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Cabo Girao

The Highest cliff in Europe

Madeira is an island full of surprises! Climb to the top of Cabo Girao (organized tour, taxi, on foot if you're brave!) and admire a breathtaking landscape from the highest cliff in Europe.


A promontory recently installed makes the experience even more unique because its transparent glass structure will give you the impression of being suspended in a vacuum, at 590 meters high.


From Cabo Girao go to Faja dos Padres to extend the experience and discover a hidden treasure of the island.


Tips: Go to Cabo Girao at sunset, romance guaranteed!


Cabo Girao and Valleys Jeep Tour

From €35 per person

Discover the cliffs, valleys and unique flora of Madeira on a 4-hour jeep tour from Funchal. Enjoy panoramic views from the best view points. Discover the unique landscape of Boca dos Namorados, and experience the glass floor at Cabo Girão.


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