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The Eagle Mountains

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Lisboa European Best Destination

The Eagle Mountains and Foothills Region will literally caress your soul. It is particularly attractive for the quiet beauty, tranquillity, ease and authenticity that it embodies.


Beautiful nature meets an extraordinary richness of cultural monuments here; there are a number of noble mansions with the Châteaux on the Orlice - the Bohemian Loire in the first place, mysterious places, charming towns and villages, lively traditions and well-preserved folk architecture.


You will be awaited by a welcoming and highly diverse at the same time landscape here - stretched mountain ridges offering far-reaching views, as well as deep and romantic river valleys. The backbone of the area is represented by the Eagle Mountains ridge itself with a protected landscape area fringing the state border with Poland.


The geographic axis of the Foothills Region is then formed by a prominent couple of rivers – the Tichá Orlice and the Divoká Orlice. You can travel here at any time of the year. Do not hesitate to experience this region through all your senses and feel firsthand how exceptionally warm, hospitable and friendly toward


The Eagle Mountains and Foothills Region

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of The Eagle Mountains and Foothills Region


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