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Hotels in Rijeka

Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia and the capital of the Primorsko - goranska County, which boasts with its amazing combination of sea and mountains. The Kvarner Bay on one side, the countless beauties of the Učka Nature Park on the other and the mountains of Gorski Kotar in the hinterland have given Rijeka an enviable geographic location making it one of the most desirable Croatian cities to live, work and the best starting point for travelling. Because of its openness to the world, the city is known for its hospitality. Rijeka feels the same sparkle in the morning, afternoon and in the evening.


Numerous museums, theatres, galleries, ports and other living reminders of interesting industrial history, ancient Gradina and the Trsat Sanctuary are just a part of the wealth offered by the city of Rječina for which is known lives 365 days a year. It is surely important to say that Rijeka ranks highly in the gastronomic stakes thanks to high-quality gastronomical facilities, café bars and restaurants.


The inevitable part of the city’s image is a rich nightlife. The offer is surely completed by the Tower Center, one of the biggest commercial centers in the region with cinemas, casinos, various stores and shops, cafes and other amusement. The main street, Corso, is alive throughout the day, and the terraces of many restaurants are open and lively all year round. In the evening the pubs and bars come alive with frequent musical performances giving the city a rich night life.


In Rijeka one can observe the effects of numerous cultures and nations such as Austrians, Italians, Hungarians and French which all left a mark in history and on the facades of the city's palaces including the famous Governor's Palace which houses the Historical and Maritime Museum of the Croatian coast. But by this day Rijeka has remained a city of tolerance and coexistence. Here multiculturalism has crept into all social pores permeating every corner of the city.


Both with its old and new Rijeka is a city tailored for everyone. As there are a lot of cultural, entertainment and sporting events in Rijeka the whole year round, you will undoubtedly find something at all times that will make your day and stay in Rijeka. Open, tolerant, hospitable … A city of positive energy, good vibrations and even better people.


It is up to you to see it for yourself and experience Rijeka - the city beyond your expectations.

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Rijeka Carnival

The Rijeka Carnival is the Croatian cultural heritage, a strong tourist ace of Rijeka, Primorsko goranska County of and the Republic of Croatia on both national and international level, a favorite entertainment and cultural event among citizens of all generations and interests.


Rijeka top things to do - Carnival - Copyright  CaseyLessard

Rijeka Summer Nights Festival

During summer months, Rijeka’s squares, streets and terraces become a theatre scene. Famous city locations as well as places for which even the citizens of Rijeka can hardly imagine that could be turned into the backdrop for actors and theatre equipment are given over for a few weeks to artists of the most varied music and scenic expressions.


Rijeka top things to do - Summer Nights Festival - Copyright  Republika Fest
©Republika Fest

The Our Lady of Trsat Sanctuary

Back in 1291 Trsat's woodmen one morning saw a small house in front of them in the woods that was not there earlier. Scared and surprised, they notified the vicar Jurjević about the miracle who calmed them down by telling them that he already knew what it was. In fact, it was the Nazareth house of the Holy Virgin Mary which was, from fear of the Ottoman conqueror, transported by angels to Trsat where it remained for full three years and seven months.


Rijeka top things to do - Our lady of Tsrat
©Rijeka Tourist Board

Maritime and Historical Museum of Croatian Littoral

Located in the beautiful Governor’s Palace building, it preserves a large part of Rijeka's history and maritime tradition. Besides its continuous ethnographic exhibition, visit the collection of furniture and portraits of people from Rijeka’s public life.


Rijeka top things to do - Maritime Museum - Copyright Dumus.hr


A view that definitely leaves us breathless is the view over the Rijeka Bay coloured by numerous white sails. Yachtsmen from all parts of the world gather once a year at the Sailing regatta Velika Fiumanka that takes place on the route from Rijeka to Omišalj and back.


Rijeka top things to do - Sailing Regatta - Copyright  mhobl


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