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 A mosaic of natural habitats, seas, mountains, picturesque villages and modern cities with a long history.


A whole world unfolds in front of you with a cordial invitation to unprecedented holiday experiences and the satisfaction of your every touring, nature loving or cosmopolitan mood. Maybe you can even indulge all your moods at the same time!


Patra, a Gateway in Western Greece to the Mediterranean, carries you away with its frenzied pace. Here, love (and perhaps a little flirting too!) is in the air at the numerous bars, clubs and music venues.


You’ll never want to get off the train of the historic rack and pinion railway, crossing the majestic Vouraikos gorge. You’ll get the experience of a lifetime on foot as well, as hikers claim there’s nothing quite like descending this particular gorge.


In winter, picturesque Kalavrita bids you a friendly welcome to its ski centre on the slopes of Helmos for endless hours of fun. In the summer you will live carefree moments on Pounta beach while kitesurfers can ride sidesaddle to the wind, mastering the waves at Drepano.


In Achaia there is no end to the cornucopia of natural beauties. The Cave of the Lakes, lake Tsivlou, and the forest of Strofylia are but a few of the temptations.


It is in this region that you will visit the most famous monasteries in Greece; the Holy Monastery of Mega Spilaion and the Holy Monastery of Agia Lavra with sacred relics of Orthodox Faith. You will admire the largest temple in the Balkans, St Andreas in Patra, and enjoy a coffee in Rio with a view of Casteli castle and the majestic bridge of Rio-Antirio, marveling at how Man’s ingenuity seems to so effortlessly span the centuries.


Intellectual activity thrives in Patra as evidenced by the International Festival of Patra and the International Film Festival. The carnival, the biggest event of the city fills everyone, young and old alike, with unashamed positivity and happiness.


Bid the prefecture farewell by trying the feta cheese of Kalavrita with a glass of Roditis, Moscato or Mavrodaphne wine.


Unwrap one pleasant surprise after another in Achaia. Tempt your senses with sumptuous images, scents and flavours.



Patra, Region of Western Greece

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Top things to do

in Patra

The Rion-Antirion Bridge

In Patra there is the longest suspension bridge in the world, the Rio- Antirion Bridge that united Achaia with Aitoloakarnania. Harilaos Trikoupis’ vision when he was Prime Minister of Greece was a bridge that would cross the 3 km of the Corinth Gulf’s strait.


In 2004, a long-standing dream became reality. The Bridge is the landmark of Greece’s 21st Century and a part of the country’s daily life which it was destined to change, thus contributing to the economic development of the area. 


The Rion-Antirion Bridge Patra

The Church of Saint Andreas

The biggest Christian Orthodox temple in the Balkans with its wonderful religious icons and amazing design and decoration. The central cupola is 46 metres tall and is the base for a 5 metre long gold-plated cross and twelve smaller ones.The interior of the church is decorated with Byzantine-style wall paintings and mosaics. 7000 people can attend ceremonies within the church.


Along with the nearby old church of St. Andreas it constitutes a place of pilgrimage for Christians from all over the world.


The church of Saint Andreas

Municipal Theatre «Apollon»

Catch a performance in the Municipal Theatre «Apollon», perhaps the most impressive of Patra’s architectural adornment, built in 1830 by E. Ziller, as replica of La Scala opera house in Milan. With a capacity of 200 to 300 people, it has held a distinctive place in the cultural and artistic life of Patras since its construction. It has presented to the people of the city the works of great composers like Verdi, Puccini, Bizet and has played host to major Greek theatrical troupes.


Apollon theatre Patra

Roman Odeon

The Roman Odeum is located on the west side of Patra. It was built in the mid-2nd century A.D., shortly before the Herod Atticus Odeon.It has been restored and partially reconstructed.In addition it has all the basic parts of a theater, auditorium, orchestra, proscenium, stage and backstage and its capacity amounts to approximately 2,500 spectators.Today the Ancient Odeon is the main seat of the International Festival of Patras, hosting, top Greek and foreign artistic groups in the summer. 


Roman Odeon Patras

Archaeological Museum of Patra

The museum is located in the north part of Patra.Built on a 28,000-square-metre plot of land, with 8,000 square metres of interior spaces, it is the second-largest museum of Greece. It houses collections about the history of Patras and the surrounding area from prehistory to the end of Roman times.The museum has four thematic sections, three of which permanent (Private Life,Public Life,Necropolis) and one periodic.


Archaeological Museum of Patra


of Western Greece


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