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Bratislava - A modern city on the Danube


A modern city on the Danube, in which centuries-old history combines with an exciting present. It is not just Bratislava’s affordability and proximity to other capitals that attracts visitors to Slovakia‘s capital. If you are looking for a city break full of culture, exceptional cuisine, exclusive experiences and unique atmosphere, Bratislava is the place to be.


 The dominant triangle – Bratislava Castle, the UFO tower, and St Martin‘s Cathedral – offers a combination of a spectacular panoramic views over the town, wonderful culinary experiences, together with reminders of the city’s rich coronation history. Trace the steps of eleven Austro-Hungarian emperors and seven royal wives who were crowned here in Bratislava. If you are interested in contemporary culture, be sure not to miss the Danubiana Museum of modern Art, uniquely seated directly on the Danube.


 A great advantage of the historical centre is its compactness. Dozens of museums and galleries can be easily joined with visits to traditional restaurants, many of whose recipes hark back to the days of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Town squares are linked by a multitude of romantic alleys hiding cosy cafes, wine bars or local taverns. Year-round you can witness cultural and social events. Residents remember the city’s grand history and traditions, celebrate the typical cuisine and bring a sparkle to everyday life. Get to know the real local atmosphere.


 Bratislava is not just a destination for culture and history. The city forests and parks are just a hop away from the centre itself. Along the bank of the Danube lies the oldest public park in central Europe, Sad Janka Kráľa. Bratislava was ranked as the third greenest city in the world. Come recharge your energy from the very heart of Europe. 


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Tours & Activities

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Best things to do

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Bratislava Castle

The former seat of the rulers, today the symbol of Bratislava and the seat of the Museum of History. There is a wonderful view of the city and the neighbouring countries from its 47-metre-high crown tower in which royal coronation jewels used to be deposited. Visit also the Baroque Castle Garden, reconstructed according to designs that were created during the reign of Maria Theresa.


Bratislava top things to do - View from the Castle - ©VisitBratislava

St. Martin’s Cathedral

 A three-nave Gothic church from the 15th century and the former coronation church. A gilded replica of the coronation crown fixed on the top of the cathedral tower at a height of 85 metres and weighing 150 kg reminds of this glorious age. 

Bratislava top things to do - St Martin's Cathedral - Copyright Klearchos Kapoutsis

UFO Tower

A unique observation deck on the pylons of the SNP Bridge at a height of 95 metres with amazing views of the city and visibility of up to 100 km. It offers the most beautiful sunset combined with a culinary experience in the exceptional restaurant inside of the tower.


Bratislava top things to do - UFO Tower - Copyright ©VisitBratislava

Devín Castle

A castle ruin seated on a high rock towering above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers is one of the most important historical and archaeological localities in Central Europe. Moreover, it offers enchanting natural scenery with beautiful views. A perfect way to get to this amazing place is a relaxing boat trip. 

Bratislava top things to do - Devin Castle

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

The museum is a dramatic site on a peninsula jutting out into the Danube River. The intention for the building is to evoke the shape of a Roman galley bound in the shallows of a river. It hosts shows by leading international artists and contemporary art. The outdoor exposition is an 8,000 square-metre park where a range of sculpture work is presented. Danubiana is an exceptional combination of modern art and unique architecture.



Bratislava top things to do - Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum


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