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Best fountains in Europe

Most beautiful fountains in Europe

They were made to amaze and show people the richness, the inventiveness, the talent of their creators. Each fountain is unique and has required years of work. Discover our selection of some of the most beautiful fountains in Europe.


Come and enjoy your stay at the best price as well as your tours and activities in Europe for a perfect and economic holiday.


Best fountains in Europe - European Best Destinations - Geneva Jet d'eau Copyright  canadastock
Copyright canadastock

1. Geneva


There are so many ways to discover Geneva ; the Geneva Pass is one of them. You can also enjoy great guided tours of Geneva, a boat trip to the Chillon Castle but please do not miss the "Water Jet"!


The history of this fountain is incredible. When the population of Geneva grew in the early 20th century, its water requirements also grew, and a hydraulic plant was commissioned. Everything worked well except one evening when workers left the factory: a strong pressure caused serious damages. A safety valve was installed to evacuate the high pressure via a jet of water. The "Water Jet" of Geneva was born.


Come discover the secrets of Geneva and book your hotel at the best price and your activities in Geneva for a perfect holiday in Switzerland. 


Best fountains in Europe - Barcelona night view of Magic Fountain light show in Barcelona, Spain - European Best Destinations
Copyright canadastock

2. Barcelona


Come discover the "Magic Fountains" of Montjuïc in Barcelona. These magnificent fountains were created by Carles Buigas, a Catalan architect born in Barcelona. The Magic Fountains were one of the main attractions of the Expo 1929 in Barcelona. That genious architect was also an author and an inventor who left a trace in Barcelona ( the Teleferico del puerto or the illumination of the Sagrada Familia). 


Want to discover these "Magic Fountains",? Book your hotel, aparthotel, guesthouse in Barcelona at the best price and treat yourself to the best tours and activities in Barcelona as well as the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell.


Bestfountains in Europe - Fountain di Trevi in Rome, Italy Copyright S.Borisov - European Best Destinations
Copyright S.Borisov

3. Rome


Ranked among the seven wonders of Europe, the Trevi Fountain is an eighteenth-century monument and one of Rome's most popular tourist attractions. It took more than 30  years to create the Trevifountain. Located in one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, the Trevi Fountain is the rendez-vous for lovers who throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish.


Come and make your dreams come true in Rome, book your accommodation at the best price and the best tours and activities as well as a full-day trip to Pompeii.


Best fountains in Europe  Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel) with fountains. Beautiful sunset landscape in Paris Copyright Valeri Potapova - European Best Destinations
Copyright Valeri Potapova

4. Paris


Come  discover the Fontaine du Trocadéro in the chic 16th arrondissement in Paris opposite the Eiffel Tower. As is often the case in Europe, the fountains were built to demonstrate the power of cities during particular events. The fountain of Trocadero was created for the Expo 1878 but its current version dates from 1937 for the latest Expo in Paris.


Come discover the Fontaine du Trocadéro as well as the best activities in Paris such as a Cruise on the Seine and book your hotel, B&B, apartment in Paris at the best price for an unforgettable holiday in one of the best romantic destinations in Europe.


Best fountains in Europe Colorful spring sunset in Sultan Ahmet park in Istanbul, Turkey, Europe. Colorful fountain on the background of the Loonic Blue Mosque. Artistic style post processed photo. Copyright Andrew Mayovskyy  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Andrew Mayovskyy

5. Istanbul


The Blue Mosque is one of the main monuments in Istanbul, it is also called Sultanahmet Camii Mosque named after his founder, the Sultan Ahmet I. Come into the mosque and discover the interior of the magnificent building. The Fountain of the Blue Mosque is a perfect place to take pictures of the Mosque and rest a while after long walks in Istanbul.


Book your accommodation at the best price in Istanbul and your best activities and tours  such as a Bosphorus Cruise or Turkish bath experience in Istanbul


Best fountains in Europe - National Museum in Barcelona, Placa De Espanya,Spain. Copyright Brian Kinney  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Brian Kinney

6. Barcelona


Barcelona is one of Europe’s best destinations for its amazing fountains. In addition to the "Magic Fountains" of Montjuïc, is the monumental fountain of Plaça Espanya. This fountain was also created for the Expo 1929 Barcelona.


Come  discover this fountain and book your hotel in Barcelona at the best price and your activities in Barcelona as well as your ticket for Port Aventura Theme Park


Best fountains in Europe - Mannheim Water Tower Germany, with smooth fountain waves in the foreground Copyright Tichr
Copyright Tichr

7. Manheim


Mannheim is a quite new German city : it is less than 500 years old. Mannheim is an important university city, the center of which is particularly interesting for its Art Nouveau architecture for example the Mannheim water tower which faces this beautiful fountain.


Come discover Mannheim by booking your accommodation at the best price and your best activities in Mannheim.


Best fountains in Europe  - Wroclaw Fountain Copyright  Creative Travel Projects - European Best Destinations
Copyright Creative Travel Projects

8. Wroclaw


Which one do you prefer In Wroclaw ? The magnificent and impressive "Multimedia fountain" or the very pretty one in the old historical center ? Both of them are worth a visit. There is always something going on in Wroclaw, the city of a hundred bridges.


Book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B, apartment at the best price and your best activities and tours in Wroclaw and come discover one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.


Best fountains in Europe - Cibeles Fountain located downtown Madrid, Spain - European Best Destinations
Copyright Shutterstock

9. Madrid


Fountains in Europe have often been created to celebrate an event or to show the wealth and power of a city. In the 18th century Madrid wanted to rise to the level of the very big cities of Europe like Paris and Saint Petersburg by endowing emblematic monuments like the Cibeles fountain. If you are a great traveller you may have seen a replica of this statue in Mexico City on Cibeles Square.


Book your accommodation in Madrid at the best price and the best activities in Madrid such as a Flamenco Show or a guided tour of the Royal Palace of Madrid.


Best fountains in Europe   -Monte Carlo Casino Fountain Copyright Matej Kastelic - European Best Destinations
Copyright Matej Kastelic

10. Monte-Carlo


Monaco is one of the most beautiful destinations on the French Riviera. The country is slightly larger than the Vatican State. Monaco has many tourist attractions such as the port, Royal Palace, or the famous casino and beautiful fountain. Book your hotel at the best price guaranteed in Monaco as well as your best activities such as a Ferrari Driving Experience in Monaco and treat yourself to a dream holiday.


Best fountains in Europe   Villa d`Este fountain and garden , Tivoli, Italy.Rome Copyright Gianluca Figliola Fantini - European Best Destinations
Copyright Gianluca Figliola Fantini

11. Villa d'Este


Tivoli is 30 minutes’ drive from Rome ; you can easily get there by booking your transfer and your entrance tickets to Villa D'Este online. The Villa D'Este is one of the best examples of Italian Gardens. It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Come discover this magnificent fountain designed by Pirro Ligorio and Claude Venard and book your hotel in Tivoli or your hotel in Rome at the best price and your best activities and tours in Rome.



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