe - Cameo Islands

15. Private Island Wedding 

Cameo Island - Greece

Have you ever attended surprise weddings, weddings on a farm, a church, a marquee, a castle, in the fields, in the mountains, but you want more originality and exclusivity for your wedding? Treat yourself to a wedding on a private island in Greece.


The whole of Cameo Island is yours and your guests for your ceremony, wedding dinner and festive evening! While the luxury of a wedding on a private island is often reserved for millionaires, here it is much more accessible since Cameo Island is one of the smaller Greek islands. With its secret beach, hidden from view, its private restaurant and bar, its magnificent pontoon leading to the ceremony venue, it is truly one of the best wedding destinations in Europe.


Many wedding planners offer packages for a wedding on the private island of Zakynthos. You will find them easily on the web. Want to save? You can also plan your wedding on your own by chatting directly with the owners of this private island and visiting nearby hotels for the best prices. Formalities are not always easy in Greece and being accompanied by a wedding planner can be of great help. Some like " offer ceremonies with photographers, flowers, wedding cakes and entertainment for 9000 euros.


To find out if this is the place for you, book your flights to Zakynthos as well as your transfer, accommodation, tours and activities. Want to live an unforgettable moment? Book a "Zakynthos: Navagio Shipwreck full-day Cruise" for you and your guests and explore Europe's most incredible pirate beach.


How to get there: Book your flights to Zakynthos as well as your accommodation and your tours and activities in Zakynthos.


Where to stay: "Niki Studio" located a few minutes’ walk from Cameo Island.


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Porto
zakharov aleksey

16. Romantic Wedding

Porto  & Gaia - Portugal

Did you know that the vast majority of travellers who visit Porto are Italians? They who have such beautiful cities as Rome, Florence, Pisa, Milan, are seduced by the unspoiled beauty and the romanticism of Porto. To be precise, we should be talking about Porto & Gaia, the nearby town located across the bridge and where the famous port wines are aged.


In recent years Gaia, already famous for its wine but also its sublime Californian beaches, has attracted more and more travellers. The best hotel projects are developed there as well as exceptional places such as the "World of Wine". For an unforgettable ceremony in Porto & Gaia we recommend two places. First, the "Yeatman": overlooking the cellars, this 5-star hotel is exceptional. Each room offers a breathtaking view of Porto and great privacy. The "Wine Cellar" suite has even been ranked among the best hotel suites in Europe and its swimming pool has been ranked the most beautiful swimming pool in Europe.


The second location (for your guests): the "InterContinental Palacio das Cardosas". This 5-star hotel located in the heart of Porto is renowned for its gourmet restaurant and luxurious comfortable rooms. It is a good idea to divide your guests between the two hotels. Ideally, you would have the ceremony on one of Gaia's beaches, Senhor da Pedra for example, voted best place for a wedding proposal in Europe, followed by an aperitif and an evening at "The Yeatman". The next day you can all brunch at "The Yeatman" or at the InterContinental located on the other side of the shore.


Do not miss a treatment at Spa Caudalie, one of the best spas in Europe, where the massages are divine. Plan your wedding in advance by discovering the two hotels on your own and booking your flights, accommodation, tours and activities in Porto, such as a ‘Six Bridges Cruise” or a “Private Douro Valley Cruise”.


How to get there: Book your flights to Porto as well as your transfer and tours and activities in Porto.


Where to stay: "The Yeatman" & "InterContinental Palacio das Cardosas", as well as the bijou “Porto Moments


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Positano
Piera Tammaro

17. Post card Wedding

 Positano - Italy

You want an original, unforgettable wedding, but you’d rather not improvise too much for this important day. We can understand that. Choose a safe place for your wedding, a place that will dazzle your guests and welcome them in the best possible conditions, a place bathed in sunshine and renowned worldwide for its gastronomy and wines. Positano on the Amalfi Coast is a must-see destination for a wedding or honeymoon. Some 4- and 5-star hotels will be able to host your ceremony and accommodate your guests.


It is better to do this well in advance in order to secure the best prices. Obviously, an off-season wedding (in Spring or Autumn) will save you money. Search online for the wedding planner who will make your wedding unforgettable or prepare it yourself by booking your flights to Naples as well as your accommodation, tours and activities in Positano, such as a "From Naples: Full-day Amalfi Coast Day Trip "or 

a" From Positano: Private Boat Tour to Capri or Amalfi ".


How to get there: Book your flights to Naples (1h by car, 2h by public transport) and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Hotel Marincanto" set in the heart of Positano.


Best wedding destinations in Europe - Ibiza

18. Hippie Chic Wedding

Ibiza - Balearic Islands - Spain

Get married in the heart of the Mediterranean on the very famous and glam chic island of Ibiza. Often associated with world famous nightclubs where top DJs like David Guetta mix, Ibiza is much more than an island to party. Ibiza and Formentera, the small neighbouring island, are destinations with a hippie-chic spirit and Mediterranean charm.


This wedding destination will be particularly suitable for those in their thirties who love sun and nature but also the luxury of an impeccable relaxing reception. Champagne, sunset catamaran cruise, exceptional 5- and 4-star hotels as well as a private villa with swimming pool, everything is possible in Ibiza.


Plan your wedding with a wedding planner such as or plan your dream wedding yourself. In both cases it is better to make a first visit to the island to determine the location, the atmosphere and the accommodation and reception rooms. Note: the photo you see was taken in Cala d'Hort, on the western seaboard of Ibiza.


Book your flights to Ibiza as well as your accommodation, tours and activities in Ibiza, such as a "Hot Air Balloon Ride over Ibiza" or an "Amazing 3-Hour Sunset Boat Cruise".


How to get there: Book your flights to Ibiza as well as your transfer.


Where to stay: "Petunia Ibiza - Adults Only" located 500 m from the beach.



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