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Best beer destinations in Europe

Best European Destinations for beer lovers

You like to travel? Do you want to discover Europe in a fun and accessible way? We have selected for you European destinations that offer the best beers at the best price. Come and drink a "White Beer" in Bruges or a Guinness in Dublin!


Save on your hotel budget by booking your room today at the best price and for best things to do in Europe.


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1. Leuven


You are in the land of chocolate, beer and gastronomy so don’t forget to drop by one of the many cozy cafés and charming restaurants, you can find one around every corner. Home to the legendary and world famous Brewery Stella Artois, Leuven has an incredibly rich brewery history (goes back to 1366!). It’s without a doubt the capital of beer. Experience the local breweries in action and enjoy a wonderful beer after your tour.



Much to see and do! You can take a break in Belgium’s oldest botanical garden or in one of the green gems in the center and outskirts of Leuven. And staying overnight means you can experience a whole lot more and don’t need to hurry.


So book your accommodation of choice and you can already look forward to an amazing weekend. See you soon in Leuven!


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2. Munich


Every year, Munich celebrates the "OktoberFest", an event that attracts travellers from around the world. Millions of litres of beer are consumed in the Bavarian capital, which is renowned for the quality of its beers, breweries, cafés and restaurants.


Beer is one of the important elements of German culture and gastronomy. Drinking a beer in Munich is like visiting a museum in Paris, it's a cultural activity. Some craft beers have a delicious taste of banana and clove,... there is a world of sensation to discover!


Book your hotel at the best price in Munich as well as your best things to do such as a 3-hour bike tour of Munich.


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3. Krakow


Krakow is the most visited and best known city in Poland. This country has experienced a real revolution in recent years with the appearance of many small independent breweries that offer quality beers and unique in the world.


There are dozens of pubs waiting for you to taste these exceptional beers at very low prices (beer is less expensive than a glass of water in Paris).


Book your hotel at the best price guaranteed in Krakow as well as your best things to do in Krakow such as a craft beer tasting tour.


Bruges - Best beer destinations in Europe - Copyright Martin M303 - European Best Destinations
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4. Bruges


Beer in Belgium is an institution and in Bruges almost a religion. There are a thousand reasons to discover Bruges. Whether you plan a romantic trip or a trip with family and friends, you will enjoy a walk on the canals, an afternoon of discovery of the architecture so typical of this Flemish town but also discover its lace tradition... without forgetting to taste one of its liquid treasures: the white beer of Bruges!


The word "White Beer" comes from the special fermentation which makes it cloudy and therefore almost white. Enjoy this sweet beer at a ‘terrasse’ with a dash of lemon perfect for a relaxing time in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


Book your hotel at the best price in Bruges as well as your best things to do in Bruges, such as a 2-hour private tour with a local guide.


Dublin - Best beer destinations in Europe - Copyright VanderWolf Images - European Best Destinations
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5. Dublin


If you think of Ireland you immediately think of its capital, Dublin. If you think of Dublin which are the first images that come to mind: beer, three leaf clovers, Saint Patrick's day, Guinness?


Dublin is associated with this world-famous brewery which opens its doors to travellers from around the world who wish to discover its secret recipe.


Book your best things to do in Dublin and get a free pint from the Guinness Storehouse. Book your hotel at the best price in Dublin.


We recommend the hotel Pembroke Hall, a beautiful guest house with a superb location.


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6. Brussels


You will have missed your city break in Brussels if you did not see the manneken-pis, or did not go up to the top of the Atomium and most of all missed French fries, a waffle on the Grand Place or, much worse still, you did not even taste a Belgian beer or a Brussels beer.


Many cafés offer a wide variety of craft and local beers such as the "Darringman" café and the "Belga" café, but also shops such as the "Malting Pot" located on Rue Scarron, the "Beer Mania" located on the Chaussée de Wavre or the "Belgian Beer Tradition" shop located in Rue au Beurre.


Book your best things to do in Brussels, such as a 3-hour Belgian Beer tasting experience and your hotel, apartment, B&B at the best price guaranteed.


We advise you to book your room at Hotel des Galeries located in the Galeries Royales. This is the best location for a stay in Brussels. The hotel offers an incredible unique decor. A bar and a restaurant complete the offer of this hotel located 2 minutes from the Grand Place and 5 minutes from Central Station.


Copenhagen - Best beer destinations in Europe - Copyright Sean Pavone - European Best Destinations
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7. Copenhagen


"Probably one of the best beer in the world" ... You know this slogan? This is Carlsberg Beer of course, created and brewed in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Once you've had a selfie with Copenhagen's Little Mermaid, do not forget to educate yourself and refresh yourself with a visit to the Carlsberg breweries.


You will learn many things about this beer and the city of Copenhagen. On your way out you will be offered a deliciously cold beer and you can have something to eat in the brewery’s restaurant.


Book your hotel at the best price in Copenhagen today as well as your best things to do in Copenhagen such as the Carlsberg Visitors Centre.



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8. Zagreb


Croatians have one of the best football teams in the world. For them, watching their national team in big international matches and drinking the many different varieties of Croatian beer is one of the many joys of the game.


If you want to drink a beer made in Zagreb, find a terrace and order an "Ozujsko", brewed since 1892 in the Croatian capital; it is also the best-selling beer in the country. Beers are offered at democratic prices in Croatia, around 2 euros a half litre of beer, cheaper than a coffee in Vienna.


Book your hotel at the best price in Zagreb and your best things to do, such as a… wine tasting experience!


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9. Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Amsterdam is the Mecca of tourism, the European shopping capital, one of the most romantic cities in Europe with its many canals, a sulfurous city with its sex shops and coffee shops, an open minded and tolerant city that hosts one of the best gay prides in Europe. In short, Amsterdam is a city of contrasts.


Come and discover the best beer brewed in Amsterdam in the city's trendy cafes and save on your hotel budget by reserving your hotel today at the best price guaranteed.


Come and discover the Amsterdam breweries such as the De Prael brewery and the De 7 Deugden brewery and book your best things to do in Amsterdam as your Heineken Experience ticket. 


London - Best beer destinations in Europe - Copyright William Perugini - European Best Destinations
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10. London

United Kingdom

Looking for a fun way to discover London, its history and its best beers? Treat yourself to a beer tasting walk in the city London pubs and explore 3 of London's oldest pubs. In fact we recommend dozens of activities combining history, fun and beer tasting in the most famous capital of the world.


Book your best things to do in London as well as your accommodation at the best price for a stay to discover the best beers and pubs in London. 


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11. Prague

Czech Republic

Prague is your favourite European city. Every year, tens of thousands of people book a trip to Prague via our booking tools.


We offer you the best prices as well as the best activities as a visit of the Czech beer museum and the possibility to bottle your own beer! Also book your hotel, guesthouse, apartment at the best price guaranteed in the capital of the Czech Republic.



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