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Christmas in Spain

Best Christmas markets in Spain 2022

Do you want to discover sunny Christmas markets, to enjoy the winter sun in the best destinations in Spain? Forget the scarves and hats and swap mulled wine for a refreshing cocktail by visiting the most beautiful Christmas markets in Spain.


However, be careful when packing; while Malaga and Seville offer very mild temperatures even in the heart of winter, this is not necessarily the case in Madrid where it may snow at Christmas time.


Discover Spain’s most incredible Christmas traditions at Santa Lucia in Barcelona or marvel at the beauty of Christmas lights in Madrid or Malaga.


Make your choice and book your flights, accommodation and tours and activities at the best prices and treat yourself to extras at the most beautiful Christmas markets in Spain.




Best Christmas Markets in Spain - Malaga Christmas Market - Copyright Matthieu Cadiou  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Matthieu Cadiou

1. Malaga

From 25th November 2022  to 5th January 2023 (TBC)

Malaga is one of the trendiest destinations in Europe. This sparkling and surprising city is a mix of everything you love: sun, beach, culture, authenticity, tradition, shopping.


In winter, Malaga is not content with just one small Christmas market in the shade of palm trees but the city has several Christmas markets. Malaga is also known for the quality of its Christmas lights, (among the most beautiful Christmas lights in Europe).


Do not waste time, take your sunglasses, sunscreen and a Santa hat with you and book your flights and accommodation at the best price for a winter holiday in sunny Malaga.


Opening dates: From 25h November 2022 to 5th January 2023 (TBC).  


How to get there: Book your flights to Malaga, your accommodation, tours and activities


Where to stay: "Malaga Premium Hotel". Located in a pedestrian street in the heart of Malaga.  


Best Christmas Markets in Spain - Barcelona Christmas Market - Copyright Ayuntamiento de Barcelona - European Best Destinations
Copyright Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

2. Barcelona

From 25th November to 23rd December 2022 (TBC)

The real Fira, with 287 stands and all its traditions, will be in the same place as last year, on Avinguda de la Catedral, Barcelona. You will see all usual stands and some new ones, full of new articles for you all.


And remember, December 25 is Christmas, but if you want to start living the Christmas spirit with us, November 26 the fair of Santa Llúcia arrives.


Opening dates:  From 25th November to 23rd December 2022 (TBC).


How to get there: Book your flights to Barcelona, your accommodation and tours & activities in Barcelona. 


Where to stay: "Hotel Barcelona Catedral" 100m from the Christmas Market. 


Best Christmas Markets in Spain - Bilbao - - European Best Destinations
©Bilbao Turismo

3. Bilbao

From 5th December 2022 to 5th January 2023 (TBC)

Bilbao is a great place to celebrate Christmas. Bilbao, like the world´s most important cities, boasts a fantastic Christmas atmosphere and decorations. Its amazing Christmas lights and the many activities surprise its citizens and visitors. 


One of the shopping highlights are the many Christmas markets that take place around the city Old Quarter and Bailén street. Wonder around them and let yourself be seduced by the Christmas spirit. Formed by close to 40 wooden stalls, Bilbao´s Christmas Markets offer a great variety of products: craftsmanship, Basque products, Christmas decorations and of course, gastronomy. It´s a well-known fact throughout the world that when it comes to gastronomy, Bilbao and the Basque County are highly regarded.


Opening dates: From 5th December 2022 to 5th January 2023 (TBC).


How to get there: Book your flights to Bilbao, accommodation, tours and activities


Where to stay: "Hotel Tayko Bilbao" 400 m from the Christmas Market.


Best Christmas Markets in Spain - Madrid Christmas Market - Copyright  Cristina Barroso - European Best Destinations
Visit Ghent Cristina Barroso

4. Madrid

From 25th November to 31st December 2022

The fair gathering antiques, artworks and collectibles is coming back to Madrid once again this year with more than 12,000 items. Collectors will find thousands of reasons to visit the Christmas Market of Madrid: vintage pieces from the 1960s to the 1980s, archaeological pieces, paintings and miscellanea.


Also, you’ll find pieces of furniture from different styles and periods, such as tables, chairs, stools, trunks, mirrors, home bars, lamps, desks, etc.


Opening dates: From 25th November to 31st December 2022.


How to get there: Book your flights to Madrid as well as your accommodation and tours & activities


Where to stay: "Hotel Vincci Capitol". Stay in the heart of Madrid. 


Best Christmas Markets in Spain - Seville Christmas Market Copyright  karnizz  - European Best Destinations

5. Seville

From 5th December 2022 to 5th January 2023 (TBC)

Seville is one of the most  important tourist destination in southern Europe. The city’s rich historical and artistic heritage is a result of the passage of these different cultures, with an intense cultural life throughout the year and its gastronomy, another of Seville’s main attractions


The warm weather in winter is perfect to enjoy these dates walking in the company of the family, in the streets, full of lights and children's activities. Seville fills its corners with representations of Nativity Scenes, musical choirs, called "campanilleros", and places where you can taste many typical sweets.


Opening dates: From 5th December 2022 to 5th November 2023 (TBC).


How to get there: Book your flights to Seville as well as your accommodation, tours and activities


Where to stay: "H10 Casa de la Plata" 400 m from the Christmas Market.



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