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Hotels in Sibiu

Sibiu is situated in the heart of the famous and beautiful historical province of Transylvania. It is a wonderful combination between history and the vibrant spirit of a modern European city. Today, Sibiu has modern infrastructure, an international airport, it is a railway knot and it is connected by road to the western border, to the capital of Romania and to the seaside. So, all the roads lead to Sibiu and this is an open invitation for you to visit our city.  


The city has deep roots in its over 800 years of history, but it is strongly connected to the European present and values and all these result in a unique character for the city. Sibiu is a successful combination between its valuable built and cultural heritage and a European, cosmopolitan, young and dynamic city life.


It is a city of contrasts and diversity, offering something to the taste of each guest. Whether you are interested in a tour of the old fortress, urban fun and leisure, a trip into centuries old traditions still preserved in the villages around Sibiu or a nature hike on the hills and mountains close to the city, Sibiu has it all. It offers not just sights to visit, but experiences to live and this makes a trip to Sibiu a very personalized and unforgettable one. Explore the historical center with its heritage buildings and unique atmosphere, visit our museums, admire the valuable and beautiful architecture of the historical churches, enjoy the outdoor and indoor events and take the time to explore the city surroundings. In these trying times of the pandemics local objectives, hotels, restaurant s, cafes came up with solutions to ensure social distancing and a safe stay for their guests.  


Sibiu was a European Capital of Culture in 2007 and, ever since, culture and tourism are development engines for the city, along with a solid and functional economic environment. After 2007 the city continued to develop its cultural calendar which attracted more and more tourists ready to enjoy hundreds of events taking place here every year. Sibiu became thus an acknowledged destination for cultural tourism. This is confirmed by the fact that Sibiu is the only city in Romania which was awarded 3 Michelin stars. The restrictions necessary to fight the pandemics took a toll on the city’s cultural life too, but we are all working towards returning to the dynamic and colorful calendar of events. 


In 2019 the region of Sibiu held the title of European Region of Gastronomy. This program brought into the limelight the rich gastronomy of the region, a combination of history, multiethnicity and well-preserved traditions. The city continues to highlight this important aspect in its history and traditions, bringing it to the present. To this purpose, cultural operators continue to come up with events and projects that present gastronomy to our guests. So, a trip to Sibiu will most likely be a gourmet tour with wonderful tastes and great dishes flavored with history and hundreds of years of traditions.


In 2021, Sibiu will be the European Capital of Hiking. Safely and responsibly, tourists can walk on the trails which will be set up this year inside the city, but also in the city surroundings, including mountain trails and cultural routes. 


Discover your own personalized Sibiu and experience history, culture, traditions, gastronomy, the urban and the rural. Plan a trip to Sibiu this year! 



Top things to do

in Sibiu

Explore the Old Fortress

The historical center of Sibiu brings alive over eight centuries of history. Walk the narrow, stone-paved streets of the historical center and discover the buildings which once hosted our city’s great personalities or the amazing edifices of the city’s historical churches. Take the time to discover the fortification belts of the city, which are still preserved today and visit the recently opened Potters’ Tower and the Carpenters’ Tower, witnesses of the city guilds active hundreds of years ago. 


Rest in one of the three central squares, have a seat on one of the open-air cafés and restaurants and enjoy a meal, a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine. Descend into the lower historical town, treading the old streets of merchants, steep stairs and narrow passageways. 


Climb to the top of the Council Tower where you will find a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the entire city center. Or go even higher in the Evangelic Cathedral tower and take a peek at the majestic mountains rising around Sibiu. 


Take an afternoon to visit the National Brukenthal Museum, the first museum to open in Eastern Europe, hosted by the former residence of Baron Samuel Brukenthal. Part of the same complex are the museums of contemporary art, history, natural sciences, hunting and pharmacy and the European and Romanian Art Galleries. 


Visit the Franz Binder Universal Ethnography Museum, the Emil Sigerius Saxon Ethnography Museum and the Folkloric Art Museum situated close by in the city center. Take the bus or go by bike towards Dumbrava Forest and visit the  renowned open-air ASTRA Folkloric Civilization Museum, a fascinating collection of old traditional households in Romania spreading over 40 hectares of land, in a beautiful natural landscape. 


Download Sibiu City App and you can walk through the history of the fortress on your own, safely, observing social distancing. You will also find there an audio guide, which tells the story of Sibiu’s history.


Sibiu top things to do - Explore the Old Fortress

Leisure time activities

The city takes pride in its cultural institutions: the prized Radu Stanca National Theatre, Gong Theatre for Children and Youth, the Ballet Theatre, the State Philharmonics and the Cindrelul Junii Sibiului County Center for the Preservation and Promotion of Folkloric Culture offer high quality performances. Theatre halls and opened at the moment, with a limited capacity ensuring distance for the public, but there is time enough for you to find a seat. It will be well worth it!
The city is also famous and well appreciated for its outdoor events, the historical center being an open stage. Pandemics restrictions temporarily reduced the number of events, but we are all looking forward and preparing for better and safer times.
For a pleasant day with the family, take a walk through the Zoo, the open-air Astra Museum or the city park, see the city by bike or go for a swim or a spa break in the beautiful Public Baths, a historical building dating from 1904, which has been recently rehabilitated and hopefully will soon be reopened to the public once the situation of pandemics improves.
If you are the active type, Sibiu has something for you, too. Binder Lake is preparing to open its gates in the summer of 2021 for water sports, beach volley and a large playground. Take a mountain bike ride to the top of Gușterița Hill and you will be greeted by a breathtaking panorama of the city and you can rest near the historical tower. An endurance proof would be a bike ride from Sibiu to Rășinari or even to Păltiniș mountain resort. Make a day of it and stop for a picnic by the water.
Sibiu top things to do - Leisure time activites

Experience Local Gastronomy & Fresh Food

Local gastronomy has always been appealing to our guests, mixing history with the diversity of ethnicities. Starting with 2019, when Sibiu was a European Region of Gastronomy, the city learned to highlight again this amazing asset. Local producers around Sibiu will be more than happy to share a meal with you, with sturdy meat dishes or a flavorful vegetable salad of stew. If you want to take the taste of Sibiu with you, find the farmer’s market near Transilvania Hall on Saturdays or the Huet Square on Fridays.
The Cibin vegetable and dairy maket may also be a destination at hand for a gourmet. Some of the local restaurants use these fresh local products and turn them into fancy dishes, reinterpreting traditional recipes.
Sibiu top things to do - Explore the local gastronomy

Explore the surroundings

Once you got a taste of Sibiu, stay a while longer with us to explore the surroundings. Take a trip to Cisnădioara to see the fortified church, a roman basilica set in a beautiful landscape. A trip of about 30 km will take you to Păltiniș, the oldest ski resort in the country and a well-known spa. At a distance of 16 km you can relax and enjoy the health benefits of the salt lakes in Ocna Sibiului resort. The most spectacular mountain road, Transfăgărășan, is only 50 km away and it leads to the most beautiful cascade and lake situated at an altitude of over 2000 meters. The surroundings of Sibiu are the natural stage for old traditions. Tourists can experience the shepherds’ way of life, the country life spirituality and the Saxon fortified churches, in the old villages close to Sibiu, living witnesses of the multiethnic character of our region.
Sibiu top things to do - Explore the surroundings

Sibiu: European Capital of Hiking 2021

In 2021, Sibiu will be highlighting its hiking potential and assets. Through a project financed by the City Hall, specialists penciled 2 cultural trails in Sibiu and the surroundings and 15 hiking trails in the region. One of the cultural trails is a 3-hour walk in the historical center of Sibiu and the other is a culinary experience in the rich and flavorful gastronomy of the region. The hiking trails take you up to the mountains and down through the hills for an outdoor lunch, then a stroll through the history of traditional villages and several museums of traditional crafts and even a trip to the salt lakes in Ocna Sibiului.
Sibiu best things to do - Leisure time and activities


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