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Explore the hinterland of Zagreb

If you have the opportunity to stay several days in Croatia, take the time to explore the hinterland of Zagreb. The cradle of the history of this beautiful country will offer breathtaking landscapes and a rich and abundant nature. This is the ideal place for lovers of hiking, of nature and simplicity.


First essential stop: the museum village of Kumrovec. A few kilometers from the border with Slovenia, discover Tito village in an eco-museum that recreates identical living conditions of the 19th and early 20th century. This eco-Museum was built to the glory of the former communist leader Tito who held power until 1980.


The second interesting stop for lovers of authenticity, nature and those who prefer B&B to 5 star hotels: Vuglec Breg. 


Welcome to nature! Park your car (the best way to reach Vuglec Breg), leave your bags in your cottage and take the available bikes to explore the stunning scenery of Krapina. In the evening treat yourself with a visit to the wine cellars of Vulglec Breg and enjoy a 3-course meal. In this restaurant you will eat traditional cuisine which will give you enough calories for your next day  adventures.


A traditional and authentic place held by passionate people who will share their love for their land, their region, their local products and wine.


Old village Museum of Kumrovec

Address :  Ul. Josipa Broza 19, 49295 Kumrovec.  

Opening hours : from 9 am to 7 pm. 


Vuglec Breg 

Address: Vuglec Breg : Škarićevo 151, 49000 Krapina, Croatia 




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