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Hotels in Bratislava

Bratislava - the little big city


With fewer than half a million people, Bratislava ranks to Europe's most relaxed capitals, because everything is in close vicinity, reachable within few minutes walking distance. Even other 2 capital cities are very close - Vienna (80km) and Budapest (200km) - reachable also by a boat on the river Danube.


Besides, the city itself has its old-town charm, sophisticated restaurants, traditional pubs, good music ranging from jazz to opera, stylish people, and a human scale which means that as a visitor you will not spend half your day trekking in and out of underground stations or getting from the airport into town. All this plus Central Europe's greatest river as a backdrop. What more could you want? Book your hotel and activities in Bratislava for perfect holidays in Europe. 


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Enjoy the view of the city from the courtyard of Bratislava castle

On a rocky promontory of the Little Carpathians, on the river Danube rises the majestic castle, which greatly complements skyline of the capital of Slovakia. The massive rectangular building with four corner towers stands on a strategic place in Celtic times and Great Moravia.

Bratislava top things to do - View from the Castle - Copyright Dan

Visit the Primatial Palace 

This series of six tapestries, which ranks among the most precious exhibits of the City Gallery, can be found on display inside the Primatial Palace. The tapestries were woven at the royal tapestry works in the English town of Mortlake, near London, in the 1630s. 


Bratislava top things to do - Primatial Palace - Copyright Klearchos Kapoutsis
©Klearchos Kapoutsis

The small Carpathian wine route

The Small Carpathian Wine Route is a tourism initiative covering the Small Carpathian viticultural region, one of six viticultural regions in Slovakia defined by the Slovak Ministry of Agriculture's Directive No. 153/1998. The region contains vineyards covering 7,303.5 ha, which is about one third of the total vineyard area in Slovakia (22,847 ha).


Bratislava top things to do - The Small Carpathian Wine Route - Copyright EadaoinFlynn

Take a lift up to the observation tower UFO at the SNP Bridge

Bridge with a sightseing tower in a shape of an UFO. Restaurant with an amazing view, observation desk on the UFO rooftop.


Bratislava top things to do - UFO Tower - Copyright Where Is Your Toothbrush
©Where Is Your Toothbrush

Old Town Hall with Museum of the city history and Municipal Museum

The Old Town hall with its lovely courtyard, is facing onto the capital's Main Square (Hlavne namestie). It houses the city's oldest museum, the Bratislava City Museum.

The unified complex of buildings from various periods forms the core of the Old Town Hall, an unmissable attraction of the historic district. It's history dates back to the beginnings of the medieval town in the 13th century. The town hall was and still is an important part of city life. These days, festivals, concerts and December Christmas markets are held in its inner courtyard. Original details - a cannonball or a bug-eyed bat - are built into the town hall's walls.


Bratislava top things to do - Old Town Hall - Copyright Alexandre Duret-Lutz
©Alexandre Duret-Lutz


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