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From 2nd December to 24th December 2017


Bern's medieval streets offer a unique setting for the annual Christmas Market. The two markets on the Cathedral Square (Münsterplatz) and Orphanage Square (Waisenhausplatz) are atmospheric, dreamy and eclectic.


A peaceful, calm advent atmosphere awaits you on the Cathedral Square market, the stands of which crowd right up next to cathedral portal with its representation of the Last Judgment. Regional craft and bake goods, culinary and artistic wares, jewelry and games – all this and much more are on offer here. All these diverse items have one thing in common – the potential gifts are all fashioned and formed with love, skill and imagination. Hence, the atmosphere at the foot of the Cathedral (Münster) is very special. Fall under its magic spell and enjoy the Christmas mood far from all the hustle and bustle.


It’s only a few minutes’ walk from the Cathedral Square (Münsterplatz) to Bern's second Christmas Market on the Orphanage Square (Waisenhausplatz) in passing by the Clock Tower (Zytglogge), the Ogre Fountain (Kindlifresserbrunner) and the Granary Square (Kornhausplatz). Here you will find an even broader selection of merchandise and Christmas items, beautifully designed and decorated booths with the scent of gingerbread, caramel and mulled wine wafting over the narrow streets. Take a break at a market restaurant (Märitbeizli), warm up with a warm drink or snack and then head back to shopping with renewed vigor. Stroll along the festively decked streets or under the arcades, what the locals call ‘Lauben’. The Old Town's underground offers unique cellar shops or Bern's classic cellar restaurants.

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