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Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz

Take your car and go to the north of Madeira and discover Seixal and Porto Moniz. With new roads, carved in the mountains, the trip which took in the past the entire day, will be done in 1 hour!


In the region of Porto Moniz, you can find three natural swimming pools filled with salt water, as well as one natural black sand beach.


The pools are formed by natural volcanic rock structures which allow the cool, fresh sea water to enter every tide, offering a refreshing experience to those who swim in them. With the aid of a mask, it is possible to admire the small fish that swim freely at the bottom of the pools.




Madeira is a unique destination in different ways. Do not miss the natural pools, a unique attraction for 1-2 euros.

Location :

Frente de Mar de Porto Moniz, 9270 Porto Moniz, Madeira


Porto Moniz
Porto Moniz pools
Porto Moniz
Porto Moniz
Porto Moniz natural pool
Porto Moniz
Porto Moniz natural pool
Porto Moniz

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