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Rijeka has been awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2020 due to its history and to the projects that are being carried out, to its abundant cultural programmes and interesting features, as well as to the diverse range of partners and organisers. And because of the "Port of diversity" programme. Rijeka is also the first Croatian city to boast this title. In 2020, we can expect more than 1000 programmes that will bring together people from various European countries and promote their multiculturalism. 


Do you love the dynamic life of a unique city and what it offers in terms of entertainment and culture? Or would you prefer beautiful beaches, greenery, tradition, nature, sometimes crowds and sometimes solitude? If you want all of that at once, you have already made your choice – Rijeka. The rich and diverse surrounding area provides you with the opportunity to escape into tradition, romance, pristine flavours or adrenaline sports. Truly, a unique mosaic! 


In the centre of the city, at the ever vibrant Korzo, in the small streets of the old city core, before monuments that are testimonies of centuries past, or in the silence of Trsat, the oldest Croatian Shrine of Our Lady – Rijeka and its surrounding area have lived many lives, worn many faces and shown its many sides.


Rijeka's calendar is filled with events throughout the entire year so its guests, no matter the time of their arrival, will find numerous interesting and attractive things to do; be it music, theatre, art, etc. Performances for all, as well as urban clubs for the young that offers the entertainment they like it. 


If there is one event out of the numerous that should be emphasised, it is most surely the International Rijeka Carnival that was placed by the Sunday Times at the top of the world's most attractive events. 


Although Rijeka has a rich history, it is not limited by it. Rijeka vibrates with the dynamic rhythm of everyday life. And when in most cities the lights go down and silence settles in, Rijeka keeps on with its intense life in its coffee bars and restaurants with a superb gastronomic offer as well as clubs where the fun for the young lasts until the small hours of the morning. Welcome to Rijeka! 


Best hotels

in Rijeka



Hotel Jadran ★★★★

Situated on the coast 1 km from the centre

Sea view, great breakfast




Grand Hotel Bonavia ★★★★

Situated in the best rated area in Rijeka

Great Food: Meals here are highly recommended




Hostel 1W 

In the city center next to the bus station

Super clean, friendly staff



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Top things to do

in Rijeka

Trsat Castle

The Trsat Castle represents a strategically embossed lookout on a hill 138 meters above sea level dominating Rijeka. The Trsat Castle is one of the oldest fortifications on the Croatian coast which preserves the features of the early medieval town construction. Today the Trsat Castle has been enriched by new facilities and events – visual arts gallery, open-air summer concerts and theatre performances as well as fashion shows and literary evenings. 



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Rijeka’s beaches

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the bathing season in Rijeka begins in spring and lasts until late autumn. Two Rijeka beaches, Ploče and Kostanj are the proud owners of Blue Flags, the finest proof of the cleanliness of Rijeka's sea. The sea is clean and blue, the sun is drawn here and the beaches are numerous, diverse, large and noisy, small and secluded, pebbly, concrete, rocky, hidden. Nameless beaches can be found here together with hidden bays and beaches for those who prefer being in a more secluded area. 



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Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral

The museum is headquartered in the former Governor's Palace, a historicist edifice and protected cultural The museum is headquartered in the former Governor's Palace, a historicist edifice and protected cultural monument. Some of the original items from the Governor's Palace have been preserved and exhibited in salons on the first floor. The permanent exhibition of the museum provides an interactive and modern platform for showcasing the long, rich and tumultuous history and culture of living in the area of what is today Primorje-Gorski Kotar County from prehistoric times to the present day. 


Rijeka top things to do - Maritime and history museum of the croatian Littoral
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City Market

No supermarket can replace the charm of the personal contact with the vendor of and the excitement of the unpredictable purchase at the main Rijeka market – Placa. The main City Market has been the place chosen by the people of Rijeka as the best place to dine since the 19th century. It developed next to the sea shore, near the wooden pier, where the local fishermen used to unload their catch and take it in baskets to the market to sell. 


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St. Vitus’ Cathedral

St. Vitus’ Cathedral is the only Baroque rotunda of monumental proportions built on Croatian soil. The construction of this church, designed by the Jesuit architect G. Briano, began in 1638. It was made on the model of the famous Venetian church of Santa Maria della Salute. The location selected for the construction of the St. Vitus’ church was an elevated area at the heart of the then still medieval urban tissue. Be sure to visit it since you will also find a portrait of St. Francis Xavier, the patron saint of tourists.


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