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Discover the city of Pula

An exciting city for history lovers

Pula is an exciting city for history lovers, it is also the largest city in Istria. Roman remained 500 years in this city and  left many prints. A city of history with a delicious climate. Did you know that "Pula" means "spring"?

Discover the beauty and strength of this city, these archaeological sites, numerous terraces and shopping streets or its film festival. By the way, did you know that the tie was invented in Croatia? In Pula!

Pula Arena

One of the largest amphitheatres in the world

If for 500 years the Romans occupied the town of Pula, the amphitheater is probably the most visible trace of their passage in Croatia.


Discover one of the best preserved and one of the largest amphitheatres in the world. With a capacity of 33,000 people, while Pula had only 5,000 inhabitants at the time, it demonstrates how the games that were organized attracted people from different towns in Pula. 


If today the amphitheater is primarily used for concerts, you will discover in its basement, a beautiful exhibition on the history of this emblematic place of Pula.

Price: 20 Kn / Opening hours: 8am to 7pm.



Ribarska Koliba Restaurant

The taste of the sea


Ribarska Koliba Restaurant Pula is a Fish restaurant with 100 years old tradition! Because of that, the slogan "Ribarska koliba", which these days gradually reveals to the eyes of curious, is also called "The taste of the sea".


After one century-old dream, one sleeping beauty will wake up, just like in fairy tale. Maybe it is more appropriate to call her "old lady" beacause she was born before 1900. Website:


Ribarska Koliba seafood restaurant Pula

Park Plaza Histria Hotel

Relax while enjoying magnificent views

A wonderful place to enjoy in peace the beauty of PulaPark Plaza Histria is a renovated hotel that offers beautiful rooms at very attractive prices. This great hotel is like a small village with its own supermarket, shopping streets.


You have everything on hand to take care of yourself and relax while enjoying magnificent views and a privileged access to the sea. A hotel to be added immediately to your address book for your trip to Croatia.



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