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Gijón tastes like the sea, culture, celebration, nature. Its cuisine surprises you and its people make you feel right at home. An ageold city, but young, fresh and bold. The North free from the North, the spark of Green Spain, right on the Camino de Santiago and Cantabrian vertex of the Vía de la Plata Route. Taste Gijón, little by little or in big spoonfuls, however you prefer. Discover what Asturias tastes like in Gijón.


Gijón reveals itself to us as an open, peaceful, cosmopolitan city, full of charm and with endless possibilities available to visitors. The gijonese people are also kind and always willing to put their best foot forward for those who choose to come visit this beautiful city on the Cantabrian Sea, a city with more than 5,000 years of history.


Remains from Roman times are considered very important for understanding the history of the city. The Campo Valdés Roman Baths, located right in the heart of Cimavilla, are the largest and most well-preserved baths in northern Spain.


In the Plaza del Marqués, overlooking the sports marina, we will find one of the most beautiful and prominent examples of baroque style architecture in Asturias- the impressive Revillagigedo Palace, declared a National Historic Landmark along with the San Juan Bautista Collegiate Church.


When entering the city center, we must not forget the streets Corrida and Los Moros, where there are interesting examples of buildings that represent the Modernist style. This is also the shopping area par excellence, lined with shops, some of them more than a century old, showing the importance that this trade brought to the development of the city.


For those who love saltwater, a wide variety of beaches exists in Gijón: the San Lorenzo Beach, which offers round-the-clock sanitary and lifeguard services, as well as the possibility to practice water sports, being that it is one of the most visited beaches in Asturias; the Poniente Beach, with fine golden sand, especially for families with children, as it has calm waters; and L’Arbeyal Beach. However, Gijón also has rural beaches in privileged natural enclaves such as Estaño Beach, La Ñora Beach, Peñarrubia Beach, and Serín Beach...


For those who love to golf, the city has a wide range of golf courses which, combined with the offer of other activities, make Gijón a city that promotes sports and health as the motor of sustainable development. Only ten percent of the city of Gijón is urban; therefore, by leaving the city, Gijón offers other types of visits that put us in touch with nature, and will show us another reality and a different way of enjoying the area just a few km from the city center.

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The Ethnographic Museum of the People of Asturias

Countless objects of Asturian iconography are displayed in a uniquely beautiful setting; as well as the International Bagpipe Museum, which allows us to find out more about this typical Asturian instrument. You can find there some exemples of the traditional "horreos" or barns and exemples of popular architecture.


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Laboral University

With 130,000 m2 constructed, it is one of the largest buildings in Spain. Laboral, City of Culture opened its doors as a classical space that has been turned into a venue for all types of performances and leisure activities. It houses the Laboral Art and Industrial Creation Center, a new space for artistic exchange, interaction and dialogue between art and industrial design.


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The Atlantic Botanical Garden

A green area situated on 16 hectares, which includes species from the entire Northern Hemisphere, and is the only one of its kind in Spain. It also offers a wide range of activities: “The seasonal changes in the Garden”, with the summer and winter solstices and the spring and autumn equinoxes, workshops and guided tours of the site, “The Magical Nights (night visits), the concerts of the Festival “Music with roots” are activities offered that amaze those who visit.


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Cider Route

To visit the cider houses, know where cider is sold, taste desserts made from apples or enjoy a special set menu harmonised with cider at the city's cider taverns and picnic restaurants. Gijón will become "the big Apple". Give a bit, not to do so will be a sin!


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Gijon Gourmet

It is a pleasure to eat in Gijón. Gijón hosts a range of dining options, from traditional cooking to the innovative cuisine at the hands of renowned chefs. The most famous dishes are made with fresh fish and shellfish from the Cantabrian sea. Any visitor to the town should not leave without savouring the excellent rice dishes, bean stew, octopus, calamari, tuna steak and crab dishes. You can enjoy a tasting menu for only 45 euros in one of the best restaurants in the city, with each dish guaranteed to be of the highest quality.


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