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Hotels in Reykjavík

Reykjavik may be one of the smallest capital cities in Europe, but it still packs a powerful cultural punch! With a fascinating history rooted in the great Sagas and its unique location within a land of diverse landscapes – all filled to the brim with super-nature, Reykjavik manages to combine a terrific blend of hip and wholesome, but without the stress that usually follows a cosmopolitan metropolis; in fact Icelanders are considered to be so easy-going and gregarious, they’ve just added a new travel accolade to their growing collection, for being the most friendly nation in the world!


Whether illuminated by the bright summer nights or the magical Aurora Borealis during winter, Reykjavik has become a popular travel destination, offering a exciting adventures and numerous possibilities to all those who visit!


From the Vikings of old, to the architects and innovators of contemporary culture, many different groups have influenced the shaping of the capital area into the vibrant city it is today – a city which is said to buzz with creative energy and passion. This feel-good-factor people tend to experience while visiting could have something to do with the pristine air or pure drinking water, or perhaps the proximity of all those extraordinary natural wonders, such as volcanoes and glaciers – whatever it is, one thing’s for sure, once you’ve been introduced, it’s hard to let go or say goodbye.


While Reykjavik maintains its small-town feel, it’s still a modern European capital with all the governmental institutions you’d expect to find in a metropolitan city. Here you’ll discover a thriving and diverse cultural life, with a variety of interesting museums, theatres, galleries, sports facilities and some first class universities to boot. So however long you stay, we hope you discover the energy of Reykjavík on your own terms… and pass it on!


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Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik ★★★★

Situated in the real heart of Reykjavík

Each room features minimalist Icelandic design



Kvosin Downtown Hotel ★★★★

Set on a square behind Reykjavík Cathedral

Most rooms have a kitchenette with a dining area



Tower Suites Reykjavík

Stylish suites located in central Reykjavik

Panoramic views of the city or sea



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Top things to do

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Take a dip in one of Reykjavík's many thermal pools and spas!

Experience pure thermal energy and take a dip in one of Reykjavík's many thermal pools and spas! A great way to recharge and a tonic for the body and mind!

Reykjavik top things to do - Thermal pool - Copyright  Cait_Stewart

Visit the Reykjavík Old Harbour

Visit the Reykjavík Old Harbour for a day of unique shopping and quality dining! Get there early and you could visit the whales and puffins too by joining one of the marine excursions on offer!

Reykjavik top things to do - Old Harbour - Copyright  Marcus Hansson
©Marcus Hansson

Visit one of our wonderful galleries and museums

Visit one of our wonderful galleries and museums and connect with our culture on a deeper level. It will greatly transform your escapades to the countryside too, where those gorgeous green valleys and magnificent mountains become more than just beauty spots on the pretty face of Iceland, but places of legendary events and fascinating folklore.


Reykjavik top things to do - National Museum of Iceland - Copyright  Robyn Lee
©Robyn Lee

Experiencing the coffee in one of Reykjavík’s quality cafés

Experiencing the coffee in one of Reykjavík’s quality cafés is a must in any kind of weather, but somehow, especially satisfying when it’s raining!


Reykjavik top things to do - Coffee - Copyright  Keith Marshall
©Keith Marshall

Experience Reykjavík’s legendary nightlife!

With all that extra energy you’ll have plenty of stamina to join the 24-hour party people and experience Reykjavík’s legendary nightlife!


Reykjavik top things to do - Nightlife - Copyright  Rene Passet
©Rene Passet


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