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home for coronavirus
home for coronavirus

Stay home and stop the spread of Coronavirus

20 tips to switch off.

You are stranded at home because of the coronavirus. The situation is unprecedented and, naturally, you wonder how to spend your time and how to keep your children motivated for the foreseeable future. 


Daytime television can be very boring and watching the news 24 hours a day would be a disaster for your mental health. Here are 20 ways to keep yourself busy at home during the health crisis. In fact, there are 21 but "20 things" has a better ring to it.




1. Ask your family and close friends how they are


Experts have been telling us over the past 4 years that social media is the worst thing in the world. Ok, let them send pigeons to their family during the crisis, but we will continue to contact our friends and relatives on social networks. Nothing beats a real moment with family or friends, but Skype, Whatsapp or Insta connect you so quickly that you can all be reassured and show them how much you care about them.



2. Wear your very worst clothes or sort your closet


You're home and are happy not to meet your overdressed friend; your boss is not going to point at the tiny tomato sauce stain on your sweater and your wardrobe is full of old-fashioned or stained clothes …You have two options: either get rid of them or wear them.


Teleworking is very convenient in that case, cheaper and eco-friendly!



3. Cook your old cans


Your aunt who loves baked beans to excess (!) left them in your kitchen when she last visited? The promotion on canned soups was irresistible and you have had them for over 6 months now? 

Take a wise decision: open your little culinary treasures and enjoy your meal.



4. Make your Coronavirus playlist


Your physical health is not that bad but, let’s be honest, you are worried about your mental health. You are all by yourself and feel lonely. The good thing is that no one will criticise your singing or unique dancing techniques.


Sing to your heart’s content and make a thematic playlist that will cheer you up. "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor is a must, so are "I Want to Break Free" by Queen, and "Stayin Alive" by the Bee Gees. Go on, try it!



5. Write your Christmas greetings cards


Writing and sending Christmas cards is the kind of chores that all of us tend to postpone! It’s high time to do something about that now!  (Remember! You bought them 5 years ago). Look for them in the garage, attic or junk room. Write them now that you are stranded at home!  You can also write them for the next years to come!



6. Do Spring cleaning


You are trapped within 4 walls? Turn your home into a pleasant cocoon for yourself and hopefully soon, for your friends and family. Sort your items, empty your drawers, find some money in your armchairs and save it for your next holiday.



7. Get back in touch with your survivalist friend


We all have a friend who has lived in conspiracy theories for a few years and who is taking survivalism courses. You've made fun of him in the past, but he knows how to make a fire or grow his own carrots. Get back in touch with him in case you need his skills!




8. Wash your hands like Gloria Gaynor.


Gloria Gaynor ‘s video on how to wash one’s hands to survive the coronavirus went viral on the Internet. Do you think your own hands are clean? What about the hands of this guy who has just got out of the toilets without washing his hands and paid for his coffee with the coin that is in your pocket now? Yeah, washing your hands is always a good idea, even once the Coronavirus has gone.



9. Learn a language before you go on your next holiday


Do not say "Gracias" in Portugal, "Grazie" in Croatia or just nod and smile in Greece, learn a few words before your next trip to Europe!


  • “I love France” in French: “J'adore la France
  • “It's good to be back” in Italian: "E bello essere tornati"
  • “Spain is my favourite destination” in Spanish: “España es mi destino favorito
  •  “Thank you very much” in Croatian: "Hvala ti puno"
  • “A cocktail in the largest of your glasses” in Greek: "Ένα κοκτέιλ στο μεγαλύτερο από τα γυαλιά σας"


10. Learn to meditate


Have you been listening to the news all day and could do with a giant Xanax to help you sleep and wake up when it's all over? Take a mat or sit on a chair, download a mindfulness meditation app. Close your eyes, breathe, relax…


Stress can lower our immune defences dramatically. Reduce your daily stress and control your emotions and thoughts.



11. Follow destinations on Facebook and Instagram for your next holidays


Follow the destinations of your travel wishlist on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Colmar for lovers of magical places, Cavtat and Visit Algarve for summer holidays, ZagrebBudapest and Strasbourg for the Christmas markets. Stay connected and plan your next holiday by discovering what to do in each of your dream destinations.



12. Sing on your balcony like the Italians and find your new voice


You are a great singer and can even whistle like a nightingale, but there is no one left in the office to hear you. Stand on your balcony and treat your neighbours to a free concert.



13. Select the best 100% refundable hotel deals for your next holidays


You remain cautious but still want to prepare your next holiday? Start looking for hotels that offer a full refund if the stay if cancelled. By booking in advance you can also get great deals. If you don't want big crowds during your vacation, avoid large hotel complexes and book in a guesthouse, B&B, or a tourist apartment.



14. Complete your tax return


Take advantage of the situation, complete your tax return as well as any other required administrative documents. Take the opportunity to compare your insurance, home loan, Internet subscriptions with competitive offers. Being stranded at home may help you find better suppliers and save money for your next holiday.



15. Remember how great it was before the Covid-19

Remember how great things were before Covid-19 and how great they will be when it is gone.  Remember, nothing lasts forever and good times will come back again.



16. Build yourself a dream body for the summer holiday (who knows?).


Spring is coming now and you realize that you have been wasting your time moping around the TV or your smartphone and eating take away meals? Why not take advantage of this period at home and download a fitness app



17. Spend time with your children


If you're lucky enough to be able to take care of them, make the most of the situation. Children grow up fast and they need you at these times. Are you short of ideas? Try making origami or print mandalas. It is also an opportunity to realize how important teachers are who take care of them throughout the year.



18. Collect coins around your house


Take a good look under the sofa cushions, the car seats, in the laundry bin… you ware bound to find some coins there. During this period you will also save money: no restaurants or nightclubs, no concerts or hairdresser, no groomer or beautician (what ‘s the point you are all alone at home). Why not save your money for a nice holiday then?



19. Learn sign language


Are you stuck at home and want to be useful? Start to learn sign language. It’s a form of politeness to communicate with people who express themselves with signs. This language might also be useful if you want to avoid noisy arguments while asking your boss for a salary increase.


20. Let your hair grow


Later on, when you’ll look at old photos you will say "It was in 2020, I had very long hair at that time!
I had stopped going to the hairdresser’s. Having long hair had always been your dream, but you had never dared let it grow? Stay at home and watch it grow. Watch tutorials on Youtube and spread nourishing masks on your hair



21. Plan your next holidays in sustainable tourism destinations


"We must change our behaviour!". For the past few years you have been aware of your impact on the environment. The next step will probably be to choose a closer destination for a holiday: your region for example or a neighbouring country, to taste local, regional products, to support artisans, restaurateurs, bed and breakfasts. 


We invite you to discover one of the sustainable tourism destinations labelled "EDEN" by the European Commission for their commitment to respecting the environment. Nearly 90 exceptional destinations await you for a sustainable holiday and unforgettable experiences in incredible landscapes.




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