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Pico do Ariero

Breath the pure air and enjoy the incredible views

In Madeira the deep blue sea, the intouched forests and wildlife of a rare beauty, the fauna and flora are just amazing, but that's not all!


If you choose to rent a car or go on a tour (difficult access by public transport) visit one of the three highest peaks in the beautiful volcanic island: Pico do Ariero


Once you’ve reached one of the highest peaks in the island, sit for a moment and breath the pure air and enjoy the incredible views of the mountains of Madeira. At times, you will see small houses isolated in the mountains. The legend says that the people who live there have never seen the sea and that the beauty and richness of the Mountain of Madeira are enough to make them happy.


Tips: Pico do Ariero is partly accessible for people with reduced mobility and has a small parking. Before “conquering” the mountains’, take a quick glance at the port to see how many cruise ships arrived in the morning; that will give you a small idea of how quiet it is. For the most adventurous ones, put on your walking shoes and join the highlight of Madeira, Pico Ruivo (about 3 hours’ walk / 10km).


Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo Hike

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