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Madeira Islands

Imagine a world apart.



Madeira is not only an island but eight exceptional islands rich in discoveries and precious memories. Some are wild and uninhabited, others are lined with beautiful golden beaches, all of them offering an incredible wildlife and flora.


Discover, in the softness of a subtropical climate throughout the year, landscapes of unusual diversity in one of the finest destinations in Europe. Welcome to an unforgettable destination, welcome to Madeira!


Full of trees and flowers, where summers are mild, and winters are soft, Madeira is a sunny place full of history and beauty. About 600 miles South West of Lisbon, millions of years ago a volcano erupted and from there emerged an island. That was Henry the Navigator’s first discovery, and because of its large variety of trees, he named it “Madeira” (Wood).





Camara dos Lobos

The majority of the inhabitants of Madeira now live in the south of the island. Protected from clouds thanks to the mountains, the area enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, that is the reason why the majority of hotels and shops settled in that part of the island.


In the South of Madeira is Funchal, a charming and pleasant city of 112,000 inhabitants. With a climate that could be called "tropical" the whole year through, Funchal will greet you from dawn till dusk in a warm and friendly environment. For those who want a new sunny, comfortable and modern travel experience, the South of the Island is the perfect choice. For hikers, nature and authenticity lovers we invite you to discover the north of the island. It is sometimes a bit cloudy and chilly but it has breathtaking landscapes.

Santa Maria de Colombo
Funchal old town
Madeira Tradicional
Monte Palace Tropical Garden
Ristorante Villa Cipriani
Cabo Girao
Carros Cestos
Mercado dos Lavradores
Blandy's Wine Lodge
Cable car to Monte
Venda Velha
Igreja do Colegio
Faja dos Padres hotel
Camara de Lobos
The Vine Hotel
Cathedral of Funchal
Reid's Palace
Restaurante do Forte
Museum of Contemporary Art
Il Gallo d’Oro
Faja dos Padres
Igreja do Monte




Sultanahmet Istanbul

The North of Madeira with its miles of wild and natural coast will offer you an unforgettable spectacle with a unique fauna and flora and will help you understand the volcanic origins of that amazing island.


The North of the Island is only one hour’s drive from Funchal and the discovery of that part of Madeira will help you understand the island, its organization, the ingenuity and adaptability of its inhabitants, their courage and their audacity.


Madeira is a rich and comprehensive destination and we recommend all travelers to visit the north of the island, and especially nature and authenticity lovers.

Sao Vicente Caves (grutas)
Santana houses
Madeira Theme Park
Quinta do Furao Restaurant
Belvedere Boca da Encumeada
Madeira Jeep Tour
Quinta do Furao
Ribeiro Frio Balcões
Seixal waterfall
Pico do Ariero
Paul da Serra
Porto Moniz




Porto Santo beach

Thought that Madeira was just one island? Madeira is a group of islands and one of them will delight those in love with kilometric sandy beaches: Porto Santo.


Originally the main island of Madeira is volcanic and did not have any beach. So recently, two small artificial beaches have been built on the main island to allow residents and visitors to get to the sea. Locals and tourists go on cruise to Porto Santo and enjoy the “kilometric” beaches.


Porto Santo is also known for the therapeutic properties of its sand (we recommend the hotel “Hotel & Spa Porto Santo”) and its famous golf course, ranked among the finest in the world.


Porto Santo is a surprising, charming and captivating island, a small paradise lost in the ocean with only 5,000 inhabitants. A large part of that small island is even deserted and if you have the opportunity to visit it, you will see the house of the last implacable person who lives in the only house in the East of the island, Ingrid, a German lady in love with peace and tranquility.


One single day in Porto Santo and you will enjoy the beach, golf, but also many sport activities. The most beautiful moment in the journey is certainly the discovery of the island of Porto Santo upon your Ferry arrival and the discovery of the main island of Madeira on your way back. Those moments will put you in the skin of the great explorers who successively discovered those beautiful islands.

Miradouro da Portela
Beaches of Porto Santo
Pier of Porto Santo
Porto Santo Line
City center of Porto Santo
Porto Santo Golf
Pico do Castelo
Porto Santo beach restaurant
Porto Santo Hotel & Spa




Where to stay? Madeira hotels

It is almost always sunny in Porto Santo and Funchal and the Southern coast of the island of Madeira. Humidity is much more common on the hills in the center of the island and on the North coast. As far as temperatures are concerned, the South is warmer but overall Madeira enjoys a mild temperature all year round with temperatures between 16 and 26 degrees.


So when to go? The vegetation is at its best in Spring and Summer but Autumn can be very mild. The winter climate although more humid remains mild and attracts many visitors during the Christmas holiday season for the famous festival of fireworks known as one of the largest in the world. In fact you will enjoy clement weather in the islands of Madeira at any time.


Getting there :

As you can imagine, you don't get to Madeira by train. Many travellers discover Madeira during a cruise; experiencing the wonder of early explorers who first landed on Madeira is amazing but you really need more than one day to do the islands justice. There is so much to discover and learn about the people, the climate, the geography and Madeira's history. We recommend travellers to fly to Madeira and plan to stay at least 5 to 7 days.


Book early to secure a budget ticket with TAP, our recommended operator. The Portuguese staff of this former national airline will give you a warm welcome as soon as you step into the plane.


Moving around Madeira :

Whether on foot, by rental car or taxi, by bike or any other means, there are many ways to discover Madeira.


Many travellers opt for the rental car, but do keep in mind that Madeira is very hilly with very winding roads; drive carefully and allow plenty of time to explore the island.


If you stay only on the south side of the island, you can do almost everything on foot, but a trip to Madeira would be incomplete without a visit to the forests of Madeira and the entire Northern part of the island. In short, either by boat (Santa Marina, Porto Santo Blue Lines) classic car (Forte S.Tiago), bus, rental car, on foot or by bike, there are a thousand possibilities to discover Madeira.



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