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“Art and History Country”, Rouen owns an exceptional heritage one hour away from Paris. The architecture relates thousands years of history. Despite the scars of a tumultuous life, wars and conflicts during ages, the capital of Normandy reminds proud of its roots, strength to progress.


Rouen’s historical city center is exclusively pedestrian, so the tourist can easily discover its magnificent monuments, from the Middle age to nowadays. Between half-timbered houses and alleys, follow Joan of Arc’s footsteps who was judged and burnt at the stake on the Old Market Place.


The region is also known the Home of Impressionism, a land of thriving culture and international influence. The valley is crossed by the River Seine, one of the world’s most beautiful and remarkable rivers. Its banks offer a wonderful way to appreciate nature in the countryside and the landscapes that Claude Monet translated into his pictures.


Its great diversity of museums is unrivaled. Let’s discover the fantastic Fine Arts Museum of Rouen, hosting the second most important collection of impressionist paintings after Orsay museum in Paris. The Ceramic museum and the ironworks museum “Le Secq des Tournelles” catch tourists interests with their unique collections. Rouen offers a large choice of accommodations ranging from youth hostel to 5-stars hostels, and a rich gastronomy symbolizing the tasty alliance of land and sea.


Rouen’s way of life is uncontested: Let’s admire the silversmithery Christofle, symbolizing luxury and style through the world. Come and taste all specialties from the chocolate maker Auzou like the Joan of Arc tears. Enjoy the famous “Canard à la Rouennaise” (duckling), local gastronomic dish.


During your stay, you could either stride across the town, relax and golf or do shopping in great stores like Hermès, Hugo Boss or Galeries Lafayette.


Have a walk on the Rouen’s embankments Seine River’s docks and discover the harbor in activity, dominated by Gustave Flaubert’s bridge, the highest rising bridge in Europe and genuine door opened to the world.


Rouen will soon welcome a tourist attraction unique in France: The Asisi project. A 30 meters high rotunda will invite tourists from all over the world to discover the city of Rouen in the Middle Age. A history museum will also open, in the cathedral’s archbishop’s palace. This museum will retrace the story of Joan of Arch’s myth.


Travelling to Rouen, it’s travelling through ages.

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Joan of Arc History Museum

A well-known figure in the history of Rouen and that of France, Joan of Arc’s memory is retold in the historical center of Rouen. Come and discover her history situated within the Archdiocese, wher she was judged.


The History Museum presents the epic story of Joan of Arc and reveals her legend by using the latest in multimedia technologies. 

Jeanne d'Arc Musem, Rouen top things to do

Panorama XXL

A French exclusive situated on the banks of the Seine River in Rouen – a cultural scene exhibiting huge panoramic works by Yadegar Asisi, a German artist who has revived and renewed this ancient art.


The first exposition was, Rome 312, followed by Amazonia – a spectacular rainforest discovery that will be on presentation at the Panorama XXL until May 22, 2016. The next exciting installment will be end of May 2016, with the gigantic fresco of Rouen 1431, depicting life during the time of Joan of Arc.

Panorama XXL, Rouen top things to do

Visit the Big Clock

This architectural marvel consists of a Gothic belfry, a Renaissance arcade and a dial, and a 18th century fountain. The belfry houses the bells of the city and one of the oldest clock mechanisms in Europe, which was in operation from the 14th century up to 1928.


Discover its history whilst ascending the buildings numerous floors and admire the rooftop view once you reach the top. The perfect place to get a breathtaking birds eye view of rue du Gros-Horloge! 

Gros-Horloge Street, Rouen top things to do

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts brings together one of the most prestigious art collections of France. Paintings, sculptures, drawings and objects from various other art forms, spanning from the 15th century to the present day. From Perugino, Veronese, Rubens, Caravaggio, Velázquez, Ribera to Poussin.


Do not miss the Museum’s 19th century collection of artistic movements represented, its numerous works of by major artists-painters present: Ingres, Gericault, Delacroix…


Museum of Fine Arts, Rouen top things to do

Notre Dame Cathedral

In the heart of the historic town, the Cathedral encapsulates the evolution of Gothic art, since the beginning of its construction in the 12th century on the foundations of a 4th century Basilica and a Roman vestige.


Its cast iron spire rises 151 meters tall and is the highest of France! The Cathedral is the only cathedral in France to still have an adjoining Archbishop Palace still in use by the Archbishop.

Visit of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Rouen top things to do


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