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Prague has been considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world since Middle Ages. Adjectives such as “golden“, “city of a hundred spires“, “the crown of the world“ were attributed to Prague, which is located right in the heart of Europe. And how to get the city into your heart? Try with us to wander not only in the Historic Centre of Prague that has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992 and with its 866 hectares is the largest historic city centre on this list in the world, but also in the vibrant cultural metropolis.


Let´s discover our city!


Starting with the charming area around the Prague Castle (the district of Hradčany) or even better the Strahov monastery with its remarkable library is a must and you will be rewarded by marvellous view of the whole city from there. Listen to the Loreto ´s bells while walking down to the Prague Castle and visit main points of interest- St Vitus cathedral, the Royal Palace and last but not least the picturesque Golden Lane with its tiny houses. Let your guide tell you one of the intriguing alchemist legends connected to this place, visit the little house where Franz Kafka worked and then continue to the lovely Prague Castle gardens from where you can enjoy a unique view of the city with its picturesque red roofs. The view is never boring and changes during the seasons; in spring trees are in blossom, summer brings long dusks, autumn colourful leaves and special light and winter covers the whole city with innocent white…


The Royal Way takes you down to the city, directly to the Charles Bridge, built in the 14th century; during the daytime full of vivid entertainment of street artists and very romantic and quiet at night. And still you are leaving behind the Kampa Island, the Lesser Town and its narrow streets, John Lennon´s wall, the famous Bambino di Praga (Little Jesus of Prague)…

Your walk continues to the Old Town Square where you can enjoy the parade of apostles at the Astronomical Clock thinking of how it is possible that such an old mechanism can still be working. A few steps apart there is a former Jewish quarter with its synagogues, the Golem Story and the mysterious old cemetery or the art-nouveau-style Municipal House and the modern-centre Wenceslas square.


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Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Originally dating to the 9th century, this landmark, which surrounds St. Vitus Cathedral, bears the mark of each architectural and historical era that it has lived through. To this day, it serves as the seat of the Czech state.



Best things to do - Prague Castle at sunset - Czech republic Copyright TTstudio

Charles Bridge

The oldest Prague bridge was built in the place of a former Judith Bridge which had been badly damaged by a flood in 1342. The Stone Bridge or Prague Bridge was founded by Charles IV in 1357 and has been called Charles Bridge since 1870. According to the latest research, its construction was started by Master Otto and finished by Peter Parler in 1402. Both ends of the bridge are fortified by towers.


Best things to do - Prague, Czech Republic. Charles Bridge with its statuette, Lesser Town Bridge Tower and the tower of the Judith Bridge. Copyright Emi Cristea
©Emi Cristea

Powder Tower

In an historical context, the Powder Tower is one of Prague’s most important medieval monuments. This is the place where royal coronation processions would commence. It is also the beginning and end of an important route from Kutná Hora, where silver was mined for the royal coffers. The so-called Mountain Tower (Horská brána) originally stood on this site, however.


Best things to do in Prague - Prague - Powder tower Copyright TTstudio

Petřín View Tower

The Petřín View Tower was directly inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was built by the Czech Tourist Club, which had attended the Exposition Universelle in 1889 in Paris and decided to construct a similar tower in Prague. On 16 March 1891 work began in accordance with plans by the engineers František Prášil and Julius Souček. It was finished and formally opened on 20 August of the same year.


Best things to do in Prague - Copyright Petrin Lookout Tower (1892), resembling Eiffel tower, Petrin Hill Park, Prague, Czech Republic Copyright VLADJ55

Lighting of the sights

Prague monuments begin to light up after dark. The first to light up are monuments from the 10th century, then every 3 minutes monuments of a century younger. One minute after midnight the monuments of the 21st century are first to be switched off and every 3 minutes afterwards monuments a century older follow. 1928 is considered to be the first year of this festive floodlighting. The Charles Bridge, Týn Church, Old Town Hall and Prague Castle were illuminated then.

panorama of Prague with red roofs from above summer day at dusk, Czech Republic Copyright NaughtyNut


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